How To Use Under-Eye Patches 101

Choosing the right lash extension supplies is one of the top priorities of a lash artist. And we know these supply costs can start piling up when we put all the 'essentials' into the shopping cart. You might begin to wonder, 'what product should I can back some dollars on?'. 

We say, being frugal on tools like under-eye pads will not save you money but cost you more eventually.

These thin under-eye pads are specially designed to be used during eyelash extensions application. Its primary function is to isolate the bottom lashes from the top lashes and to prevent the sharp tweezers from causing any injury to the clients' sensitive eye area.

The problem with low-quality under-eye patches is that they may not be sticky enough, and all the bottom lashes may pop out sticking to the upper lashes. Or they can be too sticky to take off that may hurt your client after pleasant hours of lash nap.

In this post, you'll find out about how to use the under-eye pads correctly and the benefits of choosing a top of the line lint-free eye patch. 


What should a good set of under-eye pads do?

  1. It sticks well on the skin and does not slide off during the lash extension application.
  2. It repeats the shape of under eyes and grips the bottom part of the lashes well. 
  3. Its surface should be coated so the liquid products like glue or primer don't get absorbed. 
  4. It helps to grab the inner and outer corner of the lower eyelash, making the work of the lash artist easier.
  5. It should be a light color so you can see the lashes well. 
  6. It works as a canvas for the artist to draw a lash style map. Lash mapping is a great technique to help to stay on track to achieve your desired look or style.
  7. It soothes your client's skin making the under-eye area feel relaxed and comfortable, giving them a great experience during the long process of lash extension application.


How to use lint-free under-eye pads

There is no 'one-size-fits-all' for under eye pads. Therefore, the first step is to assess the shape of your client's eyes, its size, and curve. Using the right under-eye pads for the right shape of eyes will make the lash extension application much more manageable. 

So, here are three different eye shapes and the most suited under eye pads for them. 


1. The almond eye: 

The almond eye is the most suited shape for most gel pads or under-eye pads, which often keeps all the bottom lashes down without the need to use additional medical grade tape.

Perfect Match:  BL Wink Me Patch for clients with an asymmetrical under-eye curve.

 Almond Eyes - BL Under Eye patches and eyelash extension supplies

2. The doll eye or round eye:

Clients with round eyes need careful application as they are prone to getting their eyeball bruised. The usual pads do not fit their eyes correctly, and they have to be applied in different techniques. 

Perfect Match: BL Lint Free Patch for clients with an ultra-deep symmetric curve that perfectly fits the under-eye shape, ensuring a comfortable and snug fit.

THE DOLL EYE OR ROUND EYE - bl blink under eye patches and eyelash extension supplies



Keeping a few different pads on hand will give you the option for the various eye types and situations, as you will spend less time trying to adjust pads.

In case the pads don't fit on your client's face shape, you can also cut the bottom bit and attach it. how to use under eye pads 101 by BL Lashes 1

Below example is effective for the client with mongolids, cut the pads like below, attach in and fold the cut-out part to meet. 

how to use under eye pads 101 by bl lashes

Allergic reactions associated with eye pad misuse

One concern of lash technicians in using an under-eye patch for their clients is the potential allergic reactions after the lash extension. 

Lash technicians often assume that it is the fault of the ingredients in the eye pads. However, the usual cause of irritation is the misuse of the under-eye pads. 

Let's talk about how we can prevent irritation related to under-eye pads during a lash extension application. 


Other Common issues in under-eye pads misuse:

Bruised Eyeball & BloodShot

One of the main reasons for the bloodshot is placing the pads or medical grade tape too high and scratching the eyeballs resulting in bloodshot. 

bloodshot in the eye caused by under-eye patch


Under Eye Skin Swelling

Under-eye skin irritation ranges from mild redness, tearing, a sensation of burning, and itching to a more severe case of inflammation, as evidenced by moderate-to-severe redness and swelling of the eyes. 

swelling under eye skin


How to prevent under-eye swelling?

  1. Choose the right pads for the client's eye shape. 
  2. Please put it on gently, place the pads at least 1-2mm below the bottom waterline. Doing this will make sure that the pads or medical tape is not breaking the waterline and prevents swelling, gooey pads, bruised eyeball, and bloodshot. 
  3. Note that if the clients keep on talking during the lash extension, eye pads can move upward, so it is essential to adjust the pads.

Additional tips for securing lower lashes:  

The tape tricks

Medical grade tapes are a must-have for many lash artists. It works wonders by gently pulling the lid away to help reach the tiny lashes in the corners.

Apply the under-eye gel pad first, then tape the lower lashes down on top of the pad. That will prevent the eye patches from slipping. Also, it protects the lower lashes from adhesive during application. 


How to use the under-eye patch: 

1. Clean and dry the eye area with lash foam.

2. Carefully remove the pad from the plastic liner.

3. Apply it to the top of the lower lashes, ensuring no contact is made with the eye or waterline    

4. Once the treatment is complete, remove the pads starting from the outer corner.


BL Under-eye pads for extra client satisfaction: 

Using Top of the Line BL Lint-Free Eye Patches gives the client a mini spa feeling. Even though all of the BL under-eye patches have different shapes, they have the same ingredients crafted with the client in mind. 

BL' under-eye masks help to improve wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness around the eyes. You will notice a visibly smoother, brighter, and more youthful appearance. 

The innovative lint-fee coating prevents any lint from interfering with the extension process.

BL Wink Me Patch

bl blink lashes wink me lint free under-eye patch for eyelash extension application

BL Lint Free Patch


bl blink lashes lint free eye patches for eyelash extensions

Soothing ingredients in BL Under-Eye patches

ALOE VERA (Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract)

Aloe vera helps to soothe the skin and act as an anti-inflammatory agent. 


Niacinamide (Vitamine B3)

As far as skin-soothing ingredients go, niacinamide is on just about every list. It is a very effective skin-restoring. The best part is that it's okay to use for all skin types, including those with susceptible complexions.


Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid)

It reduces the look of skin redness, leaving skin feeling calmed, balanced, and comforted. Making your clients skin glowing & hydrated. 


Beta Glucan (β-D-glucose polysaccharides)

In skincare, beta-glucans work two folds to soothe and calm irritated skin and as an effective anti-ager to firm and plump fine lines and wrinkles.


In summary, a reputable lash artist will always be creative, innovative, and, most of all, efficient and caring. Imagine your client feeling refreshed after a long lash extension session? They will look not only great but also feel good! Spell Pamper's day!

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