4 Must-Share Lash Extension Cleaning Tips For Your Customers

We know you have heard it before, but cleaning lash extensions daily is the absolute KEY to long-lasting lash extensions. By taking the time to do a little maintenance each day, it will help the lash extensions stay healthy and beautiful. 

One thing we are passionate about is providing knowledge to our clients about their eyelash extensions throughout the whole lash application process. If you can give your clients the necessary tools and knowledge to properly take care of their extensions, you will, in return, gain happy and loyal clients for years to come.

Read below to see all the daily maintenance tips you need to share with your clients before they leave your salon.


4 tips to properly and effectively clean eyelash extensions

1. A mild cleanser is a must 

To remove the excess oils and build-up on the lash extensions, make sure to tell your client to use a gentle, oil-free cleanser.

It will ensure that they are happy with their lash extensions appearance and increase the lashes' longevity. 

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2. Brush the lashes

Be sure to instruct your clients to brush their lashes daily with a lash brush. This way, the debris in the lashes is kept from building up over a day. It also helps to keep the lashes in place and avoid lash straggling or clumping. You could even suggest to your clients that they brush their lashes when they brush their teeth. Just another way to show them how this needs to be a DAILY habit to implement for the best results. 

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3. Absolutely no oil

Your client mustn't use any makeup removers that contain oil when they are cleaning their face. The oil affects the glue by breaking it down, thus causing the lash extension's life to be drastically shortened or worse, detach them immediately from the natural lashes. 

Inform your clients that oils can be found in many mascaras, face washes, and makeup removers. So, make sure to tell them to check the ingredients of every product they put on near their eyes before use. 


4. Makeup - less is more

Unfortunately, makeup gets easily caught between lashes and can be challenging to clean off. So debris will build up on the lashes and may lead to a premature lash loss. 

If your clients are willing to try and hold back on the eye makeup, there will be less intense scrubbing and rubbing of the lashes. 

The more your client messes with the lash extensions, the more likely they are to remove lashes accidentally. You might consider telling them to use a lash brush to go through and reset their eyelash extensions giving them a fresh look, in the end, making mascara unnecessary. 

However, if mascara is essential, it should be a strictly water-based product, like BL Noir Mascara. Find the oil-free eyeliners here: BL liquid eyeliner.

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