Special ‘eye lifting’ curls 101 - How to use L & M curls


There’s a reason why we’re called lash artists. Although clients might have an opinion of what they think will look best on them, we as lash artists know there are so many factors to take into account, such as eye shape, personal style, and professional lash products. We have the client’s best interest at heart (and our own reputation!) so it’s vital that we take all of the above into consideration when we set out to create works of art.

One of the most important of these factors are lash curls. They really determine the final look of the lash set. As the lash extension industry grows, unique lash curl options are popping up everywhere, providing many more ways to diversify lash looks.

If your offering is limited to just C and D curls, and you feel like you’d like to offer more variety for your clients, then this article is for you. Read on to hear all about new lash curl styles, especially trendy lifting curls such as L, L+, M, and how to use them. 

Lifting curls 101

To start off, let’s go over the different types of lifting curls, then we’ll go into which curls flatter which eye shapes the best. For a more comprehensive explanation of all the lash curls and how to choose the right ones, check out our eyelash extension chart page.

Lifting eyelash extension curls 101 - L curl, L+ curl, M curl

M curl: 

The major difference between M and L/L+ curl is in its base. The straight base of the M curl is shorter than L and L+ curl.  

L curl: 

L curl is essentially a C curl with a flat base. 

L+ curl: 

Similar to L curl, L+ curl is in essence a D curl with a flat base. 

Eyelifting effect without surgery

While the traditional C and D curls offer softer, feminine results, lifting curls such as L, L+, and M curl create a sharp, edgy, bad-ass look. Take a look at the differences between softer curls and lifting curls below:

Eyelash extension L curl vs D curl

When to use lifting curls (L, L+, M curls)

Because of the dramatic upward angle, lifting curls create a chic wide-eyed effect. Still, though they may be on-trend, eye-lifting curls such as L, L+, M curls are not for everyone. 

The M curl works best on clients with natural lashes that slope at a downward angle. It is not recommended for clients with hooded eyelids as the short, flat base of the M curl tends to get buried under the eyelid. 

Also, the M curl is not suitable for clients with natural lashes that slope at an upward angle. Because the M curl creates such a sharp upward angle, the lashes will stand out too much (almost pointing straight up to the sky). 

L and L+ curl are developed to provide a wide-eyed effect to clients with hooded eyelids, monolid eyes, deep-set eyes, and older clients with droopy eyelids. L+ is slightly curlier than L.

These are the most visually rewarding lash extensions.

However, because of their long flat base, if used on lashes that slope at a downward angle, they will appear to be heavy and unflattering. 

M curl inspirations & lash maps

M curl inspirations & lash maps

L & L+ curl inspirations & lash maps

L & L+ curl eyelash extension inspirations & lash mapsL & L+ curl eyelash extension inspirations & lash maps

Can you mix L, L+, M curls with other softer curls? 

Yes, of course! Mixing curls is one of the funnest parts of the artistry of doing lashes. In fact, sharp, lifting curls look absolutely amazing when blended with a softer C curl. We recommend using softer curls in short lengths in the inner corner of the eyes, blending in the center and transitioning to sharper curls toward the outer edge of the eyes. It creates a really cool eyeliner effect.



Can I charge more for the special curls?

If offering this type of curls is a niche in your area, we don’t see why not! Lifting, eye-opening curls are undeniably trendy at the moment and due to their distinctive edgy look, we believe there will be a big fan base for this specific look. It is up to you how to sell your service now that they are in demand.  

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