How To Grow Healthier, Longer, Fuller Lashes Before & After Extensions

Who wouldn’t want thick and voluminous eyelashes? Everyone wants it! That’s why having an eyelash extension is one of the hottest trends in 2019 and it is very addictive, as the saying goes “once you pop you can’t stop”.

However, our dear clients should make the most of the flutter without the fallout.

Eyelash extensions aren’t damaging in themselves, and some studies say that they can even protect your natural lashes as long as you’re not exposing them to any potentially damaging habits.


The main reason for eyelash fallout

"The lash root is very delicate and lashes can easily break due to our daily habits," says dermatologist Jeannette Graf, MD, of Great Neck, N.Y.

Here are some bad habits that can damage the lash and its follicles.


1. Sleeping with makeup on

Keeping your makeup on will not only lead to breakouts but it is also a top cause of eyelash damage. Did you know that makeup residue can clog up the pore of your lash line if you don’t cleanse it properly?  With the pores clogged, not being able to absorb need nutrients can make your lash stiff, dry & brittle.

What to do: Gently use makeup wipes or professional makeup remover. As a general rule of thumb, when you invest a lot of time into applying makeup, be sure to invest the same amount of time into taking it off.


2. Rubbing your eyes

Rubbing your eyes too vigorously can damage your entire eye, eyelashes included.

What to do: Being gentle and being mindful the next time you have the urge to touch your eyes.


3. Heat

When it comes to beauty, heat is not your body’s friend as it can dry your skin and hair, and can also harm your lashes. Even worse, heat can break your natural lashes and permanently damage them.

What to do: So you better ditch using heated curlers or blow dryer to warm up your curlers.


4. Curling your lashes after applying mascara: 

Curling your lashes will instantly make them look three times longer, but you must always curl them before you swipe on the mascara.  If you see many lash strands stuck between the lash curler, it is because you put on mascara before using the lash curler, damaging the eyelash cuticles and causing the lashes to break.

What to do: Make sure your eyelash curler has a soft and spongy pad and never curl after putting on your mascara.


5. Ripping Off False Eyelashes

Ripping them off will prematurely pull off your natural lashes or worse - damaging the cuticles permanently.

What to do: Make sure you advise your clients to go to you as a professional lash technician it is still best that they set an appointment to remove the lashes and leave it to the expert. 

According to science, our eyelashes usually follow a regular pattern of growth that can last about three months and it can take two months before they fall out. 

Aside from age, every kind of damage can also make the hair more fragile, thinner, and shorter when it does grow in. If you damage the follicle too much, it will stop producing hair.


The relation between the Eyelash growth cycle and Retention 

First, let us understand the natural eyelash growth cycle. Each eyelash has a growth cycle that includes three phases: 

Anagen (Active Growth Phase)

This is the growth period for each eyelash, where 90% of the hair follicles are still attached to the blood supply. In this phase, the lashes are in active growth and it lasts between 4-6 weeks. The duration of anagen impacts hair length and each lash will grow to a specific length and then stop.

Catagen (Transition Phase)

This is where the eyelash stops growing and the follicle shrinks (this phase lasts about 2-3 weeks). Hair detaches from the blood supply and the hair follicle shrinks. If a lash falls out or is plucked out during this phase, the lash will not grow back immediately because the follicle needs to complete the catagen phase before it can move on to the next phase.

Telogen phase (Resting Phase)

This is the longest-lasting phase, lasting 3-4 months. It is considered the resting period before your eyelash falls out and a new one grows in its place.


Eyelashes can go through all three phases at any given time. The complete eyelash cycle can last anywhere from 5 to 11 months. It’s natural to lose a few lashes on most days, even if you don’t notice them falling out. 


Scientific Facts Reference:
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Which phase of the cycle is related to the long-lasting lash extensions?

The best natural lash cycle for the lash extension is the Catagen phase; lashes are fully grown so they are not moving or twisting anymore, which will help to create a beautiful set. 

However, as a professional lash artist, it is necessary to educate our clients in stimulating the Anagen phase (active growth phase) for longer-lasting lash extensions. 

Why? Because this cycle is an essential part of creating a solid foundation for active lash growth. Keeping your clients’ adolescent lashes strong, thick and healthy will help to extend the life of eyelash extensions over time. 

Luckily, there are several organic and plant-based products that help grow longer and thicker eyelashes. Thanks to lash growth-serums, it is now possible to enhance our clients’ lashes by conditioning them and therefore providing length & strength.


Here’s our favorite “BL Lash Essence Serum” that NOURISHES, REPAIRS & PROTECTS

BL Lash Essence Serum boosts nutrient absorption, it opens the gate for the nutrients to efficiently enter the bloodstream. Our tailored plant-based formulation stimulates 90% of the follicles in the Anagen phase. This will result in luscious healthier eyelashes. 

