Extreme cat eye eyelash extension - inspirations & lash mapping

It is an undeniable truth that lash artists from Russia are always at the frontier of new lash trends (remember Russian volume?).

Their tenacious drive for perfection in the craft has made them one of the unbeatable pioneers of the lash world. For that reason, we always keep our eyes out for what’s happening in the Russian lash community.

That being said, lately we have started noticing a new lash style trend making waves on the Instagram profiles of reputable lash instructors in Russia: extreme cat-eye eyelash extension style.

We are so excited to share what we found, and in this post, you’ll find out all about the hot new trend from Russia and how to create it for your clients!

What is an extreme cat-eye lash extension style?

Cat-eye lashes vs Extreme cat-eye 

As you know, the cat-eye eyelash extension is a lash classic. The cat-eye style features shorter lengths gradually lengthening to long lashes on the corner of the eyes, which mimics the shape of winged eyeliner.

Cat-eye lash styling creates an elegant lift and an elongated effect on the eyes and even makes the client’s face look slimmer.

cat eye lash extension - mapping

The newly trending extreme cat-eye style goes one step further. By using extremely short lengths starting from 5-6mm in the inner corner and lengthening to long and extremely angled lashes like L curl 12-13mm for the outer corner, extreme cat-eye mapping creates an exotic and mysterious look that has never been seen before. 

Extreme cat eye lash extension - How to@kazakbaeva_lashes

Suitable eye shape for the extreme cat-eye style

This sultry look is perfect for clients with round eyes as the elongated eyeliner effect balances out the eye shape and creates a sensual look. This new exciting lash style makes eyes appear wider and more alluring. 

Lash mapping for the extreme cat-eye style

What is the key to creating this polished eyeliner effect lash look? We’d say good planning in mapping, layering, and curl selection. Here are some lash mapping options we recommend for the extreme cat-eye style.

A soft yet sultry look

Short, round inner corner (C curl in 5-6mm) and sharp outer corner (L or M curl in 9-10mm). The  L curl was chosen for this particular look due to its elegant lift and elongated effect. Its unique curl enhances the eye's radiance in the most eye-catching way.


Stepping out of the box

Ready to step out of your comfort zone and play with color? Add a pop of C curl Color Lashes in the outer corner for a striking kitten eye statement.


An extreme femme fatale look (short length volume)

A very short, flat inner corner (B curl in 3-6mm) and a short, sharp outer corner (maximum length 9-10mm) create a dangerously attractive lash look. The short lengths create a fabulous eyeliner effect, not to mention this look is safe and comfortable to wear for clients with shorter, brittle lashes. 


How to create the extreme cat-eye style

Start with short lengths

We love using shorter than usual lash lengths for the extreme cat-eye style because they deliver instant density and a beautiful transition of shape, and they are perfect for almost any kind of natural lashes. 


Just because the textbook says the right length for the inner corner is 7mm, don’t let that stop you from trying out something new. Did you know that you can even apply extensions that are shorter than the natural lash and it will still create a truly stunning look? 

Don’t be afraid of using 5-6mm short lashes to start experimenting. They will result in something you never expected. 

You can find short lashes in various curls here:

0.03 Mink Lash C, D curls  

0.05 Mink Lash C, D curls  

0.07 Mink Under Lash  B, C, D, J Curls (5-7mm) 

0.10 Mink Under Lash  B, C, D, J Curls (5-7mm) 

0.15 Mink Under Lash  B, C, D, J Curls (5-7mm) 

0.20 Mink Under Lash  C, D, J Curls (5-7mm) 

Use L or M curl to lift up the outer corners

For clients who have finer or shorter natural lashes on their outer corners, you can use different curls to give more LIFT and create the illusion of length without sacrificing the integrity of the natural lash.  

You can find M curl and L curl lashes here:

M curl 0.10 Laser Mink Lash

M curl 0.15 Laser Mink Lash

M curl 0.20 Laser Mink Lash

L curl 0.10 Laser Mink Lash

L curl 0.15 Laser Mink Lash

L curl 0.20 Laser Mink Lash

Learn more about special lash curls here: eyelash extension chart

Happy lashing, everyone!

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