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What is K-Beauty?
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What’s not to love? 

All of these terms are becoming every-day words globally, well-known, and well-tried by billions of people. It is all a product of the Korean Wave, which was initially started back in the 90ties, totally planned and initiated by the South Korean government in order to break the financial crises the country was in. Even though the results are overwhelming, here is nothing random or completely unexpected.

South Korea’s Ministry of Culture embarked on a mission to strengthen the local culture within Korea and to build on local talents. This involved creating 300 culture-based departments in universities across Korea. The government supported heavily the entertainment industry, and together with extremely hard-working teams, the first internationally acknowledged K-Pop bands and Korean movies were produced. At the same time, South Korean technology companies were not left behind, and as a result of dedicated work, the whole world can enjoy Samsung, LG, Hyundai-Kia, and many other strong Korean brands.

While up to 2010, it was mostly the Asian countries that were getting seriously into Korean pop-music and dramas, with the development of social media, video-sharing sites, digital technologies, and of course, the smartphone, the Korean Wave spread globally around 2010. K-Pop and K-Drama gradually became popular with the Western audience and started gathering a global fanbase. This was especially evident after Psy’s viral hit Gangnam Style which brought K-Pop to mainstream attention. 

Now, through K-Pop and K-Dramas, Korean fashion and make-up trends have spread all over the globe. Who doesn’t notice the beautiful eye-brows both men and women in K-dramas have? Or oh my, the earrings Kim Mi So is wearing in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? To make it easier for you to find the very same outfits, numerous YouTube videos are showing the exact prices and sources for all of them, and this way, spreading K-fashion all over the world.

Or, the flawless-looking skin of BTS members, and not least their make-up and clothing fashion? You are not the only one noticing all of that. Millions of other Western and Asian women do, too. And they want it, too.


Beautiful lashes complete your make-up

And, let us say it out loud: no K-drama heroine is complete with a beautiful set of lashes!

We at BL Lashes are proud contributors to the high-quality Korean Beauty Industry and we are happy to be one of the leading lash producers in South-Korea. 

We have taken to our visions and principles to follow the basics of the K-Beauty: providing Beautiful, Healthy, and Natural look for women around the World. 

BL Lashes (formerly named Blink Lashes) story has an unusual start, namely the company founder, Mr. Lee, used to work in a factory that manufactured small pipes. One day, he noticed a piece of long hair rolled into one of them, forming a perfect curl. His fascination grew, and he began to experiment, creating different shapes and types of curls. It was of this innovation that BL Lash extensions were born.

In the early 2000s, Mr. Lee’s discovery launched in Japan, accelerating as one of the most important beauty trends of the millennia. He and his research team worked around the clock to perfect their designs, creating eyelash extensions that were flawless in color, shape, and texture. 

So by now, Blink Lashes grew into BL Lashes, and from small salons to big distributors, we have been supplying eyelash extension products from 2000 to 3,500+ companies in more than 70 countries. 

Even though the success of BL Lashes came straight from dedicated work, we are delighted to be part of the trends of the K-Beauty Phenomenon. 

 beautiful lash extensions

What exactly is K-Beauty?

Women from all over the world are trying to achieve the luminous glow associated with “K-Beauty.” As mentioned above, the flawless skin of Korean drama actors and K-pop singers is desired by many women and men internationally, young and old.

One of the trends focuses on the “glass skin” look, which means a healthy glow. The idea is to have hydrated, pigment-free skin, and make-up is supposed to be complimenting the natural look, and not the opposite, which is more common practice in the Western beauty world.

The “Glass skin” trend refers to a clear, flawless complexion. How to achieve cloudless skin? Answer: through healthy living habits. And, of course, by using top-notch K-Beauty products, used as part of a very organized daily routine.

The reason why exactly Korean skincare products are preferred here is the number of natural ingredients that is a must in Korean products, both historically and as a modern trend. Also, while most of the Western brands have focused on making each of their skincare products "one-size-fits-all", making one product solve multiple problems, then Koreans create a separate product for each purpose, enabling consumers to create the most suitable skincare necessary for each individual.

 what is K-beauty

K-Beauty Routine

The famous K-Beauty Routine consists of a 10-step skincare routine, that is more of a lifestyle change, which has turned into a global phenomenon. The routine starts with double cleansing the skin. Users begin with an oil-based cleanser and follow up with a water-based solution. Next comes exfoliation, followed by toning.

The heart of the K-beauty routine is step 5: essence. After essence come treatments, followed by sheet masks. Next comes eye cream, followed by a moisturizer. The final step is sun protection (an absolute must).

Bloggers from around the world have tried the 10-step routine and posted before-and-after pictures, giving K-Beauty rave reviews. Most of them use Korean skincare products and review them as well. Moreover, several Korean YouTubers have gained huge international popularity with their beauty-related content, such as Risebae and Pony.

Here is a great guide to a common Korean Skin Care Routine k-beauty routine

Korean beauty history

Koreans valuing their skin is not a new phenomenon. The traditions of skincare in Korea have been in place for centuries, long before it was ever commercialized. There is also an inadvertent appeal to a Western audience that is becoming more interested in natural ingredients.

Over several hundred years, Korean skincare innovation has brimmed with unusual ingredients, including everything from ground mung beans to silkworm cocoons and camellia oil. Many of their traditional skincare products are coming from very traditional or ancient formulas, there are a lot of natural ingredients because that was what was readily available, on top of hundreds of years of figuring out what ingredients work.

If you now have a look at BL Lashed aftercare products, we have indeed kept our country's values in mind: check the long list of natural ingredients in our lash coating sealant, and BL Lash Shampoo, for example. 


Healthy K-Lashes

Based on K-Beauty and its focus on healthiness and natural beauty, BL is also embracing the idea of healthy lashing, strong natural lashes that support the lash extensions, and carefully followed daily care routine for lashes, before and after extensions. 

Health & Beauty - your way to go for beautiful lashes that last!

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