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First time order? Use code NEW for free shipping & 2 free gifts!
First time order? Use code NEW for free shipping & 2 free gifts!


  • Blink BL Lashes Rainbow lash tweezers

    Rainbow Tweezers

    $13.80 USD

    Rainbow Lash Tweezers Vetus Rainbow Lash Tweezers are made of Instagram worthy rainbow-colored finest stainless steel, anti-corrosion, rust-proof,...

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  • Blink BL Lashes 3M Plastic Tape for Eyelash Extension Application

    3M Plastic Tape

    $2.40 USD

    3M Plastic Tape offers an all-direction stretch and is water-resistant for maximum comfort. The thicker foam padding helps protect the accidental t...

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  • Blink BL Lashes RV_lash tweezers_lash extension accessories and tools

    RV Tweezers

    from $16.50 USD

    RV Lash Tweezers Curve: This is our most versatile lash extension tweezer. Its curved angle also gives you good visibility during pickup and place...

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  • Blink BL Lashes Glue Plate for eyelash extensions_korean

    Glue Plate Film

    $11.50 USD

    Glue Plate Film Glue Plate Film is a sticker that attaches to jade stone or crystal block to hold adhesive during the eyelash extension procedure. ...

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  • Blink BL Lashes Jade Stone for Lash Extension Adhesive

    Jade Stone

    $6.30 USD

    Jade Stone Jade Stone is ideal to keep your eyelash extension adhesive cold and prevent from premature drying during eyelash treatment. To keep you...

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  • Blink BL Lashes Air Blower_for eyelash extensions_korean

    Air Blower

    from $4.20 USD

    Air Blower for Eyelash Extension Application The air blower can be used while applying eyelash extensions to assist in curing the glue.   Eyelash E...

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  • Blink BL Lashes Mannequin Head_for eyelash extensions

    Mannequin Head

    $19.20 USD

    Mannequin Head for Eyelash Extension Application BL Practice mannequin head is for eyelash extension, made of soft silicone, simulate real human-l...

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  • Blink BL Lashes BL Gold Lash Tweezers

    Gold Tweezers

    $13.80 USD

    Vetus Glod Lash Tweezers are made of lavish gold-colored finest stainless steel, anti-corrosion, rust-proof, wear-resistant, hardness strengthened...

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  • Blink BL Lashes Metallic Tweezers

    Metallic Tweezers

    $13.80 USD

    Metallic Lash Tweezers Vetus Metallic Lash Tweezers are made of chic titanium-colored finest stainless steel, anti-corrosion, rust-proof, wear-res...

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  • Blink BL Lashes Lash Cleansing Brush_korean

    Lash Pore Brush

    $3.50 USD

    Lash Cleansing Pore Brush Our Lash Cleansing Pore Brush was designed to use with our Lash foam cleanser. The lint-free brush hairs help to get deep...

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  • Blink BL Lashes Regular Tweezers_lash tweezers

    Regular Tweezers

    $9.30 USD

    Regular Lash Tweezers BL Regular Lash Tweezers are made of stainless steel. These tweezers are resistant to most acids and other corrosive agents....

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  • Scissors


    $5.00 USD

    Scissors These small stainless-steel scissors offer precise movement for cutting gel pads and eyelash extension tape during the eyelash extension p...

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  • Blink BL Lashes Extension Mirror for eyelash extensions_korean

    Extension Mirror

    $6.30 USD

    Lash Extension Mirror A useful tool for placing and designing an eyelash extension set. The angled mirror provides a perfect view of the client’s l...

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  • Blink BL Lashes Silicone Pad For Loose Lash_for eyelash extensions_korean_bl lashes_lash extensions accessories and tools

    Silicone Pad

    $3.50 USD

    Silicone Pad For Loose Lash Extensions This silicone pad is an ideal holder for individual loose lashes allowing easy pickup. Its thick silicone ma...

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  • Blink BL Lashes Lint Free Applicator Refill for eyelash extensions accessories and tools

    Lint Free Applicator Refill

    $6.50 USD

    Lint Free Applicator Refill For Eyelash Extension Application.   _ _ _ _ Please check out our Shipping Information and Exchange & Return

Eyelash extension application tools

BL Lashes supplies lash artists with high-quality lash tweezers, eye patches, swabs, tapes, glue accessories, and other tools that lash salons need for effortless work.
Applying lash extensions has to be convenient and struggle-free, and only the right tools can make it happen.

The lash tweezers from BL Lashes are the essential assistant for each and every semipermanent eyelash extension application. BL Tweezers are perfect for classic and volume lashes. These Stainless Steel tweezers can be used for picking up or dividing up lashes.

BL Eyelash Extension Supplies and Wholesale from South Korea.