A Hidden Gem: Secret Retention Booster - BL Extension Base

Would you believe there is a magic solution to bond extension lashes faster when the lash extension glue doesn’t dry fast enough, improve retention, remove stickiness from the tape strip, and remove grease and bacteria from the extension lashes?

Sounds too good to be true? Well then, let us introduce you to BL Extension Base, our multi-tasking retention booster.

Glue Aid: Longer lasting lash extensions techniques

What does BL Extension Base do?

  • Accelerates the setting time of your glue
  • Improves the bonding of eyelash extensions
  • Removes surface grease and any bacteria from extension lashes 
  • Helps remove excess stickiness of the tape strip under the lash extensions

BL Extension Base will help your glue dry faster when the humidity is too low and you’re experiencing a slower drying time or sticky adhesive that doesn't feel like it's curing properly. 

When your adhesive dries more slowly than usual, Extension Base will speed up the drying process. If you’re using a glue that naturally dries more slowly, BL Extension Base will give you the extra speed you need to work quickly and efficiently.


How does it work?

Picture your nail technician roughing up your nail slightly before applying gel polish. When they then apply the polish, it really sticks to your nail. This is because friction creates a better bond. BL Extension Base works in a very similar way. 

BL Extension Base slightly corrodes the surface of the extension lashes. By doing so, it creates micro dents on the surface. These dents help your lashes hold the glue better, creating a superior bond.

Use it when lashes don’t stick

Have you ever had one of those days when your extension lashes just refuse to stick? This is highly likely caused by low humidity. 

Too little humidity in the lash room slows down the speed of glue curing. If the room humidity is lower than the ideal level (lower than 45% room humidity), the cyanoacrylate in your glue will not have enough water vapor to help it cure (lash glue needs air to cure it). 

The same thing happens if the room humidity is too high (higher than 80%), the cyanoacrylate in your glue will be overweighted by too much water vapor, it stops curing.

Lash glue that didn't cure properly can cause lash stickies like this:

Lash extension - lash stickies

Non-curing cyanoacrylate leaves the lash extension glue wet. When lash adhesive doesn’t cure, the lash extension will just lean to the side or slip upon placement. You’re not going to feel that instant, magnetic attachment. 

What you need here is a bit of dryness to set the glue. Extension Base does not change the glue’s property (or the room humidity), but it creates a dry surface on the lash extensions which instantly attracts wet glue. That’s how the Extension Base saves your set in bone-dry weather or super humid day.

Is BL Extension Base the same as other glue aids?

Other brands call similar functioning products glue aid or glue accelerators. 

From our lab research, we found that even though there are some differences in the properties of each product, how they work is the same. Including our product, all these glue aids do not speed up the slow drying glue by changing the property of the glue. Rather, these products alter the characteristics of the lash extension surface so that it helps the glue set faster. 

However, one thing we have discovered from our study is that the Extension Base dries much faster than the competitors’ products.

Look at the picture below. Three different products were applied on the same surface and we watched what happened after 1 minute.

Lash extension glue aid - Helps eyelash extension glues to dry faster

Whereas BL Extension Base almost completely dried off, other products from the competitors remained wet. This is not ideal because oversaturated and wet lash extensions can decrease the bonding power. So, when it comes to priming extension lashes, a fast-drying product like BL Extension Base is the best.

Use it when your lash strip is sticky

BL LASH EXTENSION GLUE AID FOR FAST DRYING EYELASH EXTENSION GLUEHave you experienced those super annoying tape strips under the lash extension that stick and ruin your tweezers?

How about when the bond of the tape is so strong, the whole strip of lashes comes off when you try to pick up one extension? It’s really annoying especially when you’re trying to do a volume set.   

You can use Extension Base to save the day. Applying Extension Base to the base of the lash extensions along the tape strip weakens the stickiness of the bond, making it easy to pick up extension lashes without any interruption.    

Disinfect and remove grease from lash extensions

If you think about it, extension lashes are actually rolled by people’s hands… so, removing grease and disinfecting them sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it? BL Extension Base removes any grease from the surface of the lash strips and disinfects the extension lashes. This is why it’s also called a primer for lash extensions.

LASH EXTENSION Retention Booster - BL Extension Base GLUE AID

How to use BL Extension Base

  1. Apply a small amount of Extension Base onto a micro swab. 
  2. Touch the micro swab to the base of the lash extensions (NOT on the client’s eyelashes!) along the tape strip, being careful not to saturate the lashes. 
  3. Let the solution completely dry for 1 minute before you start lashing. 

Extra tips

  • A little Glue Aid goes a long way, so use this product minimally. The solution must only be applied to the base of the lash strips.
  • Close the cap tightly after use.
  • Extension Base is not to be used on the skin and on natural eyelashes.

BL Extension Base is available in citrus and peach scents.

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