Brown Eyelash Extensions - A New Trend is Coming

Brown eyelash extensions are becoming increasingly popular.

Why? Because it turns out not all women want the dramatic fluff! 

Many women choose to go with brown lashes to emphasize their eyes in a more natural-looking way than black lash extensions, while at the same time gaining the full volume and length that lash extensions provide.

Brown lash extensions can be an excellent choice, especially for women with a lighter skin tone. Brown lashes match their skin tone much better, resulting in a gorgeous look. 

Brown eyelash extensions - new trend alert

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Eyelash extension trends are evolving rapidly, and we firmly believe that brown lash extensions are going to be the next ‘it’ style. In this article, we will discuss the following topics: 

  • Who should choose brown eyelash extensions?
  • Different styling techniques for brown lashes
  • The best glue to use for brown lashes
  • The best lash mapping for brown lash extensions

    Stay with us and get ready to learn all about the new lash trend of the year. 


    Who should choose brown eyelash extensions?

    Brown lash extensions are suitable for everyone, but the following three types of clients will love this lash more than anyone:

    Blonde and redhead clients

    Because blonde and redhead clients often have lighter color lashes, light brown lash extensions offer a more natural transition than black ones do.

    Also, women with red hair tend to have lighter skin than average. If your client is fair-skinned and has very light natural eyelashes, then brown extensions are the most natural way to enhance their lash beauty. 

    Brown eyelash extensions for fair skin clients

    Photo credit: @queenb.lashacademy

    Fill your stock with brown lash extensions of varying tones (light to dark brown) to provide maximum customer service for customers with particularly light skin.

    They will LOVE the fact that their extended lashes don’t dominate but rather complement their natural beauty. 

    See: Laser Mink Lash - Multi brown (0.15mm) with three brown color variations


    Mature Clients 

    Natural lashes lose their hydration and elasticity with age and become thinner and more brittle. You will often see clients over 50 with fewer lashes and a few bald spots on their lash line.

    With only so few natural lashes left, adding jet-black eyelash extensions can make their bare lash line stand out even more. 

    Russian Volume lash fans in brown are a great solution for this. Volume fans are lightweight (perfect for thin lashes) and effectively cover bare lash lines.

    Easy fan lashes in brown eyelash extensions

    Also, brown creates a dashingly sophisticated look that many older clients are after. 

    The BL Easy fanning ‘feather brown’ lash comes in B, C, or D curl, and in 0.07mm for Russian volume technique. You can easily make volume fans up to 5D.

    These beautiful espresso-colored lashes fan themself. They blossom into a fan in a matter of seconds. 

    Easy fan volume lash brown eyelash extension - BL Lashes

    See: Easy Fanning Lash - Brown (0.07mm) for Russian Volume 

    Newbie clients

    First-time clients are always a little hesitant to get a lash look that stands out. Brown eyelash extensions are great for those who have never had eyelash extensions before.

    These natural-colored lash extensions will help them ease into the bold, stunning dark lash line look you know they’ll eventually want. 

    Brown eyelash extension classic set C, D curl - BL Lashes

    Photo credit: @lashesbydrey

    For newbie clients, bearing the weight of lash extensions on their eyelashes can be quite uncomfortable. That’s why we highly recommend using Super Flat lashes in brown for those clients who are new to eyelash extension. 

    A strand of Super Flat lash is 75% lighter than a normal mink lash. Your newbie client will love how wearable eyelash extensions are!

    Super Flat lash in brown is the latest addition to the BL Super Flat series. You can create even softer and more natural looking sets with these lashes.

    Brown eyelash extensions - Super Flat lashes C, D curl by BL Blink Lashes

    See: Super Flat Lash - Brown (0.15mm) for featherlight comfort 

    Different styling techniques for brown lashes

    Are you getting all excited to try out brown lash extensions? Great! It’s about to get more interesting. 

    Brown eyelash extensions come in a variety of shades to choose from. It’s not just one note of brown. There’s tan, sepia, espresso, and dark chocolate, too. This allows us to truly customize the look for each client and unleash our creativity. 

    Brown, espresso eyelash extensions in different shades of brown

    Cool ideas for brown lash extension styling 

    Suddenly having all these options for different color tones can be challenging for lash artists. Put yourself into the mind of a hair colorist and think about how you can apply hair color theory onto lashes. 

    Remember, you can dye your hair 100% in a brown tone for the utmost natural look, but you can also get a few highlights in to make your hair texture look alive! 

    Lashes are the same. You can go 100% one tone or mix with other tones to add more layers and texture. Here we are introducing three different color styling ideas, but feel free to go wild and explore options yourself, too.

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    As natural as possible: Go 100% with one tone of brown 

    If you’re after a look that is as natural as possible, use only brown lashes to complete a set. Choose a shade of brown that best complements the skin tone of your client.

    Brown volume lash extensions natural style

    Photo credit: @adorndbeauty

    If you are unsure which tone of brown you need, get a tray of BL Laser Mink Lash Multi-Brown. This 14-line tray comes with three color options, four lines of golden brown (9-12mm), five lines of sepia (9-13mm), and five lines of dark brown (9-13mm). Thicknesses of 0.15 and 0.20mm are available for a stunning classic look. 

    See: Laser mink lashes - multi-brown colors 

    Intriguing result: Go 50/50 black and brown

    Mixing black and brown lash extensions will create a very intriguing look. You may not notice a huge difference from a 100% black lash look, but when the light hits the eyes, you’ll see the subtle brown shades glow through the black eyelash extensions.

    Use a darker shade of brown like Mink Dark Brown. This dark brown color blends in well with conventional black mink lashes. 

    See: Mink Dark Brown - 0.07, 0.15, and 0.20mm thicknesses are available

    Next level creativity: Mix different shades of brown lashes

    This is a wildly beautiful mix of brown shades. Some might love it and some might hate it. Go 100% brown lash extension for the whole set but mix different shades of brown to style this creative set.

    Brown lash extensions color styling tips - tutorial

    Want to make it extra special?

    Why not make a hybrid set in a different shade of brown lashes? Use Easy Fanning (brown) for volume fans and 0.15 or 0.20mm classic Mink lashes to create a new generation of a hybrid set that is a mix of beautiful colors and textures.

    See: Mink Brown 4 color mix - 0.15 and 0.20mm thicknesses available

    See: Easy Fanning Lash - Brown - 0.07mm thickness for rapid Russian Volume fans


    The best lash glue for brown eyelash extensions

    For seamless attachment, we recommend using a clear lash extension glue when applying brown eyelash extensions.

    The best lash mapping for brown lash extensions

    Just as you can with black eyelash extensions, you can create just about any design and mapping with brown eyelash extensions. However, if your intention in using brown is to create a ‘natural look’, consider two facts when planning the mapping: 

    • Natural lashes are shorter toward the inner and outer corners, so don’t choose very long lengths 
    • Natural lashes are never all the same length, so choose a few lengths to use and mix them throughout the set

    Brown lash extensions - lash mapping techniques by BL Blink Lashes

    Photo credit: @urszula.palka.lashinstructor

    So, there it is. We’ve shared some points to consider when creating sets using brown lash extensions. The rest is up to you! 

    You are in this lash industry for a reason, so we know you can create stunning work using these new trendy lashes. 

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