Scientific Facts Reference:

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Active Ingredients in BL Lash Essence:

1. The Green Tea Extract (Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract) 

green tea extract camellia in blink BL Lash Essence Serum

This ingredient is native to East, South and Southeast Asia. The Green tea extract is made from evergreen leaves. As a green tea extract, it is a rich source of epigallocatechin gallate, one of the most powerful antioxidants available. 

The green tea extract has the highest concentration of plant chemicals that keep the hair follicles in the anagen phase, namely:

  • Quercetin: It inhibits allergic reactions, anti-inflammatory and also induces hair regrowth.
  • Kaempferol: Antioxidant, promotes hair growth.
  •  Myricetin: Prevent hair loss, promote hair cell growth, antioxidant.

Camellia sinensis has no known toxicity and is shown to be non-irritating and suitable for sensitive skin.

Scientific Fact Reference:
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2. Bamboo Stem Extract (Bambusa Vulgaris Extract) 

bamboo stem extract in blink BL Lash Essence Serum

Bamboo stem extract has a long history of medicinal use in South East Asia. It has various medicinal uses with good nutritional composition and a rich source of vitamins, proteins, amino acid, beta-carotene, and phenolic compounds

The antioxidant activity of the methanolic extract of Bambusa vulgaris leaves is reported to have high antioxidants that have the ability to protect organisms from damage caused by free radical-induced oxidative stress. And also protects the hair and skin against bacteria and fungus.

Scientific Facts Reference:
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3. Starflower Extract (Borago Officinalis Extract) 

starflower extract in blink BL Lash Essence Serum

It is also known as a starflower. It is an annual herb in the flowering plant family Boraginaceae and a native to the Mediterranean region.

Borago Officinalis extract is prized for its high gamma linoleic acid (GLA) content that our body converts into prostaglandin. This substance acts as a hormone to our body, helping reduce inflammation that is tied to many diseases. GLA also helps in retaining moisture, revitalize the skin and stimulates growth hormones

Scientific Facts Reference:
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4. Satsuma Orange Peel Extract (Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract) 

satsuma orange peel extract in blink BL Lash Essence Serum

This plant is commonly known as Satsuma Orange in western society. It originated from Kagoshima (Satsuma), Japan. Japanese oranges are unique to Japan and appeared 1,200 years ago. It was regarded as fruit for perpetual youth and longevity.

Satsuma orange peel extract has been used in alternative medicine as an aid to enhance the action of vitamin C, to support blood circulation, as an antioxidant, and to treat allergies, viruses, or arthritis and other inflammatory conditions, and it also prevents hair loss, increases follicle and hair size.


Scientific Facts Reference:
Studies conducted in Oryza Oil & Fat Chemical Co., Ltd. confirmed the beneficial effects of Citrus Unshiu Extract is highly recommended as a functional ingredient for nutraceutical.


 5. Privet Tree Fruit Extract (Ligustrum Japonicum Fruit Extract) 

privet tree fruit extract in blink BL Lash Essence Serum

This extract is from the Privet tree also known as Japanese privet or wax leaf privet, which is native to Japan and Korea. It is also called “Female Chastity Seed” and is one of the oldest Chinese herbal remedies, used for over 2,000 years as an ancient remedy for premature graying of the hair.


6. Cnidium Officinale Root Extract 

 Cnidium Officinale Root Extract in blink bl lash essence serum

This is a perennial herb that is widely used as traditional herbal medicine and is extensively cultivated in Korea, China, and Japan. Its antioxidant composition stimulates and activates hair follicles, prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth.


Scientific Facts Reference:
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7.   Chinese Sumac Extract (Rhus Semialata Gall Extract) 

Chinese Sumac Extract (Rhus Semialata Gall Extract) in blink BL Lash Essence Serum

Sumac is rich in gallotannins that improve hair, skin and fingernail health. According to research it also has antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties when applied topically.

Scientific Facts Reference:
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8. Indian Prickly Pear Extract (Opuntia Coccinellifera Fruit Extract) 

Indian Prickly Pear Extract (Opuntia Coccinellifera Fruit Extract) in blink BL Lash Essence Serum

Commonly called Indian - prickly pear, is a genus in the cactus family.

It contains a range of phytochemicals in variable quantities such as:

  • Polyphenols: Strengthen hair, promotes hair growth.  
  • Betalains: Provides anti-inflammatory, and detoxification support.
  • Catechins: Helps to reduce dihydrotestosterone (DTH) that is responsible for hair loss.
  • Vannilic acid: Antioxidant, increases hair count and hair mass.
  • Gallic Acid: Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, prevents allergic reactions.

It has high amino acids and iron, which are essential for hair growth. Its oil contains double the amount of fatty acid, fiber, and protein than the popular argan oil, leaving lashes healthier, silkier and softer.

Topical application of the Wnt/β-catenin activator methyl vanillate increases hair count and hair mass index in women with androgenetic alopecia.

