5 Eyelash Extension Aftercare Products Every Salon Should Stock

The biggest concern of lash technicians and lash extension clients: How long will the lash extensions last? Well, we all know that the  longevity of lash extensions hugely depends on a few things like:

  • The quality of the products used
  • The application practice of the technician
  • The aftercare treatment received at home

In this regard, it is not optional, but it is essential to provide proper eyelash extension aftercare instructions to your client. The quality of your client's aftercare can affect the result of your application and the reputation of your salon's business.  


Lash extension aftercare products you should stock

We have a list of essential products you need to provide at your salon for a five-star lash aftercare service. Providing these specialized products at your salon can help your clients to extend the beauty of eyelash extension AND bring you extra income. Ready? Here we go!


Lash Shampoo

Dirty lashes = Costly business! Why? There are a couple of problems with dirty lashes.

First, even if the lash clients don't wear makeup, a build-up of dead skin cells and oily secretions creates a condition for bacteria to grow. It will not only affect the extensions to look clumped up but potentially cause infection, which can lead to more permanent damage like losing natural lashes.

Second, if your clients don't clean their lashes, it can make your filling appointment much longer since you will have to spend so much time to cleanse and fix the growing problem properly. If the filling appointment is as long as the full set appointment, it can also affect your business. 

To clean natural and extended eyelashes thoroughly, you need to use the right product. In essence, BL Lash Shampoo for example, is a botanically infused oil-free lash cleanser with effective but very gentle on sensitive eye areas. 

In its ingredients, you can find Zanthoxylum, a Fruit extract that stimulates cell regeneration, and Pasque Flower, a super-effective antibacterial agent, all the qualities you need to make eyelash extensions stay in place, clean and healthy

Lash cleansing brush

Offer your clients a handy Lash Cleansing Brush to help proper lash extension aftercare!

A lash cleansing brush will reach deep in between natural lashes and wipe away impurities at the base of the lash extensions from every angle. Also, soft bristles of the lash cleansing brush are extra gentle around the sensitive eye areas. 

Client's may be tempted to use cotton pads or even a face towel to clean lashes; however, lint or fiber in these materials can easily catch the extensions and remove extensions prematurely!

Make sure to educate your clients this info and provide them with a handy lash cleansing brush. At BL, we offer Lash Shampoo with a cleansing brush as a set at the most competitive price.  


Oil-Free Makeup Remover

The oil-based makeup remover is the worst enemy of eyelash extensions as it breakdown the extension adhesive. With that in mind, the BL Pure Clear Lip & Eye makeup remover is formulated without oil to gently remove eye makeup residue in a single swab without affecting the lash extensions.


Lash Coating Sealant

The BL Black Diamond Coating Sealant helps prolong the life of eyelash extensions by acting like a protective layer for the adhesive and extensions. It's conditioning ingredients will help to strengthen natural eyelashes while protecting the lash extensions from sweat, dust, water, and debris that may affect the adhesive.


Lash Growth Serum 

No fluffy set of lash extensions can be done if there is not enough natural lash to attach lash extensions on.

There's only so much you can do as a lash artist to the lash clients with thin, brittle lashes. Instead of turning away these clients, educate your clients to invest in their natural lashes first, Lash Growth Serum builds a good solid foundation for the voluminous lash extensions. 

Do Lash Growth Serums actually work? They sure do! The leading cause of natural eyelashes problems is losing elasticity. In this sense, the Lash Growth Serum acts by providing nutrients that help strengthen the hair follicle in which each natural eyelash originates. 

Within just four weeks of using the MD Lash Growth Serum, there will be considerable changes in the length, texture, and growth of natural eyelashes, giving your lash extensions the strong base they need to look AMAZING.  


    You might say: "But, I am a lash tech, not a salesperson."

    Or at least that's what you think. As you know, eyelash extension clients require more than the application of eyelash extensions. Your clients also need all the aftercare tips to retain the beautiful look and feel for a long period. 

    The best technique to increase your sales while creating that special relationship with your customers is HONESTY.

    Explain to your client step-by-step instructions on how to use each product and the importance of WHY each step of aftercare is important for long-lasting extensions.

    Let them know you are there to support them even after the application, and you would only recommend products you really believe in helping the well-being of their lashes. 


    Are you still finding it difficult to push the sale? 

    We found that including some of the essential aftercare products like Lash Shampoo and mascara brush as a part of your full set service price and increase the price of the set slightly to cover the cost of the aftercare product is also a great idea. After all, a good aftercare routine of your clients is as vital to her lashes as to your business.  

    Keeping these eyelash extension-friendly retail products in-stock year-round will increase your profits, but also your reputation as a professional. So, stock your salon with the best products and make quality aftercare part of your personal branding.


    If you wish to see a wide variety of lash-aftercare products for retail, definitely visit this page. At BL Lashes, we offer up to 50% discounts on aftercare retail products for salon professionals.


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