What Are Flat Lashes?

What is the difference between flat lashes and classic lashes?

Flat lashes are suitable for a classic lash set. Flat lashes come in a wide selection of curls, ideal for any eye and style, the same as regular individual lashes.

The difference between the regular lashes used for classic lashes and flat lashes is the base. The base of flat lashes is flattened, and this shape makes the lash itself super soft and much lighter than the typical one. 

The concave surface on a flat lash provides a greater contact area for adhesion fastening, which makes the lashes last much longer than a traditional extension. Also known as Royal Lashes, cashmere lashes, or Ellipse Lashes, flat lashes have a reversed oval shape, rather than being rounded.

Flat lash can only be placed on the top or bottom of the natural lash. As for regular lash extension, it can be placed on the top, side, or bottom of the natural lash. 

 what are flat lashes and super flat lashes by bl blink lashes and eyelash extension supplies

Are flat lashes better?

Flat lashes are perfect if you want fuller-looking lashes without adding weight to natural lashes.

BL Flat lashes are up to 75% slimmer than the classic mink lash, and as a result, they have less than half the weight of regular mink lashes. This thinner profile creates an 'eyeliner effect' that perfectly contours the lash line. It will enable you to achieve a dramatic lash effect without compromising comfort or retention.

Flat lashes are a go-to for clients who want the drama but can't handle the weight of regular lashes. 

BL Lashes supplies you with following Flat and Super Flat lashes:

  • Flat Lash 0.15, 0.20
  • Super Flat Lash 0.15, 0.20, 0.25. 

Benefits of flat lashes:

  • Increased eyeliner effect
  • More drama and texture
  • Increased retention, greater contact area for the adhesive fastening to the natural lash
  • Increased volume without the extra weight
  • Super flat lashes are 75% lighter than standard mink lashes
  • Clients who have thinner lashes can have a flat lash applied without any damage to natural lashes
  • No need for extra adhesive


BL Flat Lashes 

Find them here: BL Flat lashes

BL Flat lashes create a thicker looking lashes with less weight. The wide base gives an impressive eyeliner effect along the lash line by filling and correcting the gaps between natural lashes.

The tip of these flat lashes is slightly split to increase softness to the end result. 

what are flat lashes by bl blink eyelash extension supplies and wholesale

+ Create a thicker lash look with less weight 

+ Eyeliner effect 

+ High gloss finish


BL Super Flat Lashes

Find them here: BL Super Flat lashes

With the cutting-edge technology of BL Lashes and pressed surface to have superior interlocking flat shapes, Super Flat Lash is 75% lighter than regular mink lash and has 35% longer retention time. The more profound split of each lash delivers an instant double volume effect.

what are bl super flat lashes by bl blink eyelash extension supplies and wholesale

+ 75% lighter than standard mink lash 

+ Double volume effect 

+ Satin matte finish 

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