Eyelash Extension removal - How To Guideline

Sadly, all good things come to an end at some point. While lash extensions may look absolutely beautiful but they can also become extremely irritating if the lashes were applied badly or if the lashes start growing out in all different directions.

When this happens, the best thing to do is to visit a professional lash technician to get them removed and get a new set. Try to visit the same lash artist that applied your lashes since they know which products and techniques they used.

But as there may be no better option available, and we want to help our customers out by giving correct instructions that are doable.  


Eyelash Extension removal at home, is it safe? 

The short answer is no. In the age of the internet, there are hundreds of blog posts and YouTube videos on how to remove eyelash extensions at home without visiting the salon. However, these homemade methods can be highly misleading and often VERY dangerous to the applicants. 

When it's professionally done, it is an easy and safe process:

Eyelash Extension removal and safety

Things you need for eyelash extension removal


Types of professional eyelash glue removers

Gel Remover:

Popular gel eyelash glue remover is used to remove the partial or entire set of eyelash extensions. Shake the bottle well before the use and allow the gel to sit approximately 2-5 minutes before attempting to remove the extension from the natural lash.

Its consistency is thick enough to sit on the lashes, but if the remover is applied on the lashes for too long, texture can turn waterly and irritate the eye, so it is recommended to be used by experienced professionals.   

The most popular type for gel remover is BL Gel Remover 15g

eyelash extension removal- BL Blink gel remover



Cream Remover:

Using a cream remover is the safest way to remove lash extensions. The cream-type lash glue remover is used to remove the  entire set of eyelash extensions. This thick cream-like consistency remover is easy to apply and sits on the lashes very well without running into eyes or skin.

We recommend the cream type lash remover to all levels of lash professionals.

Choose BL Cream Remover Double Plus for the best result.

cream remover for lash extensions



In any case, DO NOT USE professional lash extension remover ON YOURSELF.

Professional eyelash extension remover is formulated with very strong glue-dissolving materials, and it can be hazardous if it gets into your eyes. That’s why it should only be used by the hand of professionals. 

But if you MUST use the lash remover to remove your extensions, use a thick, cream-based lash glue remover and DO NOT perform it on yourself. Instead, find a friend with steady hands.


How to use eyelash glue remover

*This instruction is for the Gel lash remover or Cream lash remover only.

  1. Prepare a professional eyelash extension glue remover.

How to remove eyelash extensions with Professional Eyelash Glue Remover

2. Place under-eye pads and tape or cotton pads on top of the eye pads. This is a must-do process to protect the sensitive skin around the eye area from the strong remover product.

How to remove eyelash extensions with Professional lash Glue Remover

3. Set a drop of lash glue remover on a surface.

How to remove eyelash extensions with Glue Remover

4. Apply the lash glue remover on eyelash extensions by using a micro swab. 

How to remove eyelash extensions by bl lashes

5. Wait for approx. 3 minutes.

How to remove eyelash extensions by blink lash eyelash extension supplies

6. Use a swab or tweezers to remove the extensions.

How to remove eyelash extensions with lash glue remover by bl lash extension suppliesHow to remove eyelash extensions with gel remover by blink bl lash supplies

7. Use a fresh lint-free swab to clean up any remaining lash glue remover on the natural lashes.

How to remove eyelash extensions with lash remover by blink bl lashes

8. Soak a cotton pad or cotton swab in water and rinse the natural lashes thoroughly. 

How to remove eyelash extensions by blink bl lashes

9. Dry the wet lashes with a mini fan and brush the lashes.

How to remove eyelash extensions

10. Eyelash extensions are removed!


Pro tips on how to use professional lash extension glue remover

  • Constantly rubbing or fiddling the extensions right after applying the remover may cause the blooming effect. Wait at least 2~5 minutes before you remove the extensions. 
  • Cleanse the remover from the natural lashes thoroughly before applying any liquid (water, lash bath) on the lashes. Remaining remover on the lashes can cause a blooming effect. 
  • If you don’t cleanse or rinse off the remover properly, it could irritate eyes or affect the retention of your next set. Cleanse the remover from the natural lashes thoroughly with a lash bath.



