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First time order? Use code NEW for free shipping & 2 free gifts!
First time order? Use code NEW for free shipping & 2 free gifts!


  • Blink Mink eyelash extensions wholesale

    Mink Lash 0.07

    $14.50 USD

    BL Mink Lash 0.07 Finest 0.07 Thickness For Russian Volume technique Made with premium Korean PTB fiber  Why BL Mink Lash Extensions? We believe...

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  • Blink BL Lashes Ultra Plus Eyelash Extension Glue

    Ultra Plus Glue

    from $15.00 USD

    High performance: powerful bonding and long retention Thin, liquid-like consistency Setting Time: 3~4"  Retention: ~7 Weeks Technician Profile: A...

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  • Blink BL Lashes 5D 0.07 Fan Volume Lash - Eyelash Extension Supplies and Wholesale

    5D Lash 0.07

    from $33.00 USD

    BL 5D 0.07 Fan Volume Lash Extensions 336 Premade 5D Fans Best Premade Fan Lashes for Volume lash technique No training for Russian Volume needed...

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  • Blink BL Lashes Ultra X Glue for eyelash extensions

    Ultra X Glue

    from $24.00 USD

    High performance: fast setting time of 3 Secs Thin, liquid-like consistency Setting Time: 3-4"  Retention: ~6 Weeks Technician Profile: Experienc...

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  • Blink BL Lashes W Lash Extensions 0.07

    W Lash (3D) 0.07

    $18.00 USD

    W Lash Extensions (3D) 0.07 3D Pre-made Fans Fuller coverage in less time About BL W Lash Extensions   The principal attraction of the 3D W Lashe...

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  • Blink BL Lashes Lash Foam for lash bath 50ml_lash extensions accessories and tools

    Lash Foam

    from $12.00 USD

    Lash Foam Cleanser for Lash Bath Botanically infused oil-free lash foam cleanser for lash bath Optimized for eyelid health Most comfortable pH le...

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  • Blink DIU Glue_eyelash extension adhesive_lash extensions accessories and tools

    DIU Glue

    from $22.80 USD

    BL DIU Glue High performance, fastest setting time in the medium consistency group Medium to low consistency Setting Time: 2"  Retention: ~6 Wee...

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  • Blink BL Lashes Noir Mascara_for eyelash extensions_korean beauty products

    Noir Mascara

    $14.50 USD

    Noir Mascara Oil-free, Smudge-proof formula With Thuja orientalis, growth-promoting ingredient The perfect retail item for lash clients for their ...

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  • Anti-Allergy Gel_for eyelash extension by BL Blink Lashes _lash extensions accessories and tools

    Anti-Allergy Gel

    $17.60 USD

    Anti Allergy Gel for Eyelash Extension  Absorb chemicals from extension glues Reduce fumes & odors in the workplace Reduce symptoms of glue al...

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Bestselling lash extension products from BL Lashes showcases products that receive extra love from lash artists from around the world. Current bestsellers are Laser Mink Lash Extensions, Ultra Plus Glue, BL Gel Remover, Mach Glue, Mink Lash extensions, and more supplies for lash extension salons.

BL Lashes loves offering the best lash extension products possible to support lash artists give the best service possible.

We are a hardworking South Korean company that focuses on healthy lashes and innovative ways to bring out the beauty of eyes.