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How To Create A Good Website For Your Lash Business - bl blink lashes eyelash extension supplies and wholesale

How To Create A Good Website For Your Lash Business

As we mentioned in our article about the importance of having a blog, your lash studio must have a well-maintained and informative website: 

Why You Should Create A Blog For Your Lash Studio

But we do acknowledge that not everyone has time, capability, or will to keep a blog. This is why we give our best to help you with creating a website that works almost as well and helps you to build trust and gives you revenue.

Your salon website is the first thing that potential clients look for when they are researching your business. It is a crucial part of your marketing. 

Putting all your cards on a Facebook fan page is not enough. In reality, it can be a turn off for many people who are looking for a professional lash studio, but all they find is a Facebook page.

If your lash studio doesn't have a website, people will wonder whether your business is a real business or not. Some pieces of information on Instagram, a bunch on Facebook... it all seems very shallow. 

You really do need a website and not only that. You need a neat, informative website that builds trust and loyalty.

And last but not least: make sure that you complete your website! We all love homepages that are filled in with all the necessary information and sparkle with confident energy!


Build trust

Brand your lash business

A cohesive, harmonic branding builds trust like crazy. It assures your potential clients that you are running a well-organized venture and that neatness is important to you. This is probably one of the main reasons why you can't use Facebook as your central platform - that place is simply too messy and noisy.

Your website should be branded and have your colors, fonts, and image style highlighted so that people start to get familiar with your brand. 


Your website must inform potential clients

But even more importantly, your website should be a place for people to get practical information about your location, services, pricing, and values.

Describe your services well

The better you describe your services, the fewer fears your potential new clients will have. Answer as many questions as possible. When entering descriptions for your services, think of the people who have no knowledge about lash extensions, but who are curious enough to try them out. Don't assume that they know what different lashing styles are like and whom they serve best.

Always add prices

Always add prices. 80% of the people who can't find prices on your webpage will never call you or send you an email, asking for them: people want to be able to see what they can afford, and they want to compare the prices of different services and lash styles you offer. 

We have seen an uncountable number of websites that merely direct people to book under the title of the service - no description and no prices given. Do not miss out on clients this way.

Introduce your staff

Show who are the people who are going to treat your clients. Is it you only, or do you have other lash artists in your salon? Add your names and a breath introduction. It will work as a trust builder and, again, dissolves fears.

Allow booking online

Invest in an online booking system. People do not like to call nowadays. An option to choose the date and time - and the lash artist - online raises your chances to attract more new clients. 


About Me/Us page

Tell a story. Create a strong "About Me/Us" page. A great about-me page allows your potential clients to get a better insight into your mission, your style, your story, and your services. 

People buy from people - especially from the people they like, relate to, and trust. So your about page is your best sales page because it is where people go to get a clear idea of who you are. 

When you are writing your about page, remember to show excitement. Nothing sells like pure excitement. The more you show your visitors how much you love what you do, how much you care, and excited you are to work with them - the better they will remember you and be likely to book an appointment in your salon.

Add some outstanding profile photos of yourself and your staff. This alone will increase your sales and likability! It is not about looking good. It is about looking friendly and approachable. A good headshot goes a long way towards building trust and creating a memory of you and your lash salon.

Build trust with testimonials

Adding testimonials is probably one of the easiest ways to improve your website, and doing so, you can generate more selling power than some of the best copy out there. 

Ciao Bella Beauty & Spa in Brighton, UK is giving us all the information we need about the salon, prices, and services. We love it!

What to include to your About Me/Us page

  • Welcome introduction
  • What you do
  • Who you help
  • Your story
  • Personal fun facts
  • Contact info
  • Social media links
  • Photos
  • Testimonials
  • Featured in


Contact page

Make your contact info visible!

Add your contact info to both your about page and your contact page. Add your phone number, location, opening times, and email addresses. A contact form is a great thing to have too, but don't choose either one - add both your email address AND a contact form.

Nothing can turn off a prospective client more than not being able to find a way to contact you. If they are interested in your services, and can't find a simple contact page with a way to get in touch with you, they are going to end up leaving your page.

We love how Lash Bar in Copenhagen, Denmark is giving all the possible contact info on one page.


Be found on Google

One of the easiest and best ways to get found on Google is to have a website.

We posted a whole article about how you can make your business stand out in local search here: How To Make Your Lash Studio Rank High Locally (Local SEO).

Make sure you read it carefully and implement everything you can - because, in order to make your beautiful website perform, you need to get people to visit it first.

Increase your ranking on Google by creating a perfect marketing circle: 

  1. Link from your website to your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and every other social media channel you use.
  2. Add links from your social media channels and your Google My Business profile to your website. 

It helps you to get several positions on Google search results, and your clients are happy to have a well-organized follower experience with your fantastic lash salon.


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