How To Choose Premade Lash Fans

Applying volume lash extensions is like mastering sculpture. Unlike classic lashing where the application is one-to-one, the volume lash extension application is a delicate balance act performed between multiple lashes.

It is an act that involves weight, diameter, and length—not to mention creating a perfect fan that must be carefully picked up and wrapped around the natural lash.

Creating a symmetrical fan can be daunting and takes a great deal of practice and skill. And as is often true with more complicated techniques, there are many companies offering volume lash extension supplies that bypass the practice time altogether.

Enter the debate of the century: will premade lash fans replace handmade volume lashes?

 Premade lash fans by BL Blink Lashes - Eyelash extension supplies

The many benefits of using premade lash fans

What you will learn here from this post:

  • How to make premade lash fans
  • How premade lashes can increase your income
  • How to choose the best premade lash fans
  • The best glue for premade lashes
  • The best tweezers for premade volume fans


What are premade lash fans?

Premade volume fans, aka pro-made lashes, are volume fans that are produced by an eyelash extension supplier in advance and delivered to the artist ready to be dipped and placed on a client’s lash.

They attach to the natural lash in the same way that a classic or semi-permanent volume lash does.

Premade lash fans by BL Lashes - Eyelash extension supplies wholesale 


How are premade fan lash extensions made?

The process for creating premade fans is similar to that of handmade volume lashes in that a person is involved but it is assisted by a machine.

Typically, a row of thin PBT threads are arranged on a lash tray, then the roots (=base) of these threads are either heat-bonded or connected via a small amount of adhesive.

Once the adhesion of the roots is completed, the threads will be rolled into the desired curl and heat-processed to retain the curl.

Once the curl is made, the lash makers in the supplier’s factory will transfer the desired amount of thread to the strip and open up the fans by hand like how it is done at the lash studio.

The finished fans are then neatly attached to a strip of adhesive with rows of other premade lash fans, and they are shipped out on a tray. 


What are the pros & cons of using premade lash fans

Pros of using premade volume fans:

  • Premade lash fans save the application time 
  • Fast customer turnover = more booking per day
  • No volume lash training needed
  • The volume set create higher gross profit than the classic set


A huge time-saver. Not only do you not need any additional training to start volume lashing with premade lash fans, but you can also complete a set of volume lashes in the same amount of time you’d need for a classic set.

This means you can serve more customers and create more income.

Premade lash volume fans by Blink Lashes - Eyelash extension supplies wholesale

Also, for some clients who want the fuller volume lash look but just don’t have the time (or the patience) to be on the lash bed for more than 2 hours, adding the premade volume set to your service offering can be a game-changer.

Not to mention you can charge considerably more for a volume set than a classic set.


Cons of using premade volume fans:

  • Less adaptable than handmade volume
  • A tray of premade fans costs more than a tray for handmade volume lash
  • Retention can be shorter than handmade volume

Premade lash fans are more expensive and less adaptable than handmade volume. Also, its base being pre-bonded, it's harder to make it wrap around the natural lash- possibly make shorter retention than handmade volume fan.  

Premade volume lashes by BL Blink Lashes - Eyelash extension supplies wholesale


Overcoming its weaknesses:

You can easily find many lash brands offering a variety of designs to offset this weakness.

For example, even with the same amount of strand per fan, with the long-stem, narrow fan design of the 5D Lash, you can create a defined eyeliner effect lash look.

Whereas the medium-width Level 5D Lash creates a more naturally fuller look. With the short-stem wide fan Volume 5D, the final effect is much fuller and grander. 

Different styles of 5D Premade lash fans by BL Blink Lashes - Eyelash extension supplies


How to choose the best premade volume fans

First, determine what style you want to create with premade volume fans.

Whether it's fluffy lashes or a more defined eyeliner volume look, there are different options of premade lash fans available to support the look you are after.

Here is our guideline on how to choose the best premade lash fans


Very natural volume lash style: 2D, 3D Short-stem fans

If you want to create a very natural volume style, use short stem premade lashes with fewer extensions like Volume 2D or Volume 3D


Fluffy volume lash style: 4D, 5D, 6D Short-stem fans

Use short stem premade fan lash extensions. Wider width volume fans like BL Volume 4D Lash, Volume 5D Lash, and Volume 6D Lash are great choices for this style.  

5D Lash Premade lash fans by BL Blink Lashes - Eyelash extension supplies


Dramatic Mega volume lash style: 10D, 20D Short-stem fans

Are you after the trendy LA mega volume style?

Mega volume requires 10D to 20D of 0.03-0.05 super fine thickness lashes. Originally only available for handmade volumes but now you can easily create Mega volume style with products like Volume 10D Lash and Volume 20D Lash


Eyeliner effect volume lash style: 3D, 5D Long-stem fans

A beautiful set of volume lashes creates a defining eyeliner effect. With long stem lash fans like W Lash and Glam 5D Lash, you can create a show-stopping volume lash look under two hours. 

