Eyelash Extension Supplies 101 - Your Complete Guide

How to choose the best eyelash extension supplies? To offer a fantastic service for all your valuable customers, you will need lash extension products and tools of the best quality, and the right kind. 

We have put together an ultimate overview of the features of the must-have eyelash extension products so that you would have an easy time when choosing what is best for you and your customers. 

  1. Different Types of Eyelash Extensions
  2. Eyelash Extension Glue
  3. Pre-Treatment and Primer
  4. Lash Glue Remover
  5. Lash Cleanser
  6. Gel Pads for Eyelash Extensions
  7. Other Must-Have Tools
  8. Tweezers

eyelash extension supplies


Eyelash Extension Supplies Part 1: Different Types of Eyelash Extensions

There is a wide selection of options and lash extension styles, and we help you to choose the right kinds of eyelash extensions from BL lash collection.  


What are eyelash extensions made of?

Most of the lash extensions are made of a synthetic material called PBT, in our case, of high-quality Korean PBT. 

 We have some very informative posts about different types of eyelashes available, find them here:


What Are Mink Lashes?

What Are Laser Lashes?

What Are Flat Lashes?


The pros of synthetic mink lashes:

  • Synthetic lashes come in more than 200 shapes and sizes. You can choose the type of curl, thickness, and style that suits best to any client of yours.
  • Vegan, Cruelty-free, No danger of animal hair allergy

BL Blink eyelash extensions and supplies - curl chart 

Different types of Lash Extension Curls 

Listen, here is a fact. All lash extension curls exist in the market except J and C curl was initially invented by BL Lashes. As a result, we have the broadest range of curls to offer. We believe that having a variety of curls in your salon will enable you to serve your clients tailor to their eye shape and desired style. 

Eyelash Extension Curls and Lash Design

Curls of lash extensions set the overall appearance of the eyes, and the correct use of curls can even enhance the client's natural eye shape. No one curl fits for all.

When it comes to choosing the lash extension curl, it is vital to set a goal of what style you are trying to achieve for the particular client's eye shape, natural lash's angle, and characteristics.



Curls and retention

Sadly not all curls will have the same retention. The curlier the lash offers less retention because there is less of the base to attach to. So it is essential to choose the right combination of curl and thickness of extensions according to your client's natural lash.


lash extension charts by bl and blink lashes - eyelash extension supplies and wholesale


I Curl lashes

Less known curl, I Curl eyelashes are almost straight looking curl, and they can be used for the male clients who want to enhance the thickness of their lash but not necessarily want to have them curled.


J Curl lashes

J Curl eyelashes are the most natural-looking curl. These lashes are especially suitable for the clients who have stick straight lashes pointing straight or upward. If you apply J curl to the downward-looking natural lash, it will make the eyes look smaller and heavy. 


B Curl lashes

B Curl lash extensions will give the straight natural lashes a bit more "lift" than J curl. B curl has a bit more curl than a J curl but is still an excellent option for the clients with straight lashes, pointing straight or upward. 

B Curl lashes offer a soft curl, a standard for a naturally enhanced lash appearance with excellent retention.


L and L+ Curl lashes

L and L+ Curl are essentially C or D curls with a flat base. Because of the flat base, you will be able to give your client the ultimate eyelid lift. We developed L and L+ Curl to provide a wide-eye effect to the clients with hooded eyelids, deep-set eyes, older clients with droopy eyelids. L+ is slightly curlier than L. 

These are the most visually rewarding lash extensions. However, because of their long flat base, if used on downward-angle lashes, they will appear to be heavy and unflattering. 


M Curl lashes

M Curl gives the opposite effect to what J curl does. Its shape being with a small surface for the flat base and dramatic curl upwards, M curl is designed to lift the appearance of downward-angled natural lashes. Because of the dramatic upward angle, you will be able to give a lash lift and wide-eye effect. 

We do not recommend M Curl for clients with hooded eyelids or upward angled natural lash. 


C Curl lashes 

We designed C Curl lashes for clients with a slight curl in their natural lash, and they create an open-eye effect. 

C Curl is the most popular curl; it is glamorous and opens the eye. If you apply C curl to the client with slightly downward angled lashes, it will give a satisfying lash lift, if used for the client with close-to-horizontal angle lashes, it will provide a fabulous doll eye effect.