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9. Huang Qi Extract (Astragalus Membranaceus Root Extract) 

Huang Qi Extract (Astragalus Membranaceus Root Extract) in blink BL Lash Essence Serum

It is a potent Chinese herb popularly called the yellow emperor, traditional Chinese medicine that is widely used as an immune stimulant. 

Uses of this herb are: anti-inflammatory, adaptogenic, antiviral, antibacterial, diuretic and liver protectant. All of these functions are mandatory for preventing hair loss and encouraging hair growth. It is great for the moisturization, detoxification, and replenishment of your hair and scalp creating a fuller healthy hair.

Beneficial Effects of Astragaloside IV for Hair Loss via Inhibition of Fas/Fas L-Mediated Apoptotic Signaling
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10. Peach Kernel Extract (Prunus Persica Kernel Extract) 

Peach Kernel Extract (Prunus Persica Kernel Extract) in blink BL Lash Essence Serum

It is extracted from the kernel or pit of a peach. It is called the fruit of immortality in China, probably because of its ability to reverse the signs of aging. The high content of phenolic compounds contributes to considerably strong antioxidant activity, nourishing the hair providing strength and activating the eyelash and eyebrow growth.

Essential oil extracted from peach (Prunus persica) kernel and its physicochemical and antioxidant properties

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11. Pine Tree Leaf Extract (Pinus Sylvestris Leaf Extract) 

 Pinus sylvestris leaf extract in blink BL Lash Essence Serum

Originated from Bulgaria, this extract is derived from the needles of the Pine Tree.

It exhibits an antifungal and antimicrobial property that cleanses to remove bacteria as well as a build-up of excess oil, dead skin, and dirt. This helps prevent inflammation, itchiness, and infection, which in turn enhances the hair’s natural smoothness and shine.

Scientic Facts Reference:
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12. Kudzu Extract (Pueraria Lobata Root Extract) 

Kudzu Extract (Pueraria Lobata Root Extract) in blink BL Lash Essence Serum

Native to China and Japan, this potent herbal remedy is packed with healing plant chemicals, with the most powerful medicinal compounds concentrated in its roots. Its extract reportedly has antioxidant properties. In addition, we found that the extract from P. Lobata prevents hair graying and it promotes hair growth.
Efficacy and Safety of Pueraria lobata Extract in Gray Hair Prevention: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study
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13. Ginkgo Leaf Extract (Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract)  

Ginkgo Leaf Extract (Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract) in blink BL Lash Essence Serum

Ginko is well known as one of the oldest living species of tree.  The tree itself is a native of the Far East. It has long been used in Chinese medicine.

Ginkgo has been shown to help in widening the blood vessels to allow nutrients, oxygen, and blood to reach hair follicles and as a result, it improves the follicles’ performance.

Researchers in Massachusetts General Hospital conducted a study, which proved that increased blood flow creates more lustrous hair.


Plants used for hair growth promotion: A review Vaishali Rathi*, Jagdish Chandra Rathi, S. Tamizharasia and Anupam Kumar Pathakb NRI College of Pharmacy, Bhopal, M.P., India aNandha College of Pharmacy, Erode, Tamil Nadu, India
bDepartment of Pharmacy, Barkatullah University, Bhopal, M.P., India


14. Trichosanthes Kirilowii Root Extract 

Trichosanthes Kirilowii Root Extract in blink BL Lash Essence Serum

As a whole, this plant is called Quan Gua Lou or Gua Lou Shi. The root extract from it is expertly extracted under strict quality standards.

Trichosanthes is a medicinal plant with therapeutic properties compounds with anticancer, antiproliferative, antiviral and antioxidant properties that is very beneficial to skin and hair. A Lower pH Value Benefits Regeneration of Trichosanthes kirilowii by Somatic Embryogenesis, Involving RhizoidTubers (RTBs), a Novel Structure
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Q & A

Can I use this product with eyelash extensions?

Yes, of course! In fact, BL Lash Essence Serum is developed with lash extension aftercare in mind. It is completely safe to use this serum with eyelash extensions.  


How to apply BL Lash Essence Serum?

This is a mascara type product that has soft applications without being sticky. Simply brush your lashes from the root to the tip.  To ensure that your natural lashes stay strong and healthy, use a lash serum any time of the day. Feel free to apply it as often as you want! 


Additional tips for speeding up your lash regrowth

  1. Hydrate:

Drink a lot of water for healthier glowing skin and hair. 

  1. Take enough nutrients to have healthier hair:

Don’t forget to eat a balanced healthy diet. Eat foods rich in protein, biotin, vitamin A and C, iron & niacin that are essential for hair growth.

In Conclusion

As an expert lash artist, it is our mission to educate our clients to prevent harmful habits that can damage their lashes. And provide the importance of devoting time to nourish, repair and protect our clients’ lashes though deep conditioning serums that result in healthier, robust eyelashes.


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Healthy lashing everyone!

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