The long-stem fan gives an instant eyeliner effect. We guarantee your client will love these express volume lashes!

5D long stem Premade lash fans by BL Blink Lashes - Eyelash extension supplies Glam 5D long stem Premade lash fans by BL Blink Lashes - Eyelash extension supplies


Feathery effect volume lash style: 5D Mixed length fans

If you're after the feathery, wispy look, Level 5D Lash is the perfect lash fan for you. Created with 5 different lengths of extensions, it creates a more naturally voluminous look. 



    Heat-bonded fans vs glue-bonded fans

    There is an ongoing debate about whether heat-bonded fans are better than glue-bonded ones. Which one we think is better?

    Our answer is, it depends on the quality of production!

    The glue-bonded lash fan gets blamed for being double dipped in glue, hence adding extra weight on natural lashes. However, in our lab study, we found that adhesive to pre-bond a fan only adds micro milligram to its weight, which will not affect the health of natural lashes.  

    Heat bonded Premade lash fans by BL Blink Lashes - Eyelash extension supplies

    Heat-bonded fans are produced in a double-heated method. Before the heat process, lash extensions are arranged in a row. The base (root) of the lashes gets heat-pressed to slightly melt and allows the lashes to bond to each other (eyelash extensions are made of plastic after all).

    After this, the manufacturer rolls the lash extensions to create curls, and they process the roll in another heat processor to secure the curl. 

    Heat-bonded fans guarantee no added weight but have their weakness, too. Since they are not pre-bonded with glue, they are more likely to fall apart easily. Also, in some cases, the double-heating of lash extensions can result in irregular curl shape. 

    All premade lashes by BL Lashes are glue-bonded.


    Are premade lash fans safe for eyelashes?

    Yes, of course! But just like with any lash extension application, premade lash fans should be applied with the correct technique.

    Any damage will only happen if you are applying fans in the wrong ways, like applying too close to the skin, applying with too much adhesive, applying with improper isolation, or applying without considering the client’s lash condition. 

    How to use premade lash fans by BL Blink Lashes - Eyelash extension supplies

    Here are some tips when using premade volume lashes.

    • Choose a fan with the right thickness & weight for your client’s natural lash. 
    • NEVER apply one volume fan on multiple natural lashes. 
    • Do not use too much glue as it will make the base of the fan too thick.
    • Cluster lashes are NOT premade lash. Do not use cluster lash for professional eyelash extension.


    The best eyelash extension glue for premade lash fans

    Inevitably premade lash fans have a wider base compared to classic (individual) extensions. We would recommend thin viscosity adhesive like Mach or Ultra Plus glue for premade lashes so that it won’t create a bulky chunk at the root.

    Lash extension glue for premade lash fans by BL Blink Lashes - Eyelash extension supplies 


    The best tweezers for premade volume lash fans

    To isolate, I-shape tweezers like SS-SA and SS-JP are recommended. These long, thin, and elegant tweezers are light and create much less tension and lower fatigue in your hands. If your clients have deeper set eyes or a prominent forehead, S- or L-shape tweezers like 7-SA or One by One can reach and isolate lashes more effectively.   

    To attach, L shape tweezers like RV-Speed can help hold the premade lash fans well and more effortlessly.


    How to pick up premade lash fans

     In this video, we demonstrate how to pick up a premade lash fan safely. 

    For long-stem lash fans, pick up gently from the middle of the stem, detach the fan from the sticker, then pick up from the root.

    For shorter stem lash fans, pick up from the root (base), transfer the fan into a sticker, and re-pick up from the middle of the fan. 

    Never pull the fan directly- it will make the fan fall apart!


    Why should you start using premade lash fans

    Time is Money

    Time is money in the lash business. As our industry grows, premade lashes have arrived not to compete with the artistry of handmade volume lashes but to give more options to lash artists. 

    A full volume set created with premade lashes takes the same amount of time as a full set of classic lashes. 

    Glam 5D Premade lash fans by BL Blink Lashes - Eyelash extension supplies

    Not only that, but it can also cover bare spots easily. When a customer is missing some natural lashes and has patchy lashes, using a premade lash fan can easily cover bare spots. 

    Premade lash volume fans by BL Blink Lashes - Eyelash extension supplies

    A wide variety of styling is possible

      • Natural look with 2D-3D volume lashes 
      • Show-stopping eyeliner look with long-stem lashes 
      • Fluffy, voluminous look with short-stem lashes 
      • Kim-Kardashian-inspired look by mixing wide fan volume lashes and narrow fan volume lashes

      Premade lashes are an excellent way to bridge the gap between classic and handmade volume if you’ve just started offering the volume service.

      And not only is it great for beginner lash artists! Premade lashes help any artists who want to reduce the application time and serve more customers. 

      Premade eyelash extension fans by BL Blink Lashes - Eyelash extension supplies

      Ready to try out the best quality premade lashes? Get your first tray of BL premade lashes with an up to 50% discount with a BL Pro Account. 

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