[New] Say Hello to Our New Tweezers

We’re proud to introduce two of our newest lines of tweezers, created with you and your comfort and speed in mind. 

eyelash extension tweezers for volume lash

New Curved Tweezers

Our new 50-degree (24-SA) and 60-degree (29-SA) angle curved tweezers are multi-taskers and can do everything from isolation to volume fanning to classic set techniques!

Made from premium quality stainless steel, these tweezers are designed for precision and comfort.

They’re lightweight with long, superfine tips, and their shorter boot-tips and sharper angles allow for better control of motion and visibility of lashes. Now you can grip lashes quickly and easily, making your work all the faster. 

lash extension tweezers for isolation and volume

New L-shape Tweezers

Another great addition to our product line is our new L-shaped tweezers (31-SA), specifically engineered for making handmade volume lashes. Volume lash artists will love these tweezers with smaller boot-tips as they provide better grip and control of motion.

Precision is key when it comes to volume lashes, and the 31-SA model will help you achieve ultimate precision. Personally tested by our BL Lash Trainers, these light and easy to use Russian lash tweezers are great for creating both narrow and wide fans, and they’re perfect for a range of volume lash techniques. What’s more, even beginners will find them easy to use!


Which will you choose to add to your tweezer collection? Are you a volume maven excited for being able to create precise volume lashes, or are you a multi-tasker who loves having control over all the aspects of the lashing process with one tweezer?

Whichever one you are, we wish you happy and speedy lashing!

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