2021 Lash Trends Predictions

If there's one thing worth celebrating about the dreadful year of 2020, it's that we've all had more time to think about what makes us truly happy. We predict that in 2021 many of us will approach our decisions in life with a YOLO attitude, simply not caring what others think but doing what gives us joy.

Not surprisingly, according to professional makeup and lash artists, you can expect the lash trends of 2021 to be a lot bolder and more creative. Not only that, next year's biggest makeup trends will put a lot of focus on the eyes  since masks aren't likely to go anywhere soon. 

Expect to see plenty more experimental lash looks in 2021. Some of our predictions are colorful lashes, embellishments, texture, and unusual curls.


2021 Lash Trend #1: Colored Lashes

Color lash extensions, once used for only a few eccentric clients, will be embraced by a more general population. A big makeup trend in colorful eyeshadow and eyeliner makes this transition easier for many as color lashes will blend in with their whimsical backgrounds instead of standing out too much on their own.

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color lash extensions - eyelash extension trend

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color eyelash extension volume - 2021 lash trend

2021 Lash Trend #2: Embellishments

Although they may seem intimidating, embellishments such as gems are just about the easiest way to go all out with lash upgrades in 2021. We predict we'll see a lot more kinds of appliqués with simple ready-made art lashes. BL Lashes’ Jewel Lash and  Glitter Lash  are the ultimate gateway to this trend.

Photo credit @diiamondsbeauty Glitter lash, color lash extension - 2021 lash extension trend

Glitter lash - bl lashes blink lash, eyelash extension supplies

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2021 Lash Trend #3: Wet look lashes

According to Allure, mask wearing and sheltering in place have made us less attached to full-coverage foundations and more into letting our true skin texture shine. "We are going to see a departure from contouring and complexion products," predicts makeup artist Vincent Oquendo.

As we focus more on clean, dewy skin in 2021, our lash clients will also want lash extensions that match this ultra-natural glass skin. So, here comes the wet look lash trend. 

2021 lash extension trend - glass skin

The wet look lash style resembles wet volume lashes after a lash extension wearer has washed her face but before the lashes have been fluffed up.  

The wet lash look is created by using narrow, almost closed volume fans. This look is great for creating texture and it perfectly matches the dewy skin look.

Photo credit @Peace_lash 

wet look lashes - eyelash extension trend

So, how do you create the wet lash look? 

Grab a bundle of fine lash extensions (0.03-0.07mm) but instead of opening it up like a fan, keep it closed, dip it in the glue and apply it on a natural lash.

wet look lashes, mascara look lash extension style trend

The overall effect is quite similar to the classic lash, but wet look lashes will appear visually thicker and bolder. Also, since it’s technically a volume lash, you can wrap it around a natural lash, which will have better retention than the classic lash.

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eyelash extension trend - wet look lash

You can alternate the number of lashes you use per natural lash to get the desired look. Use low viscosity glues like Mach glue (1 to 2-second drying speed) or Ultra plus glue (3 to 4-second drying speed) to keep the base thin and compact.

Photo credit: @philashes_wimpernfee_xenia

lash extension trend - wet look lashes

2021 Lash Trend #4: L and M Curl lashes

Once exclusively used for clients with hooded eyes, these unique curls are rapidly becoming a hot trend thanks to their chic, lash-lifting results. 

The L curls and M curls are especially handy for creating the newly trending extreme cat-eye style. This sultry look creates an elongated eyeliner effect and a sensual look, and it makes eyes appear wider and more alluring. 

Photo credit @karmanova_brows_lashes

2021 lash trend - Extreme cat eye lash

Which trend are you most excited to try? As we move on into the new year, it’ll be fun to see in what fun and new ways clients and lash artists alike will express themselves. Masks may be here to stay, but they most definitely don’t have to stand in the way of beauty. 

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