How To Calculate Volume Lashes Size & Weight

How To Calculate Volume Eyelash Extensions Size & Weight by Blink lashes

Why is it important to know the weight of the volume eyelash extensions

Every client is different and has a different thickness of natural lashes, and thereby will have different eyelash extension needs. 

When choosing the right volume lash extensions for your client, you will need to consider your client's natural lashes - their thickness and length. Your mission is to make sure that the volume lashes are not too heavy for the natural lashes, and that way, you will keep them healthy and happy!

When you are choosing extensions for a volume set, you want to keep the lash diameter in mind. The higher the diameter, the thicker and heavier the extension is.

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The correct way of calculating the volume lash extension weight

As mentioned above, when you are choosing volume eyelash extensions for your client, you will need to consider the thickness of the lash before making the volume fans. 

Calculate Volume Lashes Size & Weight for different type of natural lash

What is the safe weight to put on 1 natural lash?

You should always take a good look at the client's natural lashes and decide what thickness is suitable for them. 


For thin natural lash

Generally, the natural eyelashes of Asians are thinner than those of other ethnicities. Also, you’ll notice that with clients over the age of 50 their eyelashes are thinner than your younger clients. 

For these clients, it is recommended to use lash extensions of diameter 0.10mm (for Classic). Translate that into the safe weight for volume lash fans, this is the recommended volume fan usage.

1 of 0.10mm = 2D fan of 0.07mm = 4D fan of 0.05mm = 10D fan of 0.03mm.


For healthy natural lash

For clients whose natural lash can take the weight as 0.15mm for the classic extension, this is our recommended fan thickness and dimension for the volume fan.

1 of  0.15mm = 4-5D fan of 0.07mm = 8D fan of 0.05mm = 19D fan of 0.03mm.

How to calculate lash extension weight 

Glam 5D lash is a great choice for the rapid 5D volume set.

5D lash by bl lashes for volume lash extension

 5D volume lash extension before and after

For thick, strong natural lash

Some clients with thicker natural lashes can take 0.20mm for the classic extension, this is our recommended fan thickness and dimension for the volume fan.

1 lash of  0.20mm = 3D fan of 0.10mm = 8D fan of 0.07mm = 17D fan of 0.05mm = 20D+ fan of 0.03mm.


Isn’t two 0.10 lashes equal to one 0.20 lash?

2 of 0.10mm eyelashes are often thought to have the same weight as 1 of 0.20mm eyelashes. But that is not right.

Like this picture below, placing two 0.10mm eyelashes next to each other leaves a lot of negative space around them - compared to one 0.20mm hair. So there is a lot of air between them that weighs nothing, and this is why these two 0.10mm lashes are lighter than one 0.20mm lash. 

The correct way of calculating the lash weight


0.10 mink lash weighs 0.09 mg

0.20 mink lash weighs 0.34 mg

Conclusion: Instead of one 0.20 lash, you can use up to four 0.10 lashes, and not just two.


The volume lash weight chart

To make it easier for you to calculate the number of lashes that you need for your client's volume lashing, we are giving you the exact weight of our bestselling lash extensions.

Based on this weight, now you know how to make the right calculations. 


BL Mink Lash Extensions:

Mink lash extension weight calculation


BL Easy Fanning Lash Extensions:

Easy fan lash extension weight calculation


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