How & Why You Should Create A Blog For Your Lash Studio

3 main reasons why your lash studio needs a blog

Blogging is a powerful promotional tool. It is a marketing no-brainer for every lash salon for keeping loyal clients, find new ones, and keep the profits growing.

How & Why You Should To Create A Blog For Your Lash Studio

  1. Blogging helps people find your salon on Google. A lash salon blog packed with well-written tips and useful information will drive more traffic to your website. Google places enormous importance on regular high-quality content when it comes to ranking your lash-related website.
  2. It brands you and your business as experts in your beauty niche. Blogging lets you add a personal touch to your marketing, and it reduces barriers.
  3. Salon clients love a good blog. It builds trust and is perfect for getting new clients and increasing re-bookings. In the beauty and lashing world, trust is a valuable asset. Your expert blog posts filled with lash and beauty tips, tricks, and trends will establish your salon's experience and expertise with readers.  


Create a plan

Before you start your blog, create an action plan. It will ease the whole process and gives you clarity.
  • What is the goal of your blog? 
  • Who does it offer value to?
  • What are the benefits in it for you?

When blogging, the most crucial thing to keep in mind: be consistent and patient. It pays off big time! You can post three times a week or once a month, you decide. We recommend something in between, though. But be consistent.

You will start seeing the first fruits of your work within six months to one year, and then you'll be seen as a leader and an expert in your lashing niche, and what more to ask for?

As a bonus, you will get a lot of free traffic to your website from Google.


The magic of blogging

We went through the websites of hundreds of lashing salons from all over the world and looked for great blogs to see what different cultures have to offer.

The sad truth was that blogs are rare, and good blogs even less available. Which is good news for you: you'll be able to stand out fast, both for your clients and Google.

Imagine if people in your city were searching for solutions to their lash extension questions, and they found you.

And not only did they find your website, but they also read an inspiring blog post that inspires and helps them.

They now know you, they like you because of your helpful blog post, and they now trust you enough to call you for an appointment.

This is the pure magic of blogging.

 why you should write a blog

How long posts should you write?

You might have read that longer blog posts are best. Lengthy articles do score well with Google, but very likely, you're not trying to be the best in the country, just the highest ranking in town.

We recommend 600-800 word long regular posts and some 1400+ word killer-posts from time to time.

And again, write concisely.


12 ideas for finding blogging topics

Are you short for blog topic ideas? This issue is a major headache for many. The first tip is to keep a physical notebook near you at all times, for blog post ideas.

But sometimes it's not enough. You are busy with your work, and inspiration is not there. We have put together some ideas for finding blog topics for your lash studio's website:

1. Explore groups and forums related to your field

Address the questions your target group has. What are the pain points of visitors there? Answer the questions in your blog. Then don't forget to post about your new blog post on your social media.

A blog is a great way to address these FAQs and to offer insight to dozens of people who may be asking similar questions. Your clients are an excellent source of inspiration.

2. Share tips

Lashing trends of the year, lashes and eye shapes, expectations vs. reality, lash lifts vs. lash extensions, etc. The text of such posts is clear, easy to read, and informative.

Check out what's trending in your industry. Search through your favorite beauty or hair magazines, Instagram thread, or your beauty blogger's website. Let your favorite writers and social media pages inspire you!

Writing about trends also gives you a perfect chance to include photos. The more you can add pictures of your actual work, and the more your blog will work to sell your skills.

3. How-to-do blog posts

How to keep lashes healthy, how to proceed with daily lash care, etc. Think about what your target audience wants to do better in this area, and there are undoubtedly many. Include before and after shots of lash treatments, hire a professional photographer from time to time, and get a bunch of images to use for months to come. Professional photos work far more convincing compared to phone shots in bad lighting.

4. Write instructions

How to make the best lasagna in the world, how to develop your reading speed before exams, etc. Here again, this is a short but informative post that people like to have.

5. Talk about the big players in your field

Lash studios can post about celebrities, or retell what biggest fashion magazines are writing about lashing trends.

6. Images and videos

Videos have become a big hit and are happily shared. Tell about your personal experiences in the video, describe your product or service, etc.

7. Product reviews

Describe the products and tools you are using, explain their benefits. Product reviews are a great way to inform your clients of new items that may help their beauty pains. But it is also a way to sell your services and products that you stock.

This is an excellent search engine material.

8. Personal stories about your studio and your staff

Talk about yourself, your business, about the people who work with you, your experiences, your failures, your dreams. People tend to prefer those they know more about. Telling about your awesome team can go a long way toward building a positive community in your salon. Plus, it's's super beneficial for your blog.

9. Events

Write about your experiences at expos and other beauty-related events. What lessons did you learn? What inspired you? This will encourage your clients to drop by your business for treatment.

10. Answer the Public

Enter your keywords to Google and review all results carefully. You will get a lot more blog ideas.

11. Use blog idea generators

There are plenty of idea generators online, some paid and some free—for example, Hubspot Blog Topic Generator and BuzzSUMO search trend finder.


How to blog

Map your post before writing it

We like to create a mindmap before writing a full-on blog post. 

First, ask yourself, "What is the purpose of this post?" and write it down in the middle of the page. Then add new levels to it: what are the three most important things I want to share? Then underneath each of these points, add a few more keywords. 

What are the essential pieces of info for each section? If you start your blog with a basic point form structure, you'll find it much easier to fill in the blanks.

Start with why it's essential.

Start each blog off with a sentence or two about what your reader gets of your post. Why is this such an essential topic? Why is lash health essential? If they feel from the start that something is necessary, you'll hook them, and they'll want to read more.

Include lots of images

Make your blog look like a magazine!

Either invite a professional photographer a few times a year to take a bunch of photos of your studio, staff, and products or use a free stock photo site like,

Optimize your posts for Google

To appease Google and push your salon website up the search engine rankings, you need to optimize your blog posts so that it helps to get found on Google.

We have a great post that helps you with becoming visible on Google here: How To Make Your Lash Studio Rank High Locally (Local SEO)

For optimizing well, you need to do keyword analysis and create a keyword list. Your "keyword list" is something that you'll use in a lot of your search engine optimization. 

For most lash studios, your keywords will look something like:

""Lash extensions in Atlanta"", "Lash studios in London" etc. "Best lashes in Sydney," etc

Once you have done the analysis, you will enter those golden words and terms in the following places:

1) Optimize your blog posts' title, subtitles, content, SEO description, and tags.

2) Optimize all the photos and videos you post on your blog. Give your images and videos titles already before you upload them to your blog, and then add "alt description" to them. It will help Google to bring up your content.

 why you should optimize your posts for SEO on google

A blog as a successful marketing tool

A lash studio blog can help you to:

1. Get more visitors to your website

2. Build trust with potential clients

3. Win more customers by showing your personality and valuable expertise


Blogging can be hard to start, but once you get rolling, it becomes fun and addictive.

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