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eyelash extension styling for festival

Eyelash Extension Styling Tips For The Festive Season

lash extension styling for festive season

Eyelash extension styling tips for the festive season

The festive season is upon us, and at BL Lashes, we’re having a blast thinking all different kinds of winter holiday-inspired eyelash extensions.
December is a great month to add on a “special lash” service to your menu board.

Why? Because we all know, December is a month of parties and celebrations! Your lash clients are likely to attend more events and friends & family gatherings this month. This means December has a higher chance of getting your lashes noticed by more people, and this is a great chance to attain new clients.

Use this opportunity. Add some holiday magic touches on the next set of your client’s extensions. Soon people will stop and ask, “Oh my god, they look amazing. Where did you get your lashes from?”. 

Here are some of our favorite festive lash extension looks we adore and how you can achieve them:

Inspired by Christmas

Undeniably Christmas is all about Red and Green. You can make a bold statement lashes by giving your client a full set of red and green lashes or add them as point colors to give a Christmas spirit. 

christmas eyelash extension styling

How to achieve this look: 

What a joyful Christmas lash look done by @lashes_by_natalya_davydova! To achieve this look, we'd approach it like the hybrid lash extension. Apply volume lashes to 90% of natural lashes. Leave an even amount of lashes unlashed on the inner, outer and middle lashes.

Place the longer lengths of red and green fans to remaining natural lashes. Alternate between red and green to achieve an even look! 

Inspired by New Year

Party time! New Year is the perfect time to introduce a little (or a lot of) sparkle to our lives. Using a product like a glitter lash or Swarovski inspired Jewel lash can instantly rock your client’s glam party look.

lash extension styling for new year - eyelash extension supplier

How to achieve this look: 

This awesome lash look done by @glambymal means PARTY! Its glittery, festive, midnight hue lashes remind us of the beautiful night of fun and celebrations. 

To achieve this look, first, start off placing volume lashes on about 70% of the natural lashes. The sizes and lengths of the volume lash will depend on personal preference. Add blue-purple hue color volume lashes or ombre lash on the bottom layers of natural lashes.

Lastly, add a touch of silver and blue glitter lashes to the remaining natural lashes. Alternate between silver and blue to achieve an even look! 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone! 


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