6 Most Trending Lash Extension Supplies of The Year 2019

As the year 2019 is drawing to the end, at BL Lashes, we are excited to announce the BL 2019 Customers' Choice, the most popular BL products of the year. 

The BL 2019 Customers' Choice is a recognition of products in each category by verified end-user professionals, taking into account both the number of sold units and the overall user ratings.

 BL Eyelash Extension Supplies - Your Ultimate Guide


Pre-Treatment Category: BL Lash Primer

The best eyelash extension pre-treatment product: BL Lash Primer

Creating a longer-lasting eyelash extension is not easy, but it is definitely achievable with a good Lash Primer. 

In 2019, The BL Lash Primer(50ml) was LOVEd by thousands of lash professionals and had brought longer-lasting results worldwide. And now it's available as a mini-trial size(15ml), too! Click here to TRY NOW.  Not sure how the lash primer works? Read This: The Answer to a Long-Lasting Lash Extension: Lash Primer.



Lash Extensions CategoryBL Laser Mink 

the best lash extension of the year

The 2019 bestselling lash extensions go to... BL Laser Lash!

Did you know lash extensions can be a part of the better retention? The world's first laser processed extension lashes, BL Laser lashes, create an instant and long-lasting bond between extensions and natural lashes, which increase retention up to 15%. Click here to TRY NOW.  


Under Eyepads Category: BL Lint-Free Eyepatch

bestselling eyepads for lash extension supplies

Are you looking for under lint-free eye pads, stick well, AND won't give an allergic reaction? Try BL Lint-Free Eye Patch. Ultra-soothing gel pads with less than 2 EWG level ingredients- They are safe patches, perfect for all clients.

BL Lint-Free Eye Patch was our No.1 most-sold product in 2019. We believe the record-high number of sold units speaks for itself. Click here to TRY NOW.  


Adhesive Category: BL Ultra Plus Glue

2019 bestselling eyelash extension adhesive glue

BL Ultra Plus Glue is the favorite eyelash extension adhesive of our BL academy trainers and worldwide BL customers, too. Read one of the customers' testimonial on the BL Ultra Plus Glue here: 

"I have been using this glue for 10 years. I have 15 years of experience in eyelashes extension, I used a lot of other adhesives, but none was better this. I do full set classic eyelashes extension in 1 hour, and clients come back to me for refill after 4/5 weeks".

Say no more. You've got to try Ultra Plus. Click here to TRY NOW.


Aftercare Category: BL Black Diamond Coating Sealant

best selling eyelash extension after care coating sealant

The Black Diamond Coating Sealant helps prolong the life of new extension lashes by creating a seal around them.

Enriched with essential B vitamins, essential acids, and 6 natural extracts that are proved to assist active growth, this scientifically researched combination of ingredients nourishes, strengthens and revitalizes the lash base.

Longer retention, healthy lashes, happy clients, AND Extra income, that's what Black Diamond Coating Sealant does. Click here to TRY NOW.


Bonus Winner: Featured in Media

anti allergy gel for eyelash extension allergy

Hooray! BL Anti-Allergy Gel was introduced in the December issue of the DaySpa Magazine as an Essential product, and we can't be happier.

We are SO passionate about the Anti-Allergy Gel because this clear gel is a lifesaver. This product helps not only glue-sensitive clients but equally necessary for lash artists. TRY NOW.



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