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Ultra Bonding Glue

$14.85 USD
SKU H01AR0005B
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  • Lowered fume & odors in Ultra series
  • Thin, liquid-like consistency
  • Setting Time: 4-5" 
  • Retention: 4 Weeks~
  • Technician Profile: All levels
  • Client Profile: Sensitive/average sensitivity tolerance to glue fume & odors
  • Techniques: Classic & Volume

BL Ultra Bonding Glue for Eyelash Extensions

With Ethyl-Cyanoacrylate reduced down to 68% (vs 84% in Ultra X), Ultra bonding glue has the least odors and fumes in the Ultra series yet manages to maintain excellent adhesion and retention.

Blink Ultra Bonding Glue for Eyelash Extensions ??BL Lashes


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