My Lash Journey - Annie Annabelle Soo

Every month, we invite individuals who work in the lash industry and share their life-changing stories as a lashpreneaur. This month, we are grateful to have Annie Annabelle Soo, Founder of Lash Institute, Singapore

Hi, Annie, what's your story? 

I was a financial advisor who loves to visit beauty parlors to get everything done. Me being a very hands-on person soon, I wanted to master all the craft. I started as a nail artist in 2009, and I just loved it!

Within the same year, I took eyelash extensions and many more beauty courses such as makeup & hair, waxing, and facial.

Fast forward, I started my own salon soon after, and a few years later, I got certified as a global lash educator by BL Lashes. Now I am an exclusive distribution partner for the Singapore market.


What do you believe is your role in this industry?

As a lash educator, my mission is to educate all lash professionals on the RIGHT method of SAFE lash application! Many people are purely learning off YouTube nowadays, and it is unsafe as we are dealing with the customer's eyes. 

Do you have a particular style you prefer?

I am a fan of 3d to 4d Russian Volume as it is very suitable for Asian eyes, and it is natural and long-lasting.

What's the best way you've found to attain and retain your clients?

Being genuine and care for your clients as you treat your friends. Regular text messages to chat with them helps to build a good relationship. Also, the constant upgrade of my skills is essential to keep up with the latest technique and market demand.


What are your FAVORITE BL Products?

  • Mach Glue - Insane retention and great for Russian volume!
  • Silicon work pad- Great product that is gentle to lash tweezers, and supports easy removal of the lash stripes.
  • Wink me eye patch- I have used this since 2009! The BEST eye patch I have ever used.
  • Mink Lash- it is excellent for Russian volume fanning, especially the wiggle technique! I can open up a beautiful fan in 2 moves!


    What advice would you give to aspiring lash artists?

    Thanks to my impulsiveness to learn all the beauty skills, I started relatively young in this industry to become who I am today. Lashing brings a lot of joy and satisfaction to my life. I am delighted that I can beautify ladies and give them confidence in their daily life. So if you want to become a lash artist, I'd say you should GO FOR IT!

    Annie with her graduating students at Lash Institute

    What motivated you to start your career as a lash artist, and how did you become a lashpreneaur? We’d love to hear your story. Email us today! 


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