How to Properly Care for Lash Extension Adhesive

Eyelash Extension Adhesive-These three small yet mighty words are what make or break the retention of a set of lashes and your business, too. 

A good quality lash extension glue contributes a considerable amount to the retention of lash extension. Hence, taking delicate care of your adhesive is the first step every lash artist should learn to produce a top-quality lash set. Let’s find out how you can achieve that.

Many factors can affect lash extension glue to perform its optimum quality, but you can avoid that with good glue knowledge! We have outlined some of the essential tips below that may help you. 


 1. Before you start a fill, shake the glue bottle: 

Imagine the bottle of liquid foundation you have not used for a few weeks, and you can see a film of oil forming on top of the foundation and your natural reaction to remedy that is to shake the bottle before using it. Lash extension glue - works the same way.

Eyelash extension adhesive contains not only cyanoacrylate that is for adhesion, but also other complex compounds such as stabilizer, thickener, hardening accelerator, pigments, and so on. 

Because of that, there will be a separation of layers caused by a difference in the density of each component when it’s sitting in a bottle for a while. 

That is why it is necessary to shake the glue to mix all the ingredients of the glue properly. This way, you will ensure the optimum performance and retention of the glue. Shake the bottle before you start a new set to ensure the adhesive is at its best working quality. 


Pro Tip: Shake your adhesive horizontally for at least 30 times. If you are not up for the workout, maybe consider investing in an adhesive shaker. Always make it a habit before the treatment by shaking the adhesive for at least 2 minutes before starting an application. 


2. During the fill, how to use the glue properly:

  •  When dispensing a glue drop, “do not make direct contact to the surface”(such as the surface of jade stone, crystal plate, glue sticker). The surface area may have been contaminated with dust, and this can be sucked into the glue bottle. 
  •  “Burp” the adhesive bottle: The presence of air(=oxygen) in the bottle of eyelash glue can and will significantly affect the freshness of your adhesive. Exposing adhesive to the oxygen could shorten the life of the adhesive. You will notice this happens when you see a thick and gummy consistency or clogged glue bottle. Keep air from getting into your bottle by burping it after every use. To get rid of these bubbles, gently give you glue bottle a squeeze after use. This will help remove air bubbles, and you will have a longer shelf life of your adhesive.
  • Wipe the glue nozzle with a piece of paper immediately after use. Do not use any material contains lint as lint may get stuck to the nozzle. If this happens repeatedly, glue lid won’t close properly, and it will shorten the lifespan of the glue. 
  • Even if you need to reopen the glue frequently during the set, ALWAYS close the lid tightly instead of just ‘covering’ the nozzle with a lid. Moisture is the worst enemy to the longevity of eyelash extension adhesive, and you should always make sure the adhesive has the least contact to moisture when it’s not in use.


3. Storage: Keeping it cool and dry

Generally speaking, the typical shelf life of an OPENED adhesive is four weeks, but sometimes, it may go bad before if the glue is not cared for properly. While this may seem like a no-brainer, it is vital to keep the adhesive out of the sun. 

Often, in sunlit studios, the sun can directly hit the adhesive. You must place your lash glue in a cool, dark place immediately after use. When not in use, keep your glue in a provided sun-blocked aluminum container with a silica gel for its optimum condition.  


The most common questions we receive regarding the adhesive storage:

Q: What is the shelf life of a lash extension glue?

A: 3 to 6 months before opened, one month once opened. Writing the opened date on the glue package will help you keep track of the expiration date. We also suggest that you write the purchase date on the glue package to keep track of its shelf life.  

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Q: Can I keep my lash extension glue in a refrigerator?

A: Refrigerator is not an appropriate storage place as it can affect the performance of glue by causing a dew condensation, not only on the outside but also on the inside of the bottle.

The eyelash extension glue hardens by the reaction with moisture in the air- therefore, the most stable storage place is in the dark and cool place.

If you MUST use the refrigerator inevitably, seal the glue as much as possible, so the moisture doesn’t enter into the glue and take it out in the room temperature at least 2 hours before use.


Q: Are the storage methods differ depending on the type of glue?

A: All eyelash extension glues are cyanoacrylate-based adhesives. Therefore, the storage method is the same. 


Q: Can I store my glue in any other container?

A: The eyelash extension glue is contained in a special bottle designed material to keep the glue fresh for a long time. You should never transfer glue contents to any other ordinary plastic or glass container. 

We hope this list of tips helps your lash extension glues last longer and fresh. Any questions about the eyelash extension glue product, we are happy to answer!


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