Eyeliner 101: How to Create Seamlessly Stunning Looks

Eyeliner is all the rage these days. We can bet you’ve seen makeup mavens using it all over social media, creating incredible looks that just can’t be done with a pencil. It’s precise, long-lasting, smudge-proof, smooth—and you can find it in tons of colors.

However, because of its precision, when you’re just starting out it can be frustrating to get those lines *just right*. Luckily, we’re here to help. With our guide, you’ll be creating your own TikTok eyeliner tutorials in no time. 

What you'll need

Before Getting Started: Prime it 

primer for eyelids excess oil

The key to any great transformation is setting a solid foundation. Before you consider drawing even one tiny little dot on your eye with your eyeliner, you need to prime, prime, prime. Just as you would with eyeshadow, dab a little makeup primer on your lids. This will ensure bold, smooth lines, and it’ll keep the liner from smudging.

Lining It All Up 

Now that you have a base, it’s time to start drawing lines. 

Makeup tips: How to draw perfect winged eyeliner

We recommend starting by making a small 'landing' dot where you want to finish the tail of the eyeliner. 

Slowly drag the liquid liner towards the dot. Just like with an eye pencil, the more pressure you put, the thicker the line will be, but don’t press too hard or it will come out splotchy.

Then draw a new line from a point on your center of the upper lid, join the two lines, and fill in the space between. Using a flat brush, you can smudge the line slightly to give a blended effect.

Glam it up with falsies

Once you have your technique down pat, then you’re ready to step it up to the max. Get more creative with your lines, add some bling...and most importantly (and fabulously, we might add) pop on some falsies! 

See how professional makeup artist & YouTuber Shonagh Scott does it:

With the BL 2-in-1 Glue Eyeliner, you can have it all. It’s an eyeliner pen and lash glue in one. All you have to do is line your top lid with the BL Glue Eyeliner and place your lashes on top.

How to apply false lashes using Glue eyeliner adhesive
BL lash glue pen eyeliner for false lashes

It’s precise and strong, so you can be sure your lashes will stay in place all day long. If that isn’t a great way to top off a look, we don’t know what is!

Making It Perfect

Ok, so maybe your first time it doesn’t turn out so great. The line is uneven, there’s a random dot somewhere (how’d that happen?!), the cat eye is short on one eye and long on the other… If it makes you feel any better, this happens to pros too. Sometimes our hands aren’t steady enough or it’s just a bad luck day.

Luckily, there’s a quick fix. Take a cotton swab and dip it in some micellar water, then slowly go over the problematic spots. If you end up rubbing off a part of the line, then just redraw it. 


So, there you go, a few small and easy tips on getting started with liquid eyeliner. Over time, as you get better at drawing lines, you’ll gain confidence in your skills.

Because of the versatility of liquid eyeliner and its precision, you can even start experimenting with drawing less traditional lines and even shapes for some super bold and cute looks. The sky's the limit!


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