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Anti-Allergy Gel

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Anti Allergy Gel for Eyelash Extension 

  • Absorb chemicals from extension glues
  • Reduce fumes & odors in the workplace
  • Reduce symptoms of glue allergy 
  • 50g

Benefits of BL Anti-Allergy Gel

This white gel absorbs airborne chemicals from eyelash extension glues, reducing the level of fumes & vapors in the workplace. BL Anti-allergy gel protects both technician and client from inhaling fumes and exposure to allergens.

Feedback from the clients and lash artists suggests less stinging or watery eyes, fewer headaches, and itchiness following the use of this product. 

  1. Place the open container near the adhesive
  2. Leave it open throughout the application
  3. Replace product when it becomes dry (after about 1-3 months)
  4. We recommend one jar for each lash station

This product does not guarantee any allergies to sensitive eyes or clients who have a history of allergies. This product captures, locks, and minimizes the amount of inhaling fumes from the open glue drop. 

Eyelash Extension Supplies from South Korea.


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