Share These Secrets With Your Lash Clients

With people all across the world becoming more conscious about how their daily choices have an impact on their body, we say, gone are the days of passive consumerism!

Lash artists need to guide their clients into a position where the clients are more aware of what product and service they are receiving and feel confident in the choices they made. 

So what are the critical things you can share with your client before, during, and after the eyelash extension procedure?


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1. Share this BEFORE the lash extension

Client consultation is an essential part of the client education process, and it will assist you in managing your client's expectations.

Generally speaking, people like to understand the reasons why particular choices are made, and being able to explain this is what will set you apart and help you to build that trusting client relationship.

The more we share with our clients, the more they trust us to make the right decision for them.  


It is important to ask the client what style they have in mind so that you are able to understand their expectations. Many clients will respond well to visual guides, so it might be beneficial to have a styling guide on hand to show them the style you would choose for their eye and face shape. Make sure to explain the reasons behind your suggestions to your clients.

Different styles of lashes:

The advantage of informing clients on how various forms of lashing work (i.e., Classic vs. Volume vs. Hybrid), is that they are more likely to value your time and skill afterward truly. Once clients understand the work required to create beautiful volume fans, they will have a newfound respect for the process and be more tolerant towards longer procedure time and a higher price tag of volume lash set.

The length and thickness of lashes: 

Your client must understand that you make choices about the lash length and weight based on the condition of her natural lashes. If you don't want to cause fear or concern about their lash condition, focus on sharing the positives of choosing the safe weights and lengths, and how we can quickly achieve longer retention this way without damaging any natural lashes.


2. Share this DURING the lash extension 

The best way to educate our clients is to allow it to unfold as we prepare them for the lash extension service organically. We can talk through our steps and add details that explain why we choose certain products or procedures. It will also feel more natural to your client rather than feel as though they are formally taught.

How to keep lashes clean:  

During the prepping procedure, let them know that lash extensions are attached near the root of their lashes, leaving a little gap between their eyelids and the lash. When clients understand even if they don't wear makeup up, a build-up of dead skin cells and oily secretions creates a condition for bacteria to grow and potentially cause infection, they will be more aware of the importance of lash cleansing process.

How the eyelash extension glue works: 

When clients understand how the lash extension glue cures on lash extensions (that it is a far more technical process than simply gluing lashes on lashes!), They will understand why certain aftercare routines are required for long-lasting retention. When they explained how their extensions are attached, they can understand far better how to clean and brush them, and why these are all necessary. 


3. Share this AFTER the lash extension 

Correct Aftercare Steps: 

It is important to guide the clients to follow our recommended aftercare steps without making them feel like what they have previously known or have been doing is incorrect.

Instead, tell your clients that "we just have a specific process that we know fits together for the lash care, and it works well for our existing clients." 

All this is important because if the recommended aftercare steps are followed, it is much easier to identify problems if they arise, and you can make alterations accordingly.

Aftercare Products: 

You can retail the aftercare products in a way that doesn't feel like forced upselling to the client. By just being honest and sharing your aftercare tips with them, clients will respect your honesty and hard work, and they will genuinely want to give their lashes the best care possible. 


Always Share Your WHYs

Educating your lash clients about the general process of eyelash extension will reassure them that they are among capable, caring hands within your lash room.

And by just guiding them through the processes, you will ease their mind, and in turn, allow them to value the lashing experience as a whole: an experience of true self-care, real pampering experience.

By sharing our knowledge and care with our clients, we are gently guiding them to value their lash extensions.

Suddenly, it becomes less of a product to them, and more of an investment for their self-improvement beyond their time and money.

Through this process, you will create special bonds with clients and gain loyal clientele who appreciate your service and respect your time, which means they will return regularly and longer-term. You will additionally sell more retail products and, as a result, increase your revenue. 


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