  • Close the lid tightly after the use. Eyelash adhesive removers are solvent, and contacting air to the product will start deteriorating the property.  
  • In rare cases, due to its solvent nature, eyelash extension removers can cause the air in the container to expand. It won’t affect the quality of the product, but be aware that it can discharge a rather large amount of it. (But again, in rare cases).


How does eyelash glue remover work?

Professional eyelash extension glue is made of chemical ingredients to soften the hard bonds from the lash extension glue so that extensions slide off safely. 

Removing lash extensions is a pretty quick and painless process that requires less than 10 minutes of time when it's done by a certified professional. 

how to remove lash extensions at home with eyelash extension remover

When do you need to remove lash extensions?

Eyelash extensions may have to be removed after two or three weeks of wear because of the growth cycle of natural eyelashes. In about two weeks after the initial application, some extensions will have grown out and ruined the overall design.

Or, if lash extensions were applied wrongly (like, multiple natural lashes glued together) and it irritates your eyes in any way, these extension lashes are better removed. 


Can eyelash extension remover damage natural lashes? 

No, it won't. In fact, you won't even feel your extensions getting removed!

The only time it hurts or damaging your natural lashes (natural lashes falling off together) is when the lash extensions were applied in the wrong method in the first place. If multiple lashes were glued together, removing them will be a painful and slow process. 

That's why we are strongly against applying lash extensions on yourself and advise you to choose a reputable lash technician with certification.

*Image below shows what removing improperly applied lash extensions looks like:

How to remove eyelash extension - it can damage your eyelashes if not done safely

As a lash extension supplier, we believe it is our duty to educate our industry with the correct product knowledge and to share the right information with our clients for their safety and wellbeing. 

The key mission of a professional eyelash glue remover is not only to remove lash extensions but to do it without harming your natural lashesThis post will tell you all about how to remove eyelash extensions with professional eyelash extension glue remover safely. 


    Can I remove my eyelash extensions with coconut oil or olive oil?

    Removing your own lash extensions using olive oil, coconut oil, or any other kind of over-the-counter product is not recommended.

    Natural oils can break down the adhesion of lash glue but these oils are not strong enough to remove the lash extensions effectively. Many people end up rubbing or forcefully pulling lash extensions- which results in natural lashes falling off.

    how to remove eyelash extensions at home - DIY methods with eyelash extension remover

    Also, these runny oils are likely to smear into the pore of your lash line (skin) and it can block the pore. In the long term, it can interfere with the growth of your natural lashes or result in infection and irritation. 

    Professional lash extension glue remover is made to have a thick consistency that sits on lashes only. A good lash remover doesn't run into eyes. Also, lash removers are never applied directly to the skin.



    What is the expiration date of eyelash glue remover?

    When the bottle of glue remover is unopened, you can keep it up to 2 years, and once opened, we recommend using it within six months. But please note that the shelf-life of the product is always dependable on how you store the product. For the optimal condition of the product, keep the remover out of the direct sunlight, and keep it in a cool and dry place.  


    What are the differences between the two removers from BL Lashes?

      • Cream Remover Double Plus / It is a thick yellow color cream-type remover with no scent. Effective for the entire set removal of eyelash extensions. We highly recommend this type of remover for all level professional lash artists.


      Home repair & recovery plan for your natural lashes

      Use the lockdown time for giving your lashes a rest from the extensions, and spoil them with new healthy habits. Let them grow and shine! 

      Using our three-step routine daily, you will have a whole new set of beautiful natural lashes in four weeks time:

      1. Lash Shampoo:

      • Botanically infused oil-free lash cleanser for lash bath
      • Super gentle and safe for eyes
      • Helps maintain clean lashes after extension

      2. Lash Essence:

      • Moisturises and conditions natural lashes
      • Helps natural lashes grow thicker and healthier

       3. MD Advanced:

      • Promotes the rapid growth in natural lashes
      • Gives long, shiny, voluminous lashes within 4 weeks


      Take some time to skim through our guides that give you even more tips for healthy natural lashes: 

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