Why Applying Lash Extensions on Yourself is a bad idea

We are in the middle of the COVID19 disaster, and even worse, all the lash salons are closed. Recently, we published a detailed guide on how to remove eyelash extensions at home - safely.

However, we are facing another dilemma: Can I apply lash extensions on myself? 

Our advice is: DO NOT. And here are the reasons why you should never put lash extensions on yourself.


Why applying lash extensions on yourself is a bad idea:

1. Eyelash extension glue can be dangerous

First, you should know what lash glue is made of. A typical component of lash glue is Cyanoacrylate. It's the ingredient that makes bonding. When Cyanoacrylate is exposed to the air, it tends to release fume, and it may irritate sensitive membranes in the eye, nose, and throat. 

When you get your lashes done by a lash technician, your eyes are closed, and you will get close to none lash fume enters in your eyes. 

Eyelash extension glue allergy can happen when applying eyelash extensions on yourself

However, when you attempt to lash yourself, your eyes are wide open, and the sensitive membranes in the eye are exposed to the fume. With this kind of high exposure to the vapor, soon, your body will start producing the antibodies, and you may eventually get the worst of all: Eyelash Extension Glue Allergy

Glue allergy comes in different forms like runny nose, itchy, watery, swollen eyes, tightness in the chest, nausea, dizziness, and other flu-like symptoms. Although this allergy will disappear once the eyelash extensions are removed, the allergic reaction will happen again if eyelash extensions are applied even after some time out. 

Cyanoacrylate in eyelash extension glue can be dangerous when applying eyelash extensions on yourself.

This means, no more lash extensions for you, forever. It doesn't matter which brand your glue comes from. They are all based on the same ingredients - for sensitive eyes or not, slowly drying or not, odor-free or not. You should NEVER apply lash extensions on the open eyes.


2. You don't know which product is right for you.

What type of lash extensions or glue should you use? Your lash technician knows which glue should be used for your lashes and the type of extensions she applies to your eyes. But do you? 

The last thing we want is to see you end up with an adverse allergic reaction that will cause you puffy, irritated eyes or loss of natural lashes.

5 reasons why you should not apply lash extension to yourself

3. The danger of gluing lashes together

But it is not only the ingredients of the adhesives that put your eyes in danger - it is also the glue itself. 

Lash extension is about applying one extension lash on one natural lash or multiple extensions on one natural lash. Whether you apply one or multiple extensions, the rule of thumb is that you always have to apply them on ONE natural lash only. 

That is why your lash artists spend many hours of training to learn how to isolate 1 lash among the other lashes.

Badly applied eyelash extensions and cluster lashes

Why You Should Not Apply Lash Extensions At Home by bl blink lashes and eyelash extension suppliesAttaching lash extensions to your own lashes while looking at a mirror is a nearly impossible task for proper isolation. You are likely to glue several natural lashes together, and the result is not fun to deal with. 

Lashes grow at a different speed. Some hairs grow faster and some slower. Now, how will your eyes tackle natural lashes that are glued together, but grow at a different speed? It will hurt bad.

But the pain is not the worst part. In the long term, this kind of improper application can and will force your natural lashes to fall out and leave a permanent scar or bald spot in your lash line.


4. Sharp tweezers

Most of the tutorials showing how to apply lash extensions are given by people who have passed at least a course or two for lash artists. They have practiced a lot, and they have a steady hand. They know how to hold lash tweezers properly and how to handle them safely. But do you have these skills? 

Sharp eyelash extension tweezers can hurt you when applying eyelash extensions on yourself

You will be using sharp tweezers in the immediate vicinity from your eyes - are you ready to face any eventual tragic consequences? You only have one set of eyes per lifetime. 

 Why You Should Not Apply Lash Extensions At Home by bl blink lashes and eyelash extension supplies

5. A doubtful result 

When choosing to get your eyelashes done by a lash artist, you surely check out her previous work, reviews, and reputation. You want an experienced technician, who cares about safety, and, a beautiful result. Certified lash artists have spent thousands of dollars on their education in the lash industry, and hundreds of hours practicing. First on mannequins and then on real people.

Are you sure you are ready to face the result of your own lashing work, doing this with no previous experience? 

Badly applied eyelash extensions (Source: internet)

Applying eyelash extensions on yourself has a doubtful result.

And if you're a lash artist who's tempted to apply lash extensions to yourself at home, you will soon learn that lashing on yourself is nothing like lashing on your clients. Your eye and hand coordination are way off, and you will end up with a disastrous set while risking your health and safety.


Do this instead: Try a Lash Growth Serum.

We did not create this post to scare anyone without a solid reason. We care about our customers, and we care about you. That is why we kindly ask you again to wait with getting a new set of lashes done by professionals and focus on nurturing your natural lashes instead - make them ready for your next visit to your favorite lash artist!


Here we have a guide that helps you to take the maximum benefits from the current situation: How To Grow Healthier, Longer, Fuller Natural Lashes Before & After Extensions. 

If you can't stand your bare eyes without fab lashes, good old falsies can be an excellent temporary solution. We recommend using cluster lash or strip lash with store-bought lash glue like from Ardell, (NEVER with lash extension glue) if you want to give yourself a little beauty boost in times like this.


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Stay safe!

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