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First time order? Use code NEW for free shipping & 2 free gifts!

Before & Aftercare

  • Blink BL Lashes Lash Foam for lash bath 50ml_lash extensions accessories and tools

    Lash Foam

    from $12.00 USD

    Lash Foam Cleanser for Lash Bath Botanically infused oil-free lash foam cleanser for lash bath Optimized for eyelid health Most comfortable pH le...

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  • Blink BL Lashesä Lash Essence_for eyelash extensions_korean beauty product

    Lash Essence

    $16.50 USD

    Main Feature Moisturises and conditions natural lashes Help natural lashes grow thicker and healthier Great retail product for extra income Lash ...

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  • Blink BL Lashes Noir Mascara_for eyelash extensions_korean beauty products

    Noir Mascara

    $14.50 USD

    Noir Mascara Oil-free, Smudge-proof formula With Thuja orientalis, growth-promoting ingredient The perfect retail item for lash clients for their ...

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  • Blink BL Lashes Rich Brow Serum for rapid eyebrow growth

    Rich Brow Serum

    $53.60 USD

    Rich Brow Serum Filled with nourishing and active ingredients that stimulate hair growth, BL Rich Eyebrow Serum is a revolutionary solution for ba...

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BL Before & Aftercare Products

BL Lashes (formerly Blink Lashes) is all about healthy eyelashes and happy eyes. Our range of Before & Aftercare products consists of carefully curated products that ease the work of lash artists and providing comfort for lash clients, from MD Advanced Lash Serum, Lash Foam, Coating Sealant to anti-allergy gel for eyelash extensions.

We are a proud supplier of eyelash extension accessories and tools.

BL Eyelash Extension Supplies and Wholesale from South Korea.