How To Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home

Normally, we would not recommend removing eyelash extensions at home. In fact, we advise strongly against it.

But as we are in a regrettable situation today, and in the coming months, there may be no better option available, and we want to help our customers out by giving instructions that are doable at home.


Inform your customers

As a lash studio artist, you can give your share by informing your customers over an email or a few, forwarding our guide. Another good idea is to offer lash removal kits that you can put together - check out our recommendations at the end of this post.

This way, you will be helping to avoid accidents caused by experimental eyelash removing sessions in many bathrooms in your area.

Naturally, the best and the least damaging way to get rid of the remaining lash extensions is to wait until they fall off naturally. But as we know that many people cannot bear the waiting time, so here are some ideas for how to remove eyelash extensions at home.


How to remove eyelash extensions - by using a tweezer method

How to remove classic extensions at home

Using two tweezers, grab one natural lash on one tweezer and one extension on the other, and gently separate them vertically into two directions. In this way, your natural lashes won’t get pulled out. 


How to remove eyelash extensions at home by bl blink lashes 


*Warning: If you pull your lashes by force with your hand, it can cause your natural lashes’ fall, which can cause a permanent loss of natural lash and bald spot.    


How to remove volume extensions

The above method is more difficult to use if you have volume extensions. For volume extensions, use wide foot tweezers like RV-1 and press the adhered part of the lash extension. Gently break down the glue and guide your lash extensions to fall off more easily.

how to remove eyelash extensions at home - volume lashes by bl blink


*Warning: Again, do not pull the lash extensions or natural lashes forcefully. Press the tweezers to “guide” the lash extension to fall. DO NOT pull the extension.

**For both methods, we strongly encourage you to do it with the help of another person, not by yourself. Lash extension tweezers are very sharp, and by one slip, you can hurt your eye severely.


Other (safer) DIY methods

Basically, do everything your lash artist typically told you not to do! 

Use natural oil or oil-based makeup remover

Rub your lash extensions gently with some natural oil like coconut oil or oil-based makeup remover to weaken the bond. Make sure that the oil doesn’t get into your eyes. Rinse the oil off with lash foam afterward.


Remember when your lash tech advised you NOT to go to the sauna? It’s because excess humidity and temperature will weaken the bond of lash extensions. Now it's time to break that rule!

Take a steam facial bath at home or place a hot towel over the lash extensions to weaken the bond. Again, be patient, and DO NOT PULL the lashes.


What you should NEVER DO:

DO NOT USE professional lash extension remover ON YOURSELF.

Professional eyelash extension remover is formulated with very strong glue-dissolving materials, and it can be hazardous if it gets into your eyes. That’s why it should only be used by the hand of professionals. 


With great caution:

But if you MUST use the lash remover to remove your extensions, use a thick, cream-based remover and DO NOT do it on yourself. Instead, find a friend with steady hands.

Only use a cream type of eyelash remover, not liquid or gel. The cream is the easiest one to handle and the safest option.

 Follow the below instructions:

  1. Cover your under-eye area with gel eye pads or paper tape.
  2. Apply the cream remover on your lashes.
  3. Make sure the remover doesn’t touch your skin. If it does, wipe it off immediately.
  4. Wait for 3 minutes.
  5. Gently pull the extensions by using Q-tips or tweezers.
  6. Thoroughly wipe off excess remover with Q-tips.
  7. Use a wet cotton pad to rinse off the excess remover wholly and thoroughly.

 how to remove eyelash extensions at home -  bl blink lashes


*Warning: the remover should never enter the eyes


Tools that help to remove eyelash extensions at home

Ask your lash artist to create a kit for you and receive it by mail.



 Cream Remover 20g Jar TypeCream Remover Double Plus 30 g


Under-eye pads, Micro Swabs.


Home repair & recovery plan for your natural lashes

Use the lockdown time for giving your lashes a rest from the extensions, and spoil them with new healthy habits. Let them grow and shine! 

Using our three-step routine daily, you will have a whole new set of beautiful natural lashes in four weeks time:

1. Lash Shampoo:

  • Botanically infused oil-free lash cleanser for lash bath
  • Super gentle and safe for eyes
  • Helps maintain clean lashes after extension

2. Lash Essence:

  • Moisturises and conditions natural lashes
  • Helps natural lashes grow thicker and healthier

 3. MD Advanced:

  • Promotes the rapid growth in natural lashes
  • Gives long, shiny, voluminous lashes within 4 weeks

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Stay safe, everyone!

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