5 Best Eyelash Extension Supplies You Didn’t Know Existed

No eyelash extension room is complete without the highest quality eyelash extension tools. Generic tools just won’t do — you need the best supplies to give the best result to your clients! 

As the lash industry evolves, so do lash extension supplies. But searching for new, innovative lash extension tools can take precious time away from honing your skills. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our favorite eyelash extension tools and products to make your lash boss life a little easier.

Glue tape

    lash extension glue tape - eyelash extension supplies

    What does it do?

    • Helps the glue dot to stay fresh for a longer period of time
    • Saves you money as you can use the same glue dot for longer time

    Normally a dot of dispensed lash glue starts to get cloudy and stringy after about 15-20 minutes. This happens because the cyanoacrylate in the lash glue starts to interact with air and begins the curing process.

    And we all know that’s when we need to squeeze out a new drop of lash glue. By using the BL Glue tape, that dot of glue lasts twice as long! 

    BL glue paper tape for eyelash extension glue

    BL Glue tape looks a lot like normal paper tape, but its surface is coated with a special protective layer. This layer helps the glue to stay in its liquid form longer. 

    Who should use this?

    How much does it cost??

    Silicone work pads

      silicone lash tile - lash extension supplies

      What does it do?

      • Keeps your lash palette clean & organized
      • Allows you to attach/detach strips of lashes on the work pad very easily without leaving any sticky paper residue from the lash strip
      • Comes with a cushioned surface that protects your lash tweezers

      Do you have one of those glass or plastic lash tiles that are covered with paper residue from lash strips? How about tweezers with bent tips?

      Let us introduce you to a clean and efficient way of keeping your workstation organized while protecting your precious tweezers. Meet silicone work pads.

      Watch how to use:

      Made with waterproof yet slightly sticky silicone material, you can attach/detach strips of lashes easily without leaving any sticky residue. Not only that, but the soft cushiony silicone surface prevents damage to tweezer tips.

      This flexible and soft lash tile is also suitable to place on the forehead of clients during volume extension. It’s durable and reusable after simple cleaning with water.

      Who should use this?

      • Any lash artists who love keeping their lash station organized

      How much does it cost?

      • US$ 5.61 (about same size as normal lash tile) 

      Extension Base

        eyelash extension base- lash glue bonder, glue accelerator

        What does it do?

        • Accelerates the setting time of your glue
        • Improves the bonding of eyelash extensions
        • Removes surface grease and any bacteria from extension lashes 
        • Helps remove excess stickiness of the tape strip under the lash extensions

        BL Extension Base will help your glue dry faster when the humidity is too low and you’re experiencing a slower drying time or sticky adhesive that doesn't feel like it's curing properly. 

        When your lash extension adhesive dries more slowly than usual, Extension Base will speed up the drying process. If you’re using a glue that naturally dries more slowly, Extension Base will give you the extra speed you need to work quickly and efficiently.

        Who should use this

        • Any lash artists who wants to get longer retention

        How much does it cost?

        • US$ 10.89 (two scents - peach & citrus are available)
        • Shop here

        EZ curl lash extensions

        lash extension curl - faster application

          What does it do?

          You may have heard about M curl, LC curl… but EZ Curl? What is it?

          The base curl of EZ Lash is straighter than the normal extension lashes, and as a result, EZ lash provides a more adhesive area for extensions and allows for a much easier and faster application for beginner lash artists. Thanks to its wider adhesive area, EZ curl lashes also provide better retention.

          Lash extension special curl for better retention

          Who should use this

          • Any classic lash artist but especially beginner lash artists 

          How much does it cost?

          • US$ 12.87 per tray


          Anti-allergy gel

          lash extension glue allergy prevention - anti allergy gel

            What does it do?

            • Absorbs chemicals from extension glues 
            • Prevents sensitive clients and technicians from developing lash extension glue allergy
            • Prevents teary eyes, stuffy noses, and stress 

            This is a MUST-HAVE product in any lash salon. And we highly recommend using this before you or your clients start developing signs of lash glue allergy! This is a preventative product (not a cure!) against lash extension glue allergy.

            This white gel absorbs airborne chemicals from eyelash extension glues, reducing the level of fumes and vapors in the salon. As we mentioned, this product does not cure existing glue allergy, but it does prevent sensitive clients and technicians from developing lash extension glue allergy.

            Clients and lash artists have reported less stinging or watery eyes, fewer headaches, and itchiness following the use of this product. Anti-allergy gel is highly beneficial for anyone who is exposed to eyelash extension glue fumes.

            Who should use this?

            • All lash salons!

            How much does it cost?


            When you’re ready to invest in some new tools, look no further than BL Lashes! Our durable, reliable, and high-quality eyelash extension tools are ideal for every lash boss across the world. 

            best eyelash extension supplies

            Your clients will be thrilled with your selection of tools and feel comfortable in your lashing room every time. Find the best tools, wholesale products, glue, primer, remover, and — of course — lashes at our shop today!

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