How To Improve Your Customer Experience - And Make More Revenue

How can you improve the experience your customers get when using your services - in order to make more revenue?

Studies have shown that 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for excellent customer experience.  According to research from PWC, customers are willing to pay more for an expensive item or service.

The truth is that people have more money than ever before, and price does not play such a significant role in decision making any longer.

By 2020, customer experience is overtaking price and product. This is why we recommend that you focus on turning every single lashing procedure into an experience. An excellent experience.


What is "customer experience"? 

Customer experience is the phrase used to describe the relationship a customer has with a business. Customer experience refers to the total of all experiences the customer has with the business, based on all interactions and thoughts about the business.

customer experience in a lash studio


In other words, customer experience is your customers' judgment of how your salon treats them. These judgments affect their responses and feelings to motivate their commitment.

If they love how you treat them and how comfortable they feel in your studio, they are going to keep visiting your salon for a long time and recommend you to others. 


What can you do 

First of all, you need to know who your customer is. Make sure that you have mapped your target group and created your ideal customer profile. 

If you haven't done it yet, do it now: Who Is Your Lash Studio's Ideal Customer?

Knowing well who your ideal customer is, and targeting your marking to her, will help you to attract people that are the best fir for you, your style, and your services. It also filters out the groups of people who are not a good fit for your business and whom you are not able (or even willing) to satisfy.


The right branding for your lash business

Having your branding right will help you be recognized, attract the right kind of clientele, and add a level of professionalism to your business. A well-branded lash salon can most surely enjoy higher prices and well-behaving customers.

Think yourself - don't you have different expectations when you are entering a beautifully branded coffee-shop, and when visiting a random coffee-shop with no character or specific theme. In the first establishment, you expect awesome customer service, quality products, and higher prices.

However, in the latter place, you will not be surprised in the case of poor customer service, the mediocre quality of beverages, and you surely expect low-end prices. 

All of that applies to any beauty salon as well. 

Now, you aim to make a profit and enjoy what you do for a living. You build a powerful brand that makes your studio stand out.

To build a strong brand, you need to know who your ideal customer is, and you have mapped out your core values. 

We have a few posts about visual branding of salons here:


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If you have a strong esthetical sense, you can create a brand for your lash studio just after learning about the basics of brand colors, fonts, photo-style, and such.

But if you are like the rest of us, you will hire a brand designer who will work together with you and create a brand that people will remember easily.

branding and mood board templates for your lash studio

Branding and mood board templates from Creative Market.


Your lash studio's website

After creating a strong brand identity, you can start (re)doing your lash business's website. 

It is crucial for your business. 

Your website works as a store window - if it is attractive and informative, people step in. If it is messy with no character and information, people leave. And will not visit your salon as they think that your working style is as sloppy as your website.

A great website does not have to be trendy and sophisticated. Simple is better. But it has to be eye-pleasing, and it has to give the information your potential clients are looking for:

  • The location of your studio.
  • The services you offer.
  • The prices.
  • A photo/video gallery that shows the interior of the salon.
  • Photos of some previous works.
  • Include photos and names of the people who are working in your salon. It is a significant trust builder.

A few pages describing your services would help to reduce fears of new potential customers. A blog allows you to introduce your salon, and it's daily life, and works. 

Such pages and blog build a strong SEO - helping Google to bring your website up in search, above competitors who "don't have time for this."

Read more about SEO and how it benefits you lash business here:

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 website and branding for beauty business by bl blink lashes

 Thrive Blog & Shop WordPress Theme from Creative Market


Your lash studio's interior and atmosphere

It would be incredibly difficult to advise you on how you should design your studio. But there are few things to point out anyway.

If you have taken a huge step and got a brand identity for your salon, your life will become much more manageable. Every interior-related choice will be easy to make. What color should the towels be? How about the shape of the mirrors? And what type of music should be played? You know it all.

You will use your brand colors and visual esthetics and all of the other elements of the atmosphere - the music, scent, tone of communication - it will be matching the core values of your business and your ideal customer profile - and your branding.

In any case, make sure that the textiles used are in matching colors, the music suitable for what your customers need, and everything with an undertone of healthiness, and high-quality feel. 

We have several stories of people who have been disappointed and turned off by ugly color combinations of towels. Those esthetics and a high-beat pop-music that have given them chaotic feelings, and they were completely unable to relax. And who believes in receiving a beautiful, high-quality result in a messy and cheap-looking environment? 

Even if they do, they don't want to pay a high-end price for it.

Getting eyelash extensions is a luxury experience, and often people do come for an experience as much as for practical reasons - to feel beautiful.

How To Improve Your Customer Experience And Make More Revenue by bl blink lashes


The little extra

Naturally, no one wants to return to the lash studio that treats them poorly.

But as we are in the beauty business, which is connected with everything about body, mind, and spirit, visitors are delighted to enjoy a relaxing environment as much as good treatment. 

Many salons offer clients water, maybe also tea and coffee. But how about standing out, and embracing the health and spirit, by providing water with berries or vegetables? 

Also, have a good selection of herbal teas available and be ready to explain the different benefits of the herbs - what is right for hair growth and healthier natural lashes; what makes the skin glow, what works as an antioxidant, and so on.

Naturally, if it suits the theme of your salon, a glass of champaign is often welcomed. Though, check with the local authorities about the rules of providing alcoholic beverages.

Having fresh fruits and other healthy snacks available is another huge plus. Customers coming straight from work or other appointments are grateful for such a small, but significant feature.

 How To Improve Your Customer Experience And Make More Revenue by bl blink lashes


Get the word out, get reviews

Find creative ways to ask for reviews from your customer, the sooner, the better. Your happy customers are pleased to let the world know about their wonderful experience - but they need to be told to do so. The moment they leave your salon, they enter their busy world again, you and your love and care will vanish from their thoughts.

Send a friendly message through social media or email with a link to the page where they can enter their reviews. Offer a small present for their next visit as a motivator, or something else creative.

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