Classic Lash Extensions: A Timeless Beauty Trend


Sue Ahn is a Master Lash Artist who specializes in classy, natural looking lash extensions. She started her journey in the Lash industry in the ’90s in the USA.

She believes lashes should be the ultimate accessory to be worn daily. They should be an extension of who you are and exude your style and personality.

Every set she creates is fully customized for her clients with every little detail taken into consideration.

Based on her extensive experience in the eyelash market, she would like to talk about classic lash extensions.


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- Sue Ahn (Instagram: @ eyeloveco)

Eyelash extensions have taken the beauty industry by storm. They offer women a convenient way to enhance their natural beauty without the hassle of daily mascara applications.

There are numerous options available like Russian volume lash extensions, Hybrid lashes, etc. Despite these options, Classic eyelash extensions remain one of the most popular choices. For women who want a natural and elegant look, this is the go-to choice.

 Types of BL Classic Lashes:


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The Lash Extension Industry is Still Young

The eyelash extension industry is still relatively new. There are still a large number of women who have yet to try lash extensions. This presents a significant opportunity for the industry to continue to grow. As more and more women discover the benefits of lash extensions, the industry has a chance to expand.

When women decide to try lash extensions, they are likely to opt for a classic set as their first set. This is because classic lash extensions are not too overwhelming, especially for those who are trying lash extensions for the first time.

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Suitable for Women of All Ages

Another advantage of classic lash extensions is that they are suitable for women of all ages. Unlike other beauty treatments, classic lashes are versatile and can work for women of all ages. The demand for classic lash extensions is likely to remain strong. This is because there will always be women looking for a way to enhance their natural beauty.

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Classic Lash Extensions: A Work of Art

It is time for the lash industry to recognize classic sets as the creative masterpieces they are. They should stop pricing them too low or market them as inferior sets in comparison to hybrid and volume eyelash extensions

Classic lash extensions require precision, patience, and skill to execute flawlessly. This makes them as intricate and beautiful as volume or hybrid eyelash extensions. This is why it's important for lash artists to start pricing classic sets properly and valuing their time and talent.


A Wide Range of Options

When it comes to classic lash extensions, there is no shortage of options for lash artists to choose from. BL Lashes offers a wide range of classic lash extensions in different sizes, lengths, weights, curls, colors, and finishes. The lash techs have a wide range of options to choose from when creating a customized look for their clients. Whether a client is looking for a natural and subtle look or a bold and dramatic look, a classic lash extension set will meet their needs.

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The Future of the Lash Industry

The future of the lash industry is bright, with experts projecting significant growth in the coming years. A study conducted by Zion Market Research estimates that the eyelash extensions industry will expand to a value of $1.26 billion by 2026.

It demonstrates a steady annual growth rate of 9.1% between 2020 and 2026. This growth is due, in part, to the increasing popularity of classic lash extensions. These extensions are set to remain a timeless beauty trend.

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Classic lash extensions are an elegant and natural way to enhance a woman's beauty. With the lash industry growing, more women are choosing classic lash extensions.

These lashes are timeless, offer a wide range of options, and are suitable for women of all ages. Therefore, classic lash extensions are a trend that's here to stay. So, the next time someone says classic lashes are out of style, remind them why they will never go out of fashion.

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