[New] Bestselling Glues 3g Mini Size

If you’ve been struggling to finish a 5g or 10g bottle of glue before it expires, we’re here to save the day with our new 3g size of all our best-selling BL glues.

Whether your salon uses Mach, Ultra Plus, or Glam glue, now you don’t have to worry about having to throw away unused and expired glue at the end of each month. 

Why 3 grams?

Let’s face it, sometimes we don’t end up using all the glue in a 5g bottle, much less a 10g one, before the expiration date. This typically tends to happen if you have less than 60 appointments per month or if you like to use different types of glues for different customers. Either way, the costs outweigh the benefits for larger sizes, so we’ve reformulated our packaging to now also include 3g bottles.

Less Stress

A 10g glue bottle can typically make 200 sets, and a 5g bottle makes half that. The problem is that once your glue bottle is open and exposed to air, you have just one month to use all of it up.

With a 3g bottle, you can make about 60 sets, and whenever you need more glue, just pop open a new bottle. You’re less likely to be running against the clock, so the pressure will be much lower.

Never “Lose” Glue Again

Glue is a hot commodity in the lashing world, so it’s hard to say goodbye to a half-full bottle when you hadn’t had the chance to use all the glue before it expired.

It really eats at the stomach of lash artists, and sometimes we’re faced with the dilemma of tossing the rest of the glue or taking an unnecessary risk and using what’s left beyond its expiration date.

The 3g bottle eliminates this agony of guilt. You don’t need to jeopardize the quality of your work by using expired glue or feeling anxious about having to throw it away.

Our Best-Selling Glues

All of our best-loved glues are now available in 3g sizes.

1. Mach Glue has a thin, liquid-like consistency with a setting time of one to two seconds. Retention lasts up to seven weeks. It’s great for classic lash, premade volume lash, and handmade volume lash techniques. Due to its quick drying time, Mach Glue is best-suited for expert technicians, and it should be used on clients with an average tolerance of glue fumes.

mach glue fast drying lash extension glue by BL blink lash 3g

2. Ultra Plus Glue is another glue with a thin, liquid-like consistency, but with a longer setting time of three to four seconds. Again, retention lasts up to seven weeks. All levels of technicians can use this glue, and it is great for classic and premade volume techniques. Clients with an average tolerance of glue fumes will love this glue.

ultra plus glue fast drying lash extension glue by BL blink lash 3g

3. Glam Glue is highly viscous with a four to five-second setting time. The retention time is a bit longer with this glue at eight weeks. It’s ideal for all technician levels and clients with an average tolerance of glue fumes. Glam Glue is best used for classic and handmade volume techniques.
glam glue fast drying volume lash extension glue by BL blink lash 3g


What are the ideal humidity and temperature for these glues?

The recommended humidity is 45 to 60% and the recommended temperature is 22 to 26 C (71 to 79 F).

How long does the 3g bottle of glue last?

Same as any other sizes of glue, 3 to 6 months when not opened, 1 month once opened.

Do you offer any other BL glues in 3g bottle size, too?

If you are a BL product wholesaler and would like to sell other glues in the  3g size, you can place an order with MOQ 300 bottles in any other BL glue, and we will make them for you!

We have an attractive price point for the 3g-size glue. To discuss further, contact our sales team at

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