A guide to lash salon interior design

Your lash salon is a reflection of you, and not just as a lash artist either. It needs to be appealing, welcoming and make a great impression on your lash clients so that they keep coming back! Use your personal style to show off what you and your salon are really about.

It’s really important to balance out your own tastes (and the tastes of your clients) with the practical side. If your salon looks great, but you spend half of your time walking back and forth to get your supplies, it might be time for a rethink.

Let’s take a look at what you need to look at when you design your lash salon interior:

Think about what your clients want

Lots of your clients will use their lash appointment as a time to relax, chill out and catch up. Think about who your ideal lash client is and what they’re looking for in the space. Researching your target audience, and understanding what motivates them to get their lashes done is essential – this is the same when it comes to your lash studio too!


Look at your lash room layout

The bulkiest items in your lash room are probably your lash bed or lash chair, overhead lighting and any storage you need. The lash bed/chair especially will take centre stage, but all lash rooms are sized differently so take the time to experiment with different layouts to get it right. Make sure that you have enough space to lash properly.


It’s also key to have enough space for your tools to be within reach, so that you’re not spending precious time during the appointment trying to locate the items you need.

Being able to work hygienically is really important when you think about layout (take a look at our Lash Salon Sanitation Checklist for some pointers). Think about lighting and where electrical sockets are too – you’re going to need both to lash effectively!


How you choose to decorate your lash room or salon is completely up to you. You know your customers, your own taste and what your competitors are doing. Take the time to check out some inspiration online and to see what other salons look like in your area – you don’t want it to look exactly like a competitor salon. Your salon should be as unique as you are!


Keep in mind that your salon makes up part of your brand, and that everything should fit together. Your website, socials, any printed materials and salon space should look like part of the same family.

Ventilation, humidity and temperature are essential

lash salon interior: humidity and eyelash extension retention

As well as lighting and tools, the ventilation, humidity and temperature of your lashing area is a huge deal. If one of these things is off balance it can be a problem for application or retention – not ideal for a lash artist! Fortunately, there are things you can do in your lash space if any of these things are lacking, such as a humidifier or extra ring lights.

Read more about Eyelash extension glue, humidity to get the best retention.

It’s not just about how it looks…

Sound can make all the difference to your lash space too! Depending on your clientele, music can be a great way to really lift the atmosphere in any lash room. It can also help to mask any outside noise, cover up any awkward silences or stop some chattier clients from talking too much during their appointment (hey, it happens sometimes!)

So, ask yourself. Does your Spotify playlist reflect your salon's image? 

Don’t forget about retail

Lash salon decoration: how to display aftercare product

Retail can be one of those things that we forget about as lash artists – you have back to back appointments, your clients are in a hurry and sometimes it just feels a little awkward. If you want to maximise your income and ensure your clients retain their lashes properly, you need to stock and sell aftercare products to your clients.

We recommend keeping them by your payment area, displayed prominently with their benefits displayed clearly- so they’re easy to refer to!

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