How To Price Your Lashing Services As A Beginner

How to set prices for your lash business? We assume that you have just recently completed the course for lash extension technicians. Now you are a proud holder of a certificate or license of a lash artist.

When deciding the prices of your services, look at your costs:

  • The investments you have made so far (the cost of the courses, your time and energy it took to go through them)
  • The daily costs of running the lashing business (the materials you use, and what you need for running the studio)
  • The value you are offering: you are going to help women in your area to feel beautiful with amazing eyes and the raised self-confidence that follows.  

You should never explain those things to your customers to reason your pricing - it does not interest them, and it shouldn't. All they need to know is what value you are offering for their money. 

You should be smart about your pricing strategy from the very beginning, which will lead you to a successful, profitable business that you and your customers love.

 how to price your lashing service as a beginner

While you're still practicing

As a new lash artist, it is difficult to decide on the right pricing tactics. If you have just been trained in eyelash extensions and are still practicing, you can follow a plan such as the following:

  • The first 4-5 treatments for free
  • The following five sets for the price of materials
  • The following five sets 30-50% of the full price
  • Henceforth offer your services at full price

You set the price for your services yourself. The rule of thumb as a newcomer is to go for the upper half of the average market pricing. You can also add a little more if you are confident enough. In the case of a higher rate, for example, give your customers some goodies to bring home after an appointment with you - eyelash brushes, eye masks, etc. The goodies work wonders!

Before deciding on your full price, look around your competitors - being their customer. Using their services, observe customer service details, salons, booking steps, and the general atmosphere.

Take over what they do very well and what they do poorly - you do much better.


How to find models to practice on:

You may have a very cooperative life-partner to practice on, but this seems an unlikely scenario for most. Maybe you also have a sister who would be happy to get the new eyelash extensions and who has no problem with trusting her eyes into your hands.

Also, ask your girlfriends if they would be willing to become your guinea pigs for a very reasonable price.

From here, however, you have to start looking outside of your closest network. Try to invite people on Instagram and Facebook to become models by paying a small amount for your services (to cover the cost of the materials).

Many of these people may remain your loyal customers for several years to come!

Besides, it is an opportunity to attract people who have thought about eyelash extensions but have not yet made that investment. Now they can get their lashes done inexpensively - and you can practice, with the opportunity to generate even more future regular customers. Everyone wins!

 how to find models to practice lash extension

When you're ready to take the full price:

Just because you are a new eyelash technician, you are not forced to charge the lowest rates out there. But you can't ask for the highest price in town either. Experience, however, matters a lot.

You must understand the value of your services yourself. If you have a super steady hand and your work is excellent - then take the rate that reflects it. However, it is also likely that as a beginner, you feel insecure and even know that there is still a lot of room for improvement in the quality of your work (for example, you are much slower than average) - then keep your prices at the lower end to start with.

Though, if you know that your work is still of poor quality - then you are not ready to accept any payment at all, and you have to focus on practicing more.

The level of the prices of your services determines how much people value your work and time. Looking at your prices, they make assumptions about the quality of your work. Besides, by having very low rates, you attract customers who are continually chasing bargains and trying to get discounts on everything possible. It's a tiring life that brings down your self-esteem and motivation.


Risks of excessive pricing

The best advice is to be realistic and take the price your work is worth. Overpricing doesn't help you at all.

As a new lash technician, you need to have applied at least 10-15 pairs of lash extensions before you can even think about asking for full rates for your work. You work slower than skilled technicians do, nor will you be able to apply as many lashes as the customer would expect.

High prices give customers high expectations. As a real beginner, such expectations are challenging to meet.


Not a beginner, not established yet

Are you still in the intermediate phase, where you would no longer work for free or for pocket money, but it still doesn't seem right to ask for the full price? Then you need to come up with some creative discount tactics.

Let's say you've done your market research and found out what the average price of your competitors is. Now it's time to make a special offer that lasts until you're ready to take a full price. Also, special offers attract people more than permanent low prices.

Let people know on your website and social media what the full prices of your services are and add the price of the special offer:

"The normal price is $125, but in March the price is $65!".

By doing so, you leave your way open to asking for a better service fee and do not offer anyone a bad surprise with sharply rising prices, nor do you leave the impression of a cheap service provider.


The customers you need are: 

  • Loyal by loving your work
  • Eyelashes are an important part of their lifestyle
  • Quality is more important than price
  • If you move elsewhere, they are willing to spend time coming to your new location
  • When you raise your prices, they understand and feel happy to support your business - because they need you!

The customers to avoid:

  • Who will come to you only during special offers
  • Who keep asking for discounts
  • Who are not understanding your yearly price raises


Raising prices as an established eyelash artist

If you are already a skilled maker and your calendar is 60-80% pre-booked, you can think about raising your rates.

We can divide established lash artists into two groups:

  1. The ones with average prices
  2. Artists who belong to the high-end scale of the market

If you belong to group number one, you might need the tips below.

For example, you can start with price increases of 5 dollars. Bring out your new price information on the website, as well as give small cards to customers who have already made reservations (at the old price), where you have written your new price list. In this case, you will avoid bad surprises for customers the next time they start paying with you.

If your prices were already higher than those on the low average scale, you might now be able to lose some of your more price-sensitive customers. Don't worry too much about that. Your customer base is large enough to enjoy the price increase, and besides, you still have room for new customers who have no idea about your previous prices.

 how to raise price as an established eyelash artist

When is the best time to raise prices?

Many salons choose pre-holiday times to raise prices. During this time, customers are more generous and spend more money than during the rest of the year. 

If you have already gone to raise prices, don't forget the other services you offer: eyebrow correction, eyelash, and eyebrow coloring, and whatever else you offer.


We hope that our tips and tricks are helpful and that soon your lash business blooms with many happy customers!

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