How To Use Pinterest for Marketing Your Lash Studio

A picture says more than a thousand words. In this post, I outline ways you can market your lash studio at Pinterest.

Pinterest is a platform that operates on the interactive billboard principle. Pin = confirm and interest = interest. It is where people create themed boards, which they fill out with suitable images that they like. The aim is to attract followers who are highly interested in lash extensions and everything related to them.

Pinterest continues to be a significant marketing channel, especially for businesses that target women, and that benefit from sharing very visual content.


Advantages and uses of Pinterest

Hundreds of thousands of big and small businesses are active users of Pinterest: fashion bloggers, ice cream makers, coffee shops, retail chains, florists, travel agencies, internet marketers, chiropractors, magazines, beauty salons, etc.

All of them reflect their activities in images, and often in videos. Some businesses find it challenging to produce enough captivating photos; for example, consultancies - instead, they share slides and quotes, infographics are also viral.

Pinterest is a great way to drive traffic to your website. Any business can include the website address and other information below their profile, feel free to add your blog address in the description as well.

If you are adding pictures from your website or blog, include the address of the page where the photo originates from below the image, without forgetting to add https://, which will make the link clickable.


What does Pinterest offer?

This environment may not immediately generate sales, but it creates long-term customers. You want a lifetime customer who knows and trusts you. You are not interested in one-time purchases, but in the fact that the same person always comes back to you.

A customer who has become loyal to you through Pinterest is less price-sensitive and prefers to buy from you, even if your prices are a bit higher than those of a competitor.

We all have our favorite restaurants, favorite shops, and brands that we visit and from where buy consistently, even though it's easier to go somewhere else or use their discounts.

I can't promise you that you will make tens of thousands of dollars in revenue through Pinterest already next week. But you have the opportunity to make that money thanks to your consistent work at Pinterest - next year.


The basics of Pinterest

Social media is a tool for building relationships and trust, which in turn gives you a noticeable edge over competitors.


How to create a Pinterest account?

1) Open and sign up. Choose a title for your account, such as the name of your lash studio. You will automatically receive a URL, which will look like this:

How To Use Pinterest for Marketing Your Lash Studio by bl blink lashes eyelash extension supples.jpg

2) Now upload a profile picture - your company logo, a photo of yourself, or an image that reflects your lash business.

3) Add a brief description of your business. Write a short story using keywords related to the product/service you are offering.

4) Moving on, you will be taken to a page asking you to link this account to your website, and here you may need help from a developer.

5) Now, install a Pin It button to your computer browser, it will help you pin inspiring images from your web page (and everywhere else, with a few exceptions, such as FaceBook) on the boards of your Pinterest page. Here are the instructions:

6) Start creating boards and add content to the boards
Start building your boards and creating content for them. Create quite several boards by naming them with interesting yet lash extension-related names.

While most of the boards should be related to lashing products, services, and studios, but also make boards with content that you know your target group is interested in. For example, likely, a woman who is interested in your volume lashes will also be happy to browse pictures of different hairstyles and skincare products.


Share images from others

Pin images from websites and blogs that are related to your niche onto your Pinterest boards: add as much new and fresh content as possible.

When adding pictures to your boards, always include a description to increase your Pinterest page's visibility on Google. When creating a description, don't forget to use keywords related to your niche.


Marketing on Pinterest - boards

Integrating Pinterest to your social media marketing routine is a bit time-consuming, but when done well, totally worthwhile. And fortunately, adding new pins along the way is quite an entertaining activity.

Pinterest marketing is a two-step process:

* Gain followers
* Gain trust
* Create visibility
* Gain popularity, your target audience sees that others are interested in you
* Create a brand - who you are and what you do, which is your uniqueness.

2) As soon as you have earned it, people will start buying from you. Most companies promote only their own stuff right from the start, but the best practice is to take the time to gain the trust of your target audience before you can start selling.


What is the role of Pinterest?

This environment may not immediately generate sales, but creates a customer - for life! You want a lifetime customer who knows and trusts you. You are not interested in one-time sales, but in the fact that the same person always comes back to you.

Social Media (Pinterest) develops relationships and produces attention. From your Pinterest account, you will direct your followers to your website, and THERE will you do the selling.

 How to market your lash studio on pinterest - by bl blink lashes - eyelash extension supplies and wholesale

Marketing on Pinterest

1) Pinterest as a search engine

Pinterest is a place for browsing, comparing, researching - to look around for new ideas and find inspiration.
Pinterest is primarily interest-based, and here are people looking for excitement and satisfaction.


2) Image quality

The higher the quality of your images, the more they will be pinned by other Pinterest users, and repeatedly re-pinned. That is why it is worthwhile for your business to invest in good photography and graphic design- get them done by a professional or produce them yourself.

Browse around on Pinterest to see what kind of lash business-related images are most popular.


3) The number of boards

The more pictures you have pinned on your Pinterest page, the more likely it is that others will follow your boards, and your images will be re-pinned.


4) Consistent pinning

If you are regularly active and visible on the front page of Pinterest, you are more likely to be followed and re-pinned. Don't count too much on your old content.


5) Number of boards

Create many different boards where you divide the images related to the lash industry into more specific categories. That makes it possible that also people with a particular interest to follow your boards.


6) The names of the boards

Choose catchy and challenging names for your boards that attract people to click and look at your images. Think about the names that are appealing to your target audience. You can change the names of the boards on a later on as your mind changes or a better idea comes along.


7) Quality of descriptions

Each image should have a description - make yours inviting! The texts that make people even more interested in your content and making them want to look at the website you provide. If the image is pinned from your webpage, always include the address of your webpage.


8) An abundance of followers

The more followers you have, the more people see your images, and the more likely they are to be re-pinned. And the more likely it is that even more people will see the content of your Pinterest page.

Just a few of the points above are not enough to achieve success. You need to complete them all!

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