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We’ve all been nervously waiting. After many weeks of shutdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the salon business is beginning to slowly open. However, with no clear regulation for sanitation in place, you may feel lost on how to operate your lash business in the post-corona times.

How do I protect myself, my family, and my business safe from being exposed to the virus? 

As the application of eyelash extensions requires such intimate, close contact with the clients, our line of business can be a hotbed of the virus and potential legal actions if not careful.

Here is our baseline recommendation to refrain from COVID-19:

  1. Maintaining a proper salon sanitation standard
  2. Having complete control over the clients you accept.

With strict hygiene measures and sanitation, you can maintain your salon etiquette. Read Lash salon sanitation checklist for more information.

Moreover, It is vital to assess your clients’ health information even before they step into your Salon.


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Download printable eyelash extension consent form

Download this lash extension consent form and customize the ‘salon name’ before you email the form to your clients. Get your client sign on the consent form before arrival to minimize any dispute or health risks.


Lash extension service consent form for COVID-19

[DOWNLOAD the word file]   [DOWNLOAD the PDF file]

Lash extension application consent form
[DOWNLOAD the word file]   [DOWNLOAD the PDF file] 

Tips: Date & Signature are Important

A client’s signature is required to make the consent form legally binding. By signing and dating the agreement, the client acknowledges the risks and is happy to proceed with the application.
We recommend you get an updated consent form signed by a client (with a new date and any change in symptoms) every time the client visits.

Health and Safety Guideline for post-COVID lash appointment

Share an updated ‘visitors policy’ with your clients so they have a clear understanding of what to expect. Here are some of the good pointers you can share with your clients by text message, Instagram, or website. 

  • Please reschedule the appointment if you are feeling unwell
  • No additional guest is allowed
  • Wearing a mask is required upon arrival and during the entire procedure
  • Wash your hands upon arrival
  • Limit conversation during the procedure
  • Bring your own blanket if you need

Share a Health and Safety Guideline on Instagram

Here is our COVID-19 safety guideline for the lash clients. Feel free to share this content on your profile.  

[DOWNLOAD: COVID-19 Safety Guideline...


[DOWNLOAD: reschedule appointment...

Eyelash Extension Safety Guideline for COVID-19


[DOWNLOAD: wear mask...

Eyelash Extension Safety Guideline for COVID-19_ wear mask


[DOWNLOAD: wash hands...

Eyelash Extension Safety Guideline for COVID-19: wash hands


[DOWNLOAD: no additional guest...

Eyelash Extension Safety Guideline for COVID-19- no additional guest is allowed


[DOWNLOAD: Limit conversation...

Eyelash Extension Safety Guideline for COVID-19- limit conversation


[DOWNLOAD: Together, we can stay healthy...

Eyelash Extension Service Consent Form for COVID-19


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Healthy Lashing everyone!

Team BL Lashes

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