If your client has heavily downward-angled lashes, we recommend using D curl instead. 


D Curl lashes (also known as CC Curl)

D Curl lashes are very similar to C Curl lash extensions, just curlier. They are especially useful for clients with downward-angled lashes who want a show-stopping look. These lashes will brighten and widen the eye and give a noticeable curled effect. 

Because of its dramatic upward curl, if used for clients with upward-angle natural lashes or with heavily hooded eyelids, the extensions may prick the client's eyelids. For that reason, D curl is more suitable to the clients with downward-angle natural lashes.

It's one of the curlier curls, if not applied correctly, retention may not be as great as you would gain with straight curls, but D curl adds drama and opens the eye more, making it excellent for downward-angled lashes. 


U Curl lashes (also known as DD Curl)

U Curl lashes are the curliest lash extensions. They are suitable for clients with downward-angled lashes who want the most dramatic doll-like eyelashes. These lashes will give a noticeable curled effect. 

Just like D curl, because of its dramatic upward curl, if used for clients with upward-angle natural lashes or heavily hooded eyelids, the extensions may prick the client's eyelids. For that reason, U curl is more suitable for a client with downward-angle natural lashes.


BL EZ Curl lashes

The base curl of our EZ lash is straighter than the regular extension lashes. As a result, EZ lash provides more adhesive area for extensions and allows a much easier extension experience for beginner lash artists. 

Thanks to its wider adhesive area, EZ curl lashes also provide better retention. However, because of their long flat base, if used on downward-angle lashes, it will appear to be heavy and unflattering. 


Eyelash Extension Size Chart and Guidelines

Thickness (Diameter)

Choosing the right diameter of the eyelash extensions for our clients is critical. When deciding the thickness of the lash, you should not only consider the design aspect but, most importantly, your client's natural lash condition. Some thicker extensions (above 0.20, for example) can be too heavy for some clients' natural lash. A wrong choice could cause poor retention and premature fall of the extensions.

Generally, Asian's natural eyelashes are thinner than other ethnicities. For Asian clients, it is recommended to use lash extensions diameter between 0.10~0.15mm, whereas other ethnicities with stronger natural lashes can take 0.15~0.20mm for the classic extension. 

However, regardless of the ethnicity of the client, you should always take a good look at the client's natural lashes and decide what thickness is suitable for the client.

0.03mm, 0.05mm and 0.06mm diameter lashes

The popular thickness for Russian Volume for 2D~6D.

0.07mm diameter lashes

0.10mm diameter lashes

This thickness can also be used for Volume 2D~3D (depending on the natural lash thickness and length) or as Classic 1D on thinner, very fine natural lashes.

0.12mm diameter lashes

Used on thinner lashes (Classic 1D) or for a softer wispier look and feel.

0.15mm diameter lashes

This is the most popular, average lash thickness, creates a naturally thicker look (Classic 1D).

0.18mm diameter lashes

This lash extension thickness creates a slightly bolder look than 0.15mm lash.

0.20mm diameter lashes

The second most popular thickness for the classic extension. This lash extension thickness creates a natural mascara look. Recommend using for thick and healthy natural lash only.

0.25mm diameter lashes

This extension creates a glamorous look, though this lash may be too heavy for most people's lashes.

0.30mm diameter lashes

For healthy, strong, thick natural lashes. Creates an extreme look –though, might be too heavy for most people's lashes.


Eyelash Extension Lengths

BL lash extensions come in lengths from 5mm-20mm. 

The majority of clients want their longest extension length to be around 11mm or 12mm. Naturally, many customers want the longest lashes, but it is essential to keep in mind that the individual client's lash condition should determine the length of the extension. It is your responsibility to guide your client that the lashes too long for the natural lash may cause a premature fall of extensions.

Choose slightly longer lashes for the clients with hooded eyelids, or droopy eyelids. Their lashes tend to 'hide' under the eyelids when the eyes are open.  

When using the curlier curls like D, U curl, remember when the curl is strong, the length of the extension will appear shorter. So choose the lash length accordingly to the curl you are using.

Find in-depth descriptions of all BL eyelash extensions here.

