The Ultimate Guide to Eyelash Extension Tweezers

Eyelash tweezers for eyelash extension are designed to assist in perfecting the finest details of the lash artistry. In fact, eyelash extension tweezers are one of the few lash extension supplies that you need to use from the beginning to the end of the session.

Therefore, mastering the skill to use professional tweezers is a crucial step towards mastering the art of eyelash extension. 


Types of eyelash tweezers

By the shape of their tips

The tips of lash tweezers are what make professional eyelash extension tweezers. Tips are particularly important because they are used for picking, selecting, separating eyelashes during the application process.

There are different types of tips like straight, curved, L shape, and each tip serves a particular function. 

Eyelash extension tweezer by BL Lashes - eyelash extension supplies

  • I Shape: Straight tweezers AKA I-shape tweezers are ideal for isolation and for classic lash extension method. We recommend using the thin and long I shape tweezers for isolation. The thicker and shorter type I shape tweezers are great for the classic lash extension. 
  • F Shape: F shape tip lash extension tweezers are ideal for isolation and attachment of the classic lash extensions.
  • A Shape: A-shape tip of the tweezers are great for picking up and attaching the classic lash extensions.
  • X Shape: Ideal for the classic lash extension, These X shape tweezers can hold the classic extension without causing too much tension to your hand.
  • S Shape: S shape lash extension tweezers are Ideal for picking up fans and attaching them when you perform the volume lash extension. This type can also be used for isolation on clients with a prominent forehead or deep eye sets.
  • L Shape: L shape lash extension tweezers are excellent tools when you make handmade volume fans and picking up and attaching them.
  • Round shape: Round tip lash tweezers are great as their round tips are safe for removing tapes or eye pads after the treatment.


By the material 

Stainless and Titanium are the most common materials used for professional eyelash extension tweezers. 

  • Stainless tweezers: More resistant to rust than metal ones but it can still rust if not looked after. Stainless steel tweezers may contain a small amount of nickel, and while it's rare, this can occasionally trigger allergic reactions in certain individuals.


  • Titanium tweezers: Much lighter in weight than stainless tweezers and it is rust-free. Very strong yet springy material which makes it a perfect source for professional eyelash extension tweezers. Additionally, thanks to its allergic-free property, it is often used for medical procedures, too.


Magnetic vs Non-magnetic

There are also magnetic or non-magnetic tweezers available for professional use.  Using magnetic tweezers especially in dry climate areas can cause complications in the eyelash extension procedure, we recommend using non-magnetic tweezers for your convenience.  

anti magnetic lash tweezer in rainbow color

How to choose the best eyelash extension tweezers 

There are a few factors you should consider when it comes to choosing the right pair of eyelash extension tweezers for professional use. Ask yourself the following questions to find out which tweezers are suitable for you.


What type of extension technique are you going to perform? 

For the Classic Extension 

BL eyelash extension tweezer for classic extension

2-SA: This is the most commonly used eyelash extension tweezers for the classic lash extension. 2-SA is very flexible and adaptable tweezers for any angle. 


For the Russian Volume Extension

BL eyelash extension tweezer for volume extension

RV-1: This L shape lash extension tweezers are an excellent tool when you make handmade volume fans and picking up and attaching them.


For the Premade Lash Fans Extension

BL eyelash extension tweezer for premade volume lash fans extension

RV-Curve: Versatile S-shaped RV-Curve tweezers help you to pick up the premade lash fans easily and help you to further reduce the application time. 

Read: How to pick up premade lash fans 


For what procedure will you use the tweezers? 

Isolation: This is when you will need to make endless times of very delicate grip/un-grip motion during the procedure.

This can tire your hand easily and for that, isolation tweezers should be lightweight and do not have too much tension on its grip. We recommend using SS-SA.

Lash tweezers for isolation


For Removing tapes or under-eye pads, use a round tip tweezers like 2A-SA.

