Make Your Lash Business Thrive on Instagram

If you’re not on Instagram, then where are you? The whole world is connected online, and if your business hasn’t embraced social media, you’re losing out on a very lucrative opportunity to get your business out there. The lash industry has much to reap from a social media presence, especially since it’s so very photogenic. So, if you’d like to learn how to draw those clients in, here are some tips to get started.

Turning Looks to Get the Likes

As a lash artist, you’ve probably already perfected the art of taking breathtaking lash photos. Now it’s time to put that skill to good use and take it up a notch. Instagram users love an aesthetic. Brainstorm your approach to your photos and videos and create a common theme that will be the centerpiece of your account.

Insider's tip: If design is not your strong suit, you can easily purchase a set of Instagram post template on Etsy, that are specifically designed for lash artists! 

etsy design template

Be smart with your #hashtag

If finding new clients is your top priority, make sure you use the right hashtag to attract the right audience. If you are a lash artist based in Newport beach, for example, 1,000 likes from people in Japan won't mean much to your lash business because they’re not going to fly to Newport to get lash extensions!

Always add your location to the hashtag so your posts are specifically targeting people in your area. For example:

#lashextensionnewportbeach #lashsalonnewportbeach #lashartistnewportbeach 

Also, perhaps add a couple of non-lash extension hashtags but beauty treatment related hashtags like:

#waxingnewportbeach #hairsalonnewportbeach #nailsalonnewportbeach #browlaminationnewportbeach

The people who are searching for other beauty treatments like waxing, nails, and brow lamination are highly likely to be potential lash clients. Even if you don't offer these services yourself, through the hashtag, they get to know about your salon and lash extensions thanks to the hashtag. 

You don’t need 1M Followers  

Make Your Lash Business Thrive on InstagramHaving a couple of million Instagram followers looks impressive but it really has nothing to do with how your business is thriving. In fact, having a lot of followers who are not your target audience actually confuses Instagram’s algorithm and it will attract more spammers, not clients! 

Instagram algorithms determine the content Instagram users see on their newsfeeds based on the type of followers you have, the hashtags you use, and the engagement from other Instagram users. 

Stop doing “follow for follow” with other lash artists! If you are followed and liked by a lot of fellow lash artists, Instagram’s algorithm features your posts to more lash artists, not to your potential clients. 

When it comes to followers, quality definitely trumps quantity.

Improve Your Bio

One of the first things a potential customer will see on your Instagram lash business account is your bio. Your bio gives the viewer a glimpse of what they can expect from your particular profile. Don't forget to add the followings:

  • Your salon's location
  • Opening hours
  • Your specialty
  • Website link if applicable 

Take Advantage of Reels and Stories

Instagram stories have quickly become even more popular than the posts themselves. Some people even just post stories and nothing else. While we don’t recommend you do that as a business, you can still take full advantage of both Instagram stories and reels to boost your reach. And while with posts we don’t recommend creating more than one per day, you can put up multiple stories in a day. Just make sure they’re fun and entertaining.

Reels, on the other hand, will post like a regular post on your page, but they are longer videos that you can use to highlight some of your processes or to even provide tutorials to clients on how to use certain products. The possibilities are endless!

Add More Fans with Instagram Ads

While Instagram is free to use, when you’re just building your brand it’s wise to make an investment into a paid post or two to grow your fan base. What’s great about these ads is that you can target them towards people of a certain age that live in your area.

Not only that, but you can also aim for users with similar interests. We recommend that before you post your first ad that you already have at least 9 posts, if not more. With just one photo, users may click on your username in the ad, see just the one photo and decide they don’t want your lash services at all. If you do it right, you’ll have hundreds of new followers in record time.

Happy lashing (and posting)! 

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