 Lash extension thickness and weigh by BL and Blink lashes - eyelash extension supplies and wholesale

Eyelash Extension Supplies Part 2: Eyelash Extension Glue

What is lash glue made of?

Typical components of eyelash extension adhesive are as the following:

  • 90~95% of Cyanoacrylate
  • 5~10% of Complex compounds such as stabilizer, thickener, hardening accelerator, colorant, etc.

NB! All types of eyelash extension adhesive use Cyanoacrylate, which is the only one-component that can be hardened under the circumstance genuinely.

There is no other substitute glue that can replace the retention and adhesion of the current eyelash extension adhesive. 


Which is the best eyelash extension glue from BL?

It is impossible to say which adhesive is the best because that is highly subject to the treatment environment, proficiency of the technicians, and preference of individuals.

You should decide what is the best glue for you by considering the room environment, speed of the procedure, and client's condition.

For example, if the technicians use a 1~2 seconds of fast-drying glue when their skill level actually take 3~4 seconds to apply extension lashes on natural lashes, then the retention will inevitably decrease. That happens because the extension lashes are applied to natural lashes after the glue is already a bit dried.

Another example would be if the technicians use the slow drying glue when their speed of procedure is faster than that, it is not an appropriate glue either, because it will slow down the lashing procedure.

What we can recommend is to ALWAYS adjust the room environment (humidity & temperate) to the ideal setting for the eyelash extension glues to perform more consistently. In this way, you'll soon find the best lash adhesive works for you.


Read more: Eyelash extension glue and humidity


We recommend: 

For Experts - Fast Drying Time: Mach Glue, DIU Glue

For intermediates - Medium Drying Time: Ultra X Glue, Ultra Plus Glue, Fina Glue

For Beginners - Slow Drying Time: Q-1, Ultra Bonding, Ulbon Glue

*The above-recommended glues are the guideline according to the drying time. We recommend you to make extra considerations based on your room humidity, temperature, preferred viscosity, and fume level.


Which eyelash extension adhesive is best for volume extensions?

Volume extension glues can be divided into two main categories:

  1. Adhesives for handmade volume lashes
  2. Adhesives for pre-made volume lashes

For handmade volume lashes, as you need to make a fan, it is recommended to use a fast-drying glue or the one that has a bit high viscosity. Mach Glue is suitable for those who are fast when applying extension lashes. Glam Glue is ideal for those who want an adhesive that has longer drying time and thicker consistency.

For pre-made volume lashes, we recommend using a glue that has fast drying time and low viscosity. This is because the adhesion parts of pre-made volume lashes are wide. Glue can be applied excessively on those wide areas, which will result in surrounded lashes sticking to them.

Mach Glue  is suitable for those who are fast when applying extension lashes. Ultra X Glue or Ultra Plus Glue, glue is ideal for those who want a glue that has a longer drying time.


How long is the expiration date (Shelf-life) of the adhesive?

3 to 6 months when not opened, one month once you have opened the bottle.

When the adhesive is contained in its bottle, it is hard to harden because the surface area that is in contact with the air is small.

However, once the adhesive is applied to the surface material like a jade stone, as the surface area becomes wider, the hardening reaction becomes active, and the whole area of the adhesive starts to harden.

Since the hardening of adhesive is always in progress (even when it's kept in the bottle), its potency keeps on deteriorating. That happens even if the glue bottle is not opened and used. The period from the moment it is manufactured to the state of unavailability to use is called the 'expiration date.'

It is important to keep the adhesive stored in the appropriate temperature and humidity and pay attention to the storage methods to prolong the expiration date.


Please learn everything you need about lash glue here:

Everything About Lash Extension Glues

Eyelash Extension Adhesives By BL Lashes

 bl blink lash glue - best eyelash extension adhesive supplies

Eyelash Extension Supplies Part 3: Pre-Treatment & Primer

When it comes to before- and aftercare, we believe that the focus should be on everything natural. As being a Korean company, the holistic beauty philosophy is a logical thing for us to adapt. That is why we serious about improving conditions from the inside out.

Gentle before & aftercare is essential for healthy natural lashes. We want to support our adhesives suitable for different climates, lash types, and techniques to reach long-lasting lash extensions with before- and aftercare products that are brimming with natural ingredients.


