Your guide to Russian Volume Lash Extensions

Russian Volume Lash Extensions - the origin

First, What is Russian volume lash extensions?

As the name suggests, this unique lashing technique originated from Russia. 

Russian lash technicians are known for their meticulous hand-craft artistry. When the rest of the world only knew about the Classic lash technique, these Russian artists started to manually create eyelash extension fans made out of 2,3,4 or 5 thin mink lashes and applied at the base of each individual natural lashes. 

This sensational invention creates volume, thickness, and a dramatically dark lash line look.

Russian Volume lashes are made from the same synthetic fibers(PBT) as classic mink lashes. But the technique requires much thinner extensions like 0.03-.0.07mm so that it is possible to apply multiple lash strands to each natural lash.

Because of their lightweight nature and its fan usually wraps around the natural lash, Russian Volume lash retention can be much longer than Classic lash extension retention time.

Russian Volume lashes should last about 4-6 weeks, with an infill every 2-3 weeks. This will keep your clients' lashes looking abundant and lush.


Who are most suitable for Russian Volume lashes?

People with incredibly fine or brittle eyelashes who want more volume in their lashes will benefit the most from the Russian Volume look.

However, taken that Russian Volume creates such a beautiful effect and glamorous-kind of look, now anyone can enjoy the results of this technique, even the people with the lushest natural lashes.


How does Russian Volume differ from Classic Lashes? 

Classic lashes is a technique where a single individual eyelash extension has been attached to an individual natural lash. 

When using the Russian Volume technique, the lash artist applies more than just one extension to each natural lash, fanning them out to give the illusion that more lashes are growing from one spot.

The actual thickness of the lash extensions themselves also dictates how many lashes can be used in a fan or bouquet. The rule of thumb is that the thinner or lighter the lash extension is, the more can be used in a single fan.

 Your Guide To The Must-Have Tools For Russian Volume Lashes

The Must-Have Supplies For Russian Volume Lash 

Mink lashes in 0.03-0.10 thickness

Synthetic lashes are extremely fine and lightweight. Actually, several times lighter and thinner than our natural lashes. That is why it is possible to apply several synthetic lashes to one single natural lash, without making it too heavy. 

Russian volume fans are indicated with the terms 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, and 6D. This marks the number of lash extensions being used in a fan placed on to the real lash. 

2D means 2x synthetic lashes in the fan, 3D means three lashes, 4D means four, and so on. The more the D of your fan, the fuller your lash set will look. Anything over a 6D is classed as a Mega Volume set. 

For 2D-6D Russian Volume, you need to use between a range of 0.05 and 0.10 depending on how many lashes will be attached to the fan for the set you are making.


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Recommended Thickness of eyelash extensions by lash techniques (in mm)

Classic lashes: 0.10, 0.12, 0.15, 0.18

Volume lashes: 0.05, 0.06, 0.07, 0.10

Mega Volume lashes: 0.03 and 0.04

Never use for volume lashes: 0.15, 0.20, 0.25, 0.30

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 The Must-Have Tools For Russian Volume Lashes - volume lash thickness chart

Russian Volume lashes are created of round-base synthetic mink lashes that are easier to fan than other types of classic lashes like Flat lashes. 

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Tweezers for Volume lashes

Often volume lash extension tweezers are long and have curvature at the tip that tapers to a point. That curvature at the tip of volume tweezers allows artists to open up a fan, pick up and grip multiple lash extensions with ease.

We recommend using L tweezers for Russian volume technique, which taper into a 120-90 degree angle at the tip, making it look like a letter "L." 


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Tweezers For Russian Volume Lashes by bl blink lashes and eyelash extension supplies

RV-1: This L shape lash extension tweezers are an excellent tool when you make handmade volume fans and picking up and attaching them.


Eyelash extension glue for Russian volume lash

As you need to keep the shape of the fan, it is recommended to use a fast-drying glue OR the one that has a bit high viscosity.  

Mach Glue (1~2seconds drying) is suitable for those who are fast at applying extension lashes. Glam Glue (4~5seconds drying) is suitable for those who want a glue that has longer drying time and thicker consistency.


How to create the perfect fan


There are several different ways or techniques to make Russian volume fans. Here are some of the most popular:

  • On the strip method 
  • Pinching method 
  • Glue dot method

Every lash artist has their favorite methods, depending on where they were trained and what they master best. 


Silicone work pad for volume lash technique

This little tool is a lifesaver. Place your premade fans to the work pad before using them. The silicone work pad is a clean and efficient way of keeping your workstation organized.
You can attach/detach strips of lashes on the work pad very easily without leaving any sticky paper residue from the lash strip.

Soft cushion-like surface prevents damage to tweezer tips.

silicone work pad for volume lashes by bl blink eyelash extension supplies

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