5 Tips to Get You Started As A Lash Artist

So you have just started to step into the lash industry, and you are planning to build your own clientele.

It can be terrifying and overwhelming, but do not worry; we all have had our day one. It will take some time and a lot of hard work to become that 'always fully booked' lash tech, but it is not impossible.

We have gathered five tips that can help you start building your clientele base in no time.


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 1. Be Social

Social media plays a massive part in today's world of marketing and branding. Online platforms like Facebook and Instagram have made it so easy for you to share images of your beautiful lash work. With the use of relevant hashtags, captions, tags, and comments - it opens up to a whole new facade of potential clients.

With all these excellent features and easy accessibility, you must maintain a professional manner with a hint of a personable approach too.

Remember, your potential clients want to get to know you as a person and not just about your work.

So, use these free marketing platforms to showcase not only your work but also your fantastic personality to build trust and confidence between your potential clients and you.


Pro tip: "Should I buy a bot or do a 'follow for following' with other lash techs to increase my followers?"- It is very tempting to go down to this route, but for a long-term strategy, this is a strict no-no.

To increase the follower base, if you make random people follow you, the smart algorithm of the social media platforms will expose your profile to more of 'irrelevant' people, instead of your target audience- lash clients in your area!

Instead of focusing on increasing the 'number' of followers, focus on growing your presence and making a connection with your potential clients.


 2. Ask For Reviews

Whenever you have completed service, always remember to ask your clients for reviews.

This can feel a bit uncomfortable at first, but gently reminding your clients to write a review will create a MUCH HIGHER conversion for your business than not telling them to write anything at all.

Your customers' reviews can help significantly in terms of building a strong reputation and being visible on search engines. So starting today, make it a habit and a standard operating procedure to ask for client reviews at the end of every session.


3. Offer Client Incentive

Remember that one of the most effective marketing strategies is word of mouth, and typically, it comes with low to zero cost too!

You can opt to offer a particular discount or free add on service for clients who refer a friend or few.

This is also why, as a lash artist, you have to make sure that each lash work that you do is your best work because your work will speak for itself.  


4. Seeking Support From Friends and Family

The fastest and cheapest way to start spreading the word is through your friends and family.

Do not be afraid to ask for their help - get them to help to post and share your page or work on their social media because with them doing so, their network of friends will be able to come across your work, and they might be interested in your service.

More visibility is the fastest way for your growth.


5. Be Prepared to Build Your Own Lash Clientele

Always have your business cards and pricing with you wherever you go.

These marketing materials will come in handy whenever someone compliments your lashes or when you meet someone new who is interested in getting their lashes done.

Get creative with your name cards by throwing in first time / introductory promotion along with your name card or use an eye-catching design that will make a strong first impression.


There you have it, the five easy and simple tips that can help you start building your clientele base starting from today.


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