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Hi, Ji-young, what's your story? 

I graduated from university with a Fine Arts degree and worked as a visual artist for a while. By chance, I learned what eyelash extension is, and soon after, I was absolutely hooked by its delicate and meticulous creation process.

I was also moved by how this form of artistry can make clients happy and help them to see better of themselves. So I joined the industry as an assistant educator for BL Lashes headquarter.    


What do you believe is your role in the lash extension industry?

Ever since I started to work for BL Lashes, I got to travel the world, meet other lash artists from different backgrounds, and communicate with them constantly. 

That itself is a great learning opportunity for me, and as a product development manager and an educator, I strive to bring the correct information to the lash industry. 

You will be surprised how few people know the correct (and safe) way to apply eyelash extensions! I know it's not easy to be fully informed in our industry because there's no official place to confirming what is (and what is not) correct information, and many schools and brands give out contrasting information. 

When I first started learning about eyelash extensions, it was the same for me. I had no idea what the products were made of and why I had to use them in specific ways. I just blindly followed what my trainer told me to do. 

But since I joined BL Lashes, I received a fantastic opportunity to learn from the product research lab, our quality control team, and the world's top lash artists from our sister company, which taught me the importance of understanding our products.  

I genuinely believe that product knowledge is as crucial as techniques in lash extension for the sustainability of our industry. I am thrilled to share the correct product knowledge I have gathered from my sources with other lash artists in the world.  

Do you have a particular lash extension application style you prefer?

I think the best lash style is what suits the particular customer. I find it most rewarding when I successfully finish a treatment well customized for my customer's lash condition and her face feature. 

 bl lashes lash artist of the month - jo-young ko work

What's the hot lash trends in your region at the moment?

The volume lash and Guideline Method are very much in trend now. As the customizing design is so essential for the volume lash, I believe hybrid style or textured volume style will be strong in 2020. 

If you haven't heard about what the Guideline Method is, I highly recommend you trying it. It is a technique to map your lashes in a very effective way. Zone your whole mapping by applying one 'guideline' lash to separate the curl, length, and thickness. And then, 'fill in' the area between the guideline lashes. This way, you'll never get lost while completing a set.

 Guideline Technique for lash extension process

What's the best way you've found to attain and retain your clients?

I would say, connection and communication with your client are the keys. Out of 5 bodily senses we have, the sight is the most vulnerable and we fear the most losing it. Our clients come to our lash bed and give us full access to their most vulnerable part of their body - the eyes, providing us complete control over them. If you think about it, it is pretty frightening to be a lash client! 

We have to be able to provide them comfort through sincere communication. Building a sense of trust with your clients through pre-counseling, Q&A about products, aftercare tips before and after the treatment is the best way to attain and retain long-term clients.   


What are your favorite BL Lashes products?

I will have to say- Superflat Lashes. Not everyone is blessed with long, healthy lashes, and retention is always the biggest concern, especially for the clients with thin, brittle lashes.

One strand of BL Superflat lash is 75% lighter than an average mink lash, and it has a broader surface area for adhesive. That makes Superflat lash so great for the longer-lasting extension. 


What advice would you give to aspiring lash artists?

Our industry is continuously evolving, so never stop learning. I've met many established lash artists, and I got so inspired by their effort to keep learning new techniques and expanding their range of styles. That, in fact, is not advice for others but something I would like to remind myself every day. 

Let's keep learning, expanding, and giving the best version of ourselves in our artistry. 


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