The best lash extension tweezers for removing tape 

Grip and its weight 

This is something many artists overlook when they choose eyelash extension tweezers. However, this is something that can make a huge impact on the health of your finger joints, wrist, and overall posture.

Therefore, choose a pair of tweezers that have correct tightness of the grip and weight for your hand. 

It’s important to note that there are no tweezers fit for all. Consider the deciding factors from above but after all, make sure you should choose a pair that’s most comfortable on your hands and suitable for your desired technique. 


How to hold eyelash extension tweezers?

In the following tutorial, our BL Lashes global lash educator demonstrates how to hold eyelash extension tweezers for precise and efficient classic and volume eyelash extension application. 

Watch it with a pair of tweezers in your hand and see if you can improve your holding technique.  

How to prolong the life of eyelash extension tweezers

You finally found your dream tweezers. That’s great! now you should make sure that they last. 

  • Do not use the same tweezers for the thin lash extensions(like ~0.07mm) and for the thicker lash extensions. Using tweezers for thicker lashes requires less tension on the tweezer, so eventually, your tweezers will get too loose to pick up the finer eyelash extensions. 
  • Remove any adhesive from the tweezers (immediately!) Adhesive on the tweezers can create an imbalance in weight distribution of the tweezers and it will damage your tweezers. Use a tweezer cleaner or eyelash adhesive remover to remove the stain.  
  • The tip of the tweezers is very fine and fragile. Do not tap the tip of the tweezers against a hard surface like a lash palette. 
  • Tweezers can slip and fall (and get damaged) easily if you rest them on the pillow or lash bed. Keep the tweezers on a non-slip surface like Silicone Work Pad.  
  • Keep the tweezers in the enclosed tweezer case or tweezer stand when not in use.



Cautions and Safety related to eyelash extension tweezers 

Professional eyelash extension tweezers are one of the eyelash extension supplies that can cause unexpected but harmful incidences if not careful. 

Having their tips very sharp, if clients move their faces suddenly and puncture herself on the tweezer, it can cause a serious injury. Lash artists must be always aware of where the tip of tweezers is facing. 

Also, if you’re performing the procedure at a salon shared with other artists, make sure there is enough room for people to pass behind you as an accidental push from someone behind can lead to injuring your client with sharp tweezers in your hands.   


Irritation and allergic reaction related to tweezers

  • Metal allergy: Some clients may have an allergic reaction to metal tweezers. This is caused when you are using metal or stainless tweezers that contain nickel or chrome. Those properties get easily ionized when contacted with chlorine ion in sweat and cause an allergic reaction to the skin. The symptoms may include itchiness, swollen, red rash or in a serious case, sore ooze. 

If your client is experiencing the metal allergy, rinse the affected part with water and soap, put some ice pack or apply diluted vinegar on the spot. If the symptoms persist, seek medical assistance. 

For preventative measures, you can choose to use tweezers made of titanium or coat the tip of metal or stainless tweezers with clear nail polish.

  • Bacterial infection: Professional eyelash extension tweezers touch the client’s eyelashes and skin and it is the main tool that subjects to pass on unwanted germs or bacteria from one client to another. For that reason, you MUST sterilize the tweezer in-between the clients and you should never use the same tweezers to different clients without properly sterilizing them. 

Also, it is advisable to use a fresh pair of sterilized tweezers if you drop them on the floor. When the tweezers are not in use, keep them safely in the wet sterilizer or UV light disinfection box.

Read more about how to keep your tweezers and lash extension tools bacteria-free.


So, which one is the best eyelash extension tweezers?

We would honestly say the one that is best suited for you is the best eyelash extension tweezers. Just like when you are choosing the right eyelash extension adhesive, consider many factors (and try out) to find the one that suited you.

Choosing the best eyelash extension tweezers is the first step in creating a perfect set of eyelash extensions. But with tons of these tools out there, making this choice is often a difficult task.

Hopefully, with this guideline, we have cut down the time and effort you would otherwise need to put into this. 


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