Lash Extension Primer

What is lash primer?

Eyelash primer removes cosmetics residue, oil, and dust from the client's eyelashes before applying the eyelash extensions. This pre-application cleaning routine improves adhesion, enhances retention times, and increases customer satisfaction.

The eyelash primer contains allantoin, an extract of natural herbal ingredients, which is known to have disinfectant and cell rejuvenation properties. Its use results in healthy natural lashes and minimizes lash damage.

  • Must have item for pre-application routine
  • Remove cosmetic residue, oil from natural eyelashes
  • Improves adhesion, enhances retention, customer satisfaction

BL Lash Primer For Eyelash Extension

How to use lash primer?

  1. First, remove any make-up with oil-free make-up remover or lash foam and water.
  2. Apply a small amount of eyelash extension primer on two disposable microfibre brushes for eyelash extensions.
  3. Place one brush beneath the lashes, and the other on top.
  4. Gently glide the lash extension primer up the eyelashes, cleansing each lash thoroughly.
  5. Lashes should be completely dry before applying eyelash extensions.


There is another primer that lash artists need:

BL Extension Base (Primer for lash extensions)

In the same way that human lashes contain natural oil, extension lashes come with a small amount of surface grease due to the hand-rolling process. BL Extension Base is a primer specifically formulated to remove grease from extension lashes. The use of our extension base maximizes the longevity of eyelash extensions.

  • Remove surface grease from extension lashes
  • Improve the bonding of eyelash extensions
  • Maximizes the longevity of eyelash extensions

How to use lash extension base primer?

  1. Put extension lashes on a lash holder.
  2. Apply extension base to extension lashes using a cotton swab or micro brush.
  3. Make sure extension lashes are completely dry before applying them to natural lashes.


Apply to this product to extension lashes only BEFORE applying to human lashes. NEVER apply this product directly to customers. 

BL Extension Base


Anti-allergy gel for eyelash extension

BL Anti-allergy gel absorbs and eliminates airborne chemicals from extension glues, significantly reducing the level of fumes & vapors in your area. With BL Antiallergy gel protects both technician and client from inhaling fumes and being exposed to allergens.

How to use the anti-allergy gel :

  1. Place the open container near the adhesive
  2. Leave it open throughout the application
  3. Replace product when it becomes dry (after about 2-4 months)
  4. We recommend one jar for each lash station

This product does not guarantee any allergies to sensitive eyes or clients who have a history of allergies. This product captures, locks, and minimizes the amount of inhaling fumes from the open glue drop. 

Lash Essence 

BL Lash Essence works both as a primer before you put on mascara and as a lash conditioner on its own.

  • Moisturizes natural lashes
  • Lash conditioning effect
  • Helps weak, brittle lashes get restored  

If your eyelashes are fragile because of many eyelash extensions, this will be the perfect solution for it. This hydrating formula will condition lashes and make them look healthy and shiny.

It should be applied once a day, in the morning or before going to bed, and it can also be used with lash extensions.

BL Lash Essence is infused with botanical ingredients such as bamboo and green tea extracts, this nutrient-rich formula moisturizes your natural lashes and helps them grow.


MD Advanced Lash Growth Serum 

If you have short, sparse lashes, they will get lengthened as MD Advanced Lash Growth Serum is highly enriched with polypeptides and carnosine. It also nourishes your lashes and makes them look healthy and glossy. 

  • Promotes rapid lash growth 
  • Creates denser and longer lashes 
  • See the miraculous results in 4 weeks

Find the full list of natural ingredients (42!) used in this product, with descriptions and images: Powerful Natural Ingredients in BL Lashes' Skin Care Products.

Within four weeks, MD Advanced Lash Serum will give longer, denser lashes. It has to be applied daily, in the morning or before sleep, at the base of the lash follicles.


Lash Coating Sealant 

Lash Coating Sealant is an eyelash extension sealant that is a perfect choice for customers who are not only hoping to have longer-lasting eyelash extensions but to grow their lashes longer and faster.

