Can you get eyelash extensions while pregnant?

Being a mom to be can be a very tough job, especially in the first few months. There are lots that you have to consider for the health of yourself and your baby, and there are lots of things that you might need to give up.

But does that mean that you have to give up pampering yourself? Will you have to say goodbye to beautiful extension lashes for the next nine months? Not necessarily.

Consult with your lash technician about the potential dangers and work together to find pregnancy-safe solutions.

Can you get eyelash extensions while pregnant?

Potential risks of getting lash extensions while pregnant

Sensitivity to chemical products

In pregnancy, women should stay clear of harsh chemicals, which in the lash industry is most prevalent in the glues that we use. Research is yet to be carried out on the effects of lash glue on pregnancy, so if you’d rather not risk it, it may be best to forego your lash appointments until your little one is born.

Can you get lash extensions while pregnant - glue allergy

Glue allergy

Moms-to-be are limited in the kinds of medications they can take when something happens as those medications have the potential to harm the baby. If you’re expecting but you’ve had lash extensions before without issues, you’re likely to be OK to keep doing them without risk of glue allergy

Glue allergy and eyelash extensions

If you’re a first-time mom AND a first-time lash client, you might need to reconsider. If you do end up contracting a glue allergy, it will be much harder to treat, and we all know that you don’t need any more uncomfortable situations than you already have as a pregnant person.

Lying down for too long

After the 20-week mark in your pregnancy, you should avoid lying on your back for too long. Lash extension application can take more than two hours in one sitting, and that is much too dangerous and uncomfortable for an expecting mom.


can you get lash extensions when pregnant

If you really must need a gorgeous set of lashes late in your pregnancy, consult with your lash technician about being able to lie on your side for the application. 

Guidelines for lash artists

As a lash artist, your priority is customer safety and comfort. This is especially true when it comes to any pregnant clients that want to book an appointment.

To guide your expecting clients, make sure to do the following:

  • Thoroughly explain any potential risks
  • Have the client sign a waiver, especially when it comes to the use of chemicals in the process
  • Always run a patch test
  • Use sensitive glues like Lily glue or Advanced glue
  • Only use fresh lash glues. Throw away glues passed its shelf-life
  • Always keep anti-allergy gel nearby
  • Give them plenty of breaks during the appointment 
  • Introduce alternative options to lash extensions like lash growth serum


md advanced lash growth serum

If you are an expecting-lash-artist, make sure you are wearing a high-coverage mask like N95 to protect yourself from the glue exposure. 

(For lash artists) Other tips to avoid adhesive exposure: 

  • Keep a jade stone to the side of the clients' head is preferable over a glue ring  
  • Work in a well-ventilated area
  • Dispose used glue palette in a metal pedal bin with a lid  

New mamas are allowed to keep on pampering themselves in whatever way they think is best and safest for them. Your job as lash artists is to help them know the risks of lash extension application and provide them with options for safety and comfort if they choose to go ahead.

If you’re pregnant and want to have fab lashes for that first selfie with your new baby, make sure to do your research first and chat with your lash salon about your options.

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