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Congratulations, you have decided to open up your love for lashing and your skillsets for many people to enjoy! We are happy to ensure you that the lash extension market is continuing to grow, and there is still room for new, enthusiastic lash artists. Check out our post for more info: Will The Lash Extension Market Continue To Grow.

Starting a lash studio is starting a real business. And when starting a business in a saturated market like beauty services, you will need to develop a brand that stands out to attract the best customers.

The most crucial factor that makes a brand stand out is the way it suits your business goals, target market, and overall style.

In this post, we are helping you with the basics of brand development, giving you some questions to answer, and then leading you through the visual brand development process. It is easier and more fun than it sounds :)

So before jumping into Pinterest and looking up the most beautiful lash salon pins, make sure you know what works best for your business and your customers.

So your first and most prominent goal is to start a lash business, a lash salon. 


5 steps to a fully branded lash studio

  1. Map your target market
  2. Map your ideal customer
  3. Map your brand styling goals (with the help of this post)
  4. Choose the right visuals for your brand
  5. Establish your lash studio with the help of a brand stylist


1. and 2. Map your target market & ideal customer

Before planning any branding, you need to know exactly who is your target market, and you should have created one or several ideal customer profiles. 

This way you will be able to design your marketing, studio and your "voice" so that it attracts the best customers you wish for. 

Please learn more about mapping your target market and ideal customers here: Who Is Your Lash Studio's Ideal Customer


3. Map your brand styling goals

Before you start choosing the right colors for your brand, you need to be clear of your brand styling goals.

To fully understand how your lash studio should be visually branded, you will need to answer some questions and take time to analyze them. It is not uncommon that business owners don’t even know themselves what they truly want and try to reach. In that case, it is almost impossible to create a compelling brand identity.

What do you want to gain with your business?

  • Who’s life do you want to change, and how? How should your lash studio improve your lifestyle?
  • How big should your business grow?
  • Whom do you intend to work with, and how?
  • What impression should your business leave to people?

Who are you?

  • What are you offering, and why are you doing it?
  • What part of your personality do you want to transfer to your business?

What value do you offer?

  • What makes your lash studio special?
  • Why is your service the number one choice for your best customer?

What would you change?

  • Would you make some changes to your existing branding?
  • Does your current customer see your offer as you would like it to be seen?
  • Do you leave the right first impression for your audience?
  • Do your current customers understand and value your skills?
  • If you’re in the starting phase of your lashing business, what obstacles are on your way now, and how can you overcome them?

Where is your place in the market?

  • Does the price of your lashing service reflect the place where you would like to be?
  • Do you need to improve your skills to get there?
  • How do you differentiate from your competitors, and what should you do to be the only possible choice for your ideal customer?

What is your creative style like?

Your customers want to buy your creative style and perfect skills. They prefer you to your competitors due to these two factors. Therefore, focus on pointing out your style in every aspect of your marketing, rather than offering everything for everyone. 

Read how lash artist Mi-Joo Choi makes herself different from others and earns more by doing this.


What makes your lashing services stand out? 

Highlight your individual style on your web and social media.

As buyers, we prefer one brand and one store to another thanks to the style of the product or service. 

  • Write down the keywords that describe the style of your favorite work and studio.

Natural-looking lash extensions? Glamour lashes? Russian volume? Using eco-friendly tools? Romantic and girlish? Elegant and feminine? Tough and inflexible? Calm and relaxed? Busy bee? City-style? 


4. Choose the right visuals for your brand

As you probably already know, the choice of colors matters. For your branding, website, marketing materials, studio design, and other related details - the colors that you choose will set the mood of your potential customers long before they even make a reservation.

But not only colors. 

In your visual branding, your color palette needs to be matched with the right forms, fonts, illustrations, patterns and photo style. 

For example, if you know you want your business to be seen as creative, inspirational and approachable, there are fonts and colors you can use which will communicate that. 

This way you will create a cohesive and professional-looking brand identity and lash salon where your customers will feel comfortable and happy.

Read more about how to choose the right visuals for your branding next week on our blog.


5. Hire a brand stylist

This is one of the best investments you can do when planning to open your own lash business. 

A good brand stylist will be your right hand when it comes to making you stand out and creating a professional look for your business. This person will help you to attract the right customers who love to pay for your services.

How to choose the right brand stylist

Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do I like their portfolio?

2. Does their style match with what I need?

3. Do I like their website?

4. Is their marketing cohesive - website, social media, and portfolio?

5. Do we "click" in our communication?


Before you go to your first breathing with your chosen brand styling, make sure that you have already gone through all the steps above. Every stylist has his/her own style and it should fit well with your visions. It will be your cooperation smoother and cheaper, and the end-result more giving.

 how to style your lash business

So these were the five essential steps for creating a strong brand identity for your new or refreshed lash business.

Stay tuned, we are happy to provide even more marketing tips that will help you to gain more customers, better customers, and more revenue.


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