My Lash Story: JinYoung Bang

Hi, Jin-Young, what's your story? 

I started lashing quite early on in 2004. Back then, a wide variety of lash supplies wasn’t available. All we had was very slow drying glue, J curl bulk lashes so it took ages to get one set done! 

I think in a way, the lack of lash extension supplies in the early days made us creative to come up with our own solutions. For example, when I first started lashing, I was so bad at isolating lashes with the left hand, so I made a bold decision to ditch the left-handed isolation and I developed a new method called ‘One Handling Technique’ which I have trained to hundreds of students and is currently patent-pending.

Since those difficult times, I’ve watched the lash industry really taking off- it feels remarkable to be a part of the movement. I absolutely love lashing and I am looking forward to keeping contributing to the growth of the lash industry.

I am currently running two successful lash studios and academy i-Queen, in Seoul, Korea. 


What do you believe is your role in the lash extension industry?

I see myself as a pioneer in the industry and I act like one! My main focus is to find the latest trend, master the skill and offer the service to my clients as well as train my students. I never stop researching and studying every day for my growth and improvement. 


Do you have a particular lash extension application style you prefer?

The signature style we develop at my salon is what we call “power volume” style. This style of Russian volume extension is much more defined and glamorous. 

 BL blink lashes lash extension academy

What's the hot lash trends in your region at the moment?

Russian volume extension and Guideline Method is very much in trend now. We offer both in our salons and academy.

What's the best way you've found to attain and retain your clients?

I think clients look for a salon meets the following criteria:

  1. How long do lashes last
  2. Do lashes look good while it lasts
  3. Are lashes comfortable to wear

Ecstatically pleasing lashes are great but they should be built on the foundation of wearability and comfort of the lashes. We must learn to perform a safe and proper application first, and after that, start building a portfolio that can show your style and techniques. This is how you build your long term client list. 


What are your favorite BL Lashes products?

I have so many! I love Laser lashes for longer retention and also love BL easy fanning lashes. These signature BL lashes made my life so much easier! I also adore the new Glam 5D Lash. Lastly, Black Diamond Coating serum is my absolute favorite aftercare product from BL.

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What advice would you give to aspiring lash artists?

There are many lash salons that have opened recently and you may feel the market is getting really saturated and the service price is going down so much. But DON’T WORRY. Don’t think about what others do and focus on building your own empire. Build your style and build your own ideal clientele, and makes your business around them. Then they will follow you wherever you go. 

Also, look after yourself. Especially when it comes to the posture, keep your back straight when you lash. 

Eyelash extension is a magical transformation you can perform not only on the client’s face but also on her spirit. A great set of lash extensions will uplift someone’s mood and empower her, and that’s the magical power you have in your hands.

Love what you do and keep growing, everyone! 


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