  • Essential aftercare product exclusively formulated for eyelash extensions
  • Water washable / Safe for daily use 
  • Available in two colors (Black /Clear) with two types of brushes (Mascara/Pen)

BL Coating Sealant is newly upgraded with D-biotin to serve as a vitamin supplement for natural lashes. 


 lash coating sealant

Eyelash Extension Supplies Part 4: Eyelash Adhesive Remover

Lash removers are serious business. They are an essential part of eyelash extension supplies, but it is important to know that lash removers are for trained and licensed professionals only. Please only purchase if you have had the proper training in the technique to apply eyelash extensions. Under no circumstance is the remover to be used on yourself.

There are three types of lash removers out there:

  1. Gel remover
  2. Cream remover
  3. Liquid remover


1. Gel lash remover

The thick gel formula gently and quickly removes eyelash extension glues without harming natural eyelashes. Suitable for removing partial extension lashes. Shake well before use.

BL Gel remover is a safe way to remove unwanted lash extensions. The formula is highly controllable and makes the removal of partial extensions a lot easier.

How to use the gel lash extension remover?

Once this thick gel has been applied, the remover breaks down adhesive bonds, and lash extensions slip off gently, leaving natural lashes unstressed. Clients appreciate the gentle nature of this technique. Shake well before use.


2. Cream lash remover

Cream lash remover removes the entire set of extensions easily.

The creamy BL Cream Remover remains, without leaking, on the extension to which they are applied. 

The use of cream lash remover is the safest way to remove eyelash extensions, providing comfort and easy removal for you and your clients.

Besides, since these creams contain oil, they're suitable for removing an entire set of extension lashes, and they make for speedy, effective removal of extensions. Shake well before use.


3. Liquid lash remover

This liquid type remover is mild to eyes. 

The application and use of BL liquid eyelash extensions remover must only be carried out by trained practitioners, but in expert hands, only minimal effort is required. Shake well before use.

 lash glue remover

Eyelash Extension Supplies Part 5: Lash cleanser

Lash Extension Foam Cleanser for Lash Bath

  • Botanically infused oil-free lash cleanser for lash bath
  • Super gentle and safe for eyes
  • Helps maintain clean lashes after extension
  • Great aftercare retail product

Lash Foam is an oil-free lash cleanser, botanically infused with extracts of Zanthoxylum Fruit and Pasque Flower specially formulated to be super gentle and completely safe for eyes.

It can be safely used every day on lashes with or without extensions. Keeps lashes clean and healthy without compromising the eyelash extension bond. A great retail product, sold as an aftercare solution to help your clients maintain their beautiful new eyelash extensions. 

Lash Shampoo by BL Lashes.


Lip & Eye Makeup Remover For Eyelash Extensions

Main Features
  • Oil-free, gentle eye make-up remover
  • Designed with eyelash extensions in mind
  • Excellent retail product for extra income

BL Pure Clear Lip & Eye Makeup Remover is oil-free and designed to gently remove all make-up residue, keeping natural lashes and eyelash extensions in tip-top condition. And it is an excellent retail product which you can sell to clients to earn extra income.

How to use lip & eye make-up remover for lash extensions:

  1. First, use the product to remove all make-up from eyelids and eyelashes safely
  2. Soak a cleansing brush with the remover and apply over the eye area
  3. Remove any residue with cold water
  4. Pat dry


There are always people who prefer make-up remover pads over liquid make-up remover.

Make-up Remover Pads

  • Oil-free make-up remover pad for eyelash extensions
  • Contains aloe extract, soothes the eyes
  • Great retail product for extra income
  • 50 pads in a single container

BL oil-free make-up remover pad is ready-made and hassle-free. It'll save precious time when cleansing a client's eye make-up in advance of the extension.

The formula contains an aloe extract, which soothes the sensitive skin around the eyes while keeping the extension intact. This is a great retail product guaranteed to generate additional income. 

How to use make-up remover pads:

Apply one pad per closed eye before the eyelash extension application.


 lash extension supplies

Eyelash Extension Supplies Part 6: Under-Eye Pads & Tape

Under-eye patches/ eye pads/ under-eye masks

What are under-eye pads used for?

You need eye patches every time you do eyelash extensions. Eyelash gel pads secure the lower lashes tightly in place to allow for a clean and efficient application. 

Our under-eye skin is the most sensitive part of our skin, and eye patches protect it during the lash application process.

