Brand Story


Founded in 2003, BL Lashes was among the pioneer to start the history of eyelash extensions. Originally founded as Blink Lashes, over the next twenty years, the company grew and evolved to meet the changing needs of our customers. In 2015, it was rebranded as BL Lashes - for your Beautiful Life. Since then, BL Lashes has continued to thrive and innovate, and we remain committed to uncompromisingly strict standards for productions and quality control delivering best services to our valued customers.

Why BL Lashes?

Global Leader

Our brand’s journey started in South Korea, but has since expanded worldwide. Today, our lash supplies and services resonate with people across the globe. Recognized globally as thought leaders and innovators in the lash industry, today, our products can be found in more than 3,500 retailers in over 77 countries including the world’s top lash salons, beauty schools and institutes nationwide and worldwide.

Why BL Lashes?

Innovative Premium Lash Experience

At BL Lashes, we have redefined lash extensions as the epitome of premium beauty and sophistication. Holding the ISO 9001 & CPNP certifications and with 13 years of extensive research, we meticulously source the finest material, handcraft each lash with precision ensuring zero defect, and invest in cutting-edge technology to deliver an unmatched premium lash experience.  When you choose BL Lashes, you embark on a journey of luxury, comfort and unrivaled beauty.

Unwavering commitment to environment and zero wastes, we source eco-conscious product development and prioritize our carbon footprint. Our commitment to the environment goes beyond just having a ISO14001 certificate; it’s a promise to work hand in hand with nature ensuring a sustainable legacy for future generations.


Why BL Lashes?

Beauty for all

We passionately believe that beauty is diverse and knows no boundaries. We warmly welcome clients from diverse backgrounds, skin tones, and lash preferences, ensuring that everyone feels valued and embraced. Join our mission to redefine beauty norms and make lash extensions an inclusive and empowering experience.

Our brand vision is to be a global leader in the eyelash extension industry, building on our pioneering legacy. In the wake of the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, our vision for BL Lashes has evolved, emphasizing adaptability, resilience and a renewed commitment to our client and community. We will actively engage with our community, offering support, education, and inspiration to both clients and aspiring lash artists.

As we move forward post-COVID, we envision BL Lashes as not just a lash extension provider but as a trusted partner in your journey towards confidence, self-expression, and resilience. Together, we will overcome challenges and embrace a brighter and more beautiful future. Because at BL Lashes, beauty belongs to everyone!

Brand Message from the Founder 

Let’s achieve great things together!

My passion for innovation made me start this business 20 years ago. Back then, I didn’t have any resources except for my enthusiasm to create the best products for my customers. At BL, we have had our fair share of highs and lows, but in the end, we never gave up.As a result, today we can proudly say that we have created an international eyelash extension brand offering the best products to you. And the best part is that my brand has empowered thousands of beauty industry entrepreneurs just like you to achieve their life-long dreams.With BL’s extensive knowledge and experience on your side, it’s easy to grow your lash business. Partner with us and let’s achieve great things together.

Gwnag-seok Lee, Founder of BL Lashes