How Much Money Can You Make Doing Lash Extension?

The lash industry is a billion-dollar industry that looks set to continue to grow. Whether you work in the industry, or you’re thinking of starting off your career as a lash artist knowing your earning potential is a major part of the business.

Here’s what you need to think about when it comes to making money lashing.

Where you are in your lash career

When you first start out as a lash artist, you’re still learning and developing – this will usually be reflected in your prices. Expert lash artists can charge more. Keep training and boosting your knowledge to grow your earnings!

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Being a self-employed lash artist

Where you work and who you work for makes all the difference with your earnings. If you work in a salon or franchise, you’ll pay rent or a percentage back to the salon. If you’re self-employed you usually keep your earnings.

You need to take into account the costs of stock, marketing, and premises when it comes to working out how much you earn too as this can vary.

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The hours you work 

A lash career can be really flexible. You can work the hours that you want and see as many clients as you need to. More hours lashing = more money (unless you decide to charge more!)

Let’s say your prices are $120 for a volume set and $60 for fills. If we average that out to say, you have 4 appointments (two sets + two fills) a day. You’ll make $360 per day, that’s $2,160 per week (minus one day for your day-off). Multiply that by 50 weeks of the year (taking into account holidays) and that’s $108,000 per year!

How much money can you make doing lash extension

Who is your customer

Raising your prices doesn’t need to mean that it puts customers off. It can bring a different kind of customer to your lash chair, who isn’t necessarily looking for the cheapest lashes.

Look for clients who appreciate your level of skills and experience – they want to pay extra to know they’re getting lashed by the best!

Lash styles

Volume and mega volume sets are more expensive than classic or hybrid so it’s not just about focusing on the big lashes! Classic sets need infills more frequently than volume sets so take that into account too.

Take the time to work out an average profit-per-set so you can understand where your time is best spent and where you can make money!

Where you’re lashing

Location location location. Your location will make a difference to what you charge per set – it varies all around the world, and then again within each country. As a rule, busier areas (like cities) and higher-end salons with lots of demand can charge more. However, you might pay more in rent.

How much money can you make doing lash extension

Offering training to other lash artists

Offering training is a great way to up your income, as well as share your knowledge and inspire others. You will make a bigger profit by offering training than you do on clients. There are costs involved, and it takes more time to train but it can be way more rewarding financially.

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How much money can you make as a lash artist?

The answer to this question is that it depends on the lash artist, how they work and where in the world they are.

There are lash artists out there that make six figures each year, as well as lash artists that choose to make less. According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary for a lash artist is over $47,000! The top earners on average earn more than $64,000 per year, which is amazing when you’re doing a career that you love too.

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