The shape of the gel pad contours perfectly to human eyes and provides a more soothing and relaxing experience than using a tape alone. The eye pads are packed with moisture and nutrients that freshen up the client's eyes and provide a pleasant and cooling effect.

BL Under-eye masks help improve wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness around the eyes. You'll notice the difference right away - a visibly smoother, brighter, and more youthful appearance. With regular use, the results will last longer.


Surgical Tape for Lash Extension Application

BL Surgical tape provides superior skin adhesion with minimal irritation. Natural, highly porous construction allows maximum breathability, and it tears easily for convenient use.

Latex-free, the tape has smooth-coated edges and is lint-free. Gentle on the skin, BL surgical tape leaves a minimal residue upon removal.


3M Paper Tape 

3M paper tape is gentle and safe for use in the delicate eye area.

This latex-free tape aids in the tape-back method to isolate lashes and can be used to secure under lashes for clients with sensitivities to gel pads.

BL 3M Paper tape is gentle on the skin and leaves a minimal residue upon removal.


3M Plastic Tape

3M Plastic Tape offers an all-direction stretch and is water-resistant for maximum comfort. The thicker foam padding helps protect the accidental touching of lash tweezer tips to the face. 

BL 3M Plastic tape is gentle on the skin and leaves a minimal residue upon removal.


Glue Tape 

  • Keep glue dot fresh for much longer period
  • Suitable for handmade volume artists, new lash artists
  • Not to be used on the client's face
Why you should try this:

Extension glue drops on the rough surface will easily let moisture enter into the glue drop and lose its droplet shape and dry prematurely. 

BL Glue Tape helps eyelash extension glue to stay in its perfect droplet shape for a more extended period.

The special PE coating on the Glue Tape provides a much smoother surface area and blocks out moisture entering into the paper tape.

Our lab study shows the glue drops on BL Glue tape stay fresh and perfectly round for 20 minutes, whereas the glue drops on regular paper tape stay fresh for only 10 minutes.  

This is a great product, especially for the Russian Volume Lash Artists, who usually require a longer application time or new lash artists.



Eyelash Extension Supplies Part 7: Other Must-Have Tools


For use with eyelash extension primer, coating sealants, and removers.


Mascara brush can be used at the end of each service or be given to your client as a grooming tool. 

Jade Stone

Jade Stone is ideal for keeping your eyelash extension adhesive cold and preventing premature drying during eyelash treatment. BL Jade Stone.

Crystal Glue Tray

BL Crystal Glue Tray is ideal for keeping your adhesive cold and preventing premature drying during eyelash treatment.

Glue Ring

BL disposable glue ring is perfect for use during the eyelash extension application. It can be used to hold glue, remover, or lash primer.

Lash Holder (Half-Moon)

The curvature of the half-moon shaped lash holder spreads a strip of extensions effectively, it speeds application time and is an ideal tool for making fans for the volume extension.

There is space for about 8 lines of extensions. It comes with a plastic cover to product lashes for storage. BL Lash Holder.



Eyelash Extension Supplies Part 8: Tweezers

Tweezers of high quality are an essential assistant for each and every semipermanent eyelash extension application. BL Tweezers are perfect for classic and volume lashes. Lash tweezers are one of the most crucial tools in your eyelash extension supplies.

Straight Tweezers 

Most artists start with straight tweezers. Straight lash tweezers have straight, fine tips, and they allow the artist to easily pick up and place individual extensions on each isolated natural lashes. These tweezers are most commonly used for isolation and classic techniques.

Isolation Tweezers 

Isolating Tweezers are curved tweezers used for separating the natural lashes, and these tweezers are an essential element for eyelash extensions application. Find your isolating tweezers from this set from BL Lashes.

Volume Tweezers (S Shape)

S-shape curvature at the tip, allows artists to pick up and grip multiple lash extensions at one time - excellent for Volume lashing. They make it easy to create a lash fan and to manipulate multiple lash extensions at a time. Find your volume tweezers from this set by BL Lashes.


BL Eyelash Extension Supplies 101 - Your Complete Guide

We hope that this guide makes it easier to understand which eyelash extension supplies you need to run your lash business smoothly.

This blog is protected by copyright law. Reproduction or rewriting without permission is strictly prohibited. 

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