How to use Silicone Work Pad for Lash Extension

NEW PRODUCT ALERT! Introducing your favorite lash pad, the Silicone Work Pad, now available in white color.

Eyelash Extension Pad Silicone

Why use the Silicone Work Pad?

  • It's a clean and efficient way of keeping your workstation organized.
  • You can attach/detach strips of lashes on the work pad very easily without leaving any sticky paper residue from the lash strip.
  • Soft cushion-like surface prevents damage to tweezers tips.
  • You can also place your pre-made fans to the work pad before using them. You can save tons of time by doing this.
  • Suitable to place on the forehead of clients during volume extension.


How do I Clean the Silicone Work Pad?

Easy! It's totally reusable after simple water cleaning. Just clean in running water and air dry completely before reuse.

eyelash extension work pad

It comes in one size with the dimensions of 140x185mm. It is easy to cut and use in any way you'd like.

work pad for